Deviance from the Norm

Chapter 1: Observation Begins

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first fanfic. This is also my first time doing this so I'm sort of playing this by trial and error. For those who wish to submit reviews, please don't be super critical, this is my first time. My story is going to take place just before the twelfth angel. This fanfic is going to be an AsShin pairing, with HikTou as well as MisKaj. Not sure if I'll pair Rei off, but time will tell.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own NGE, Gainax does, but I do own the characters I make up in this fiction.

Now, on with the show…




Katsuragi Residence

It was another average morning in the apartment of Misato and her dysfunctional family. Asuka was first in the shower, Shinji was cooking breakfast, and Misato was having her third beer of the day.

Misato was currently trying out the soup that Shinji had made and was pleasantly surprised.

"Hey Shinji-kun, is this a new recipe you've made?"

Shinji replied cheerfully, "Yeah, it's a new fish flavor. It's a gift from Ritsuko-san."

It's nice to see Shinji so cheerful, Misato thought, it's a big change from his usual depressed self

Her thoughts were then interrupted by a loud scream coming from the bathroom. The source was soon made clear as Asuka came out of the bathroom clad only in a red towel.

"TOO HOT" she yelled, to which Shinji said his trademark "Sorry"

Asuka groaned as she began to berate him, "Why do you always apologize for things that aren't your fault?"

Shinji replied again, "Sorry", which did little to ease the red-head's temper.

Again, Asuka explodes, "You see, you did it again!"

While this was going on, Misato was having another beer.

Here we go again, arguments and complaints from Asuka

In an attempt to soothe the beast's temper before it got it became too much, she explained, "Its Shinji's way of expressing himself"

Now the attention of the red head turned on Misato, "How can you just accept him as he is? He's pitiful, a spineless worm! You've been going easy on Shinji, you know that?"

Asuka then began to berate their guardian for being irresponsible and hypocritical.

While this was going on, Shinji couldn't help himself from looking over Asuka's towel clad body.

A perfect figure, a beautiful face, and a temper to match her hair.

Shinji couldn't stop the slight flush that appeared while looking. He knew being caught looking would bring a fate worse than third impact upon his head, so he immediately turned away. Asuka noticed this and came to an accurate conclusion.

"PERVERT!" she screamed and than slapped Shinji across his face while he tried to explain himself

Misato chuckled as she interjected, "He wouldn't be looking if you didn't come out like that, unless you actually want him to."

At this Asuka and Shinji turned a bright red and began stumbling as they tried to get their guardian to stop laughing.

And so, the morning concluded, Misato and Shinji bearing with the obnoxious complaints of the third member of the household, Misato teasing the other two, and the children arguing.

Unbeknownst to the inhabitants of the apartment, however, three persons in black hooded coats were observing them from the rooftop of another building. Despite the summer-like heat, none of them seemed all that uncomfortable.

The one on the right spoke in a deep sorrowful voice that still had a cheerful quality to it, "Those are two of our targets right?"

"Hai, Asuka Langley Sohryu, the Second, and Shinji Ikari, the Third", the one on the left replied in a child-like voice that had an odd echo to it.

The middle one than asked in a voice that could have sent a chill down even Commander Ikari's spine, "Have the others been found?"

Unfazed by the voice, the one on the right picked up his cell phone and pressed a button for speed dial.

"I'll find out, but I do know that the First is under observation by the Lieutenant"

He then put the phone to his ear as he waited for the other end to pick up.

The young one than asked in his doubled voice, "It can't be that hard to find people here, we can just ask around and…"

"We are not to expose ourselves just yet, we must stay undercover." the one in the middle replied in a monotone.

The one that had been on the phone hung up after his quiet conversation, "The others have been found and are under observation, chief"

The leader nodded and motioned with his hand to leave, "Then make sure the others are ready."

The other two nodded and faded from sight, leaving the leader alone on the roof to observe the unsuspecting people below.

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