Shaun Snape, Age 8

By Teacherbev

Summary: Part 3 in the Growing Up Snape series. Shaun is now 8 years old and dealing with his father Severus, loose Death Eaters, Merlin and magic.

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The story so far: (skip if you have read the first two stories if you like!)

Shaun Snape was turning 8 years old today and he couldn't wait for his party to start. It could never be claimed that Shaun was normal in very many ways, after all he was a wizard and a 'righ' good one, too!' as his friend, the half-giant Hagrid always exclaimed. Shaun had been only 15 months old when the most evil Dark wizard of the Century, Lord Voldemort, had killed his parents, James and Lily Potter, before attempting to kill the innocent boy. But somehow the killing curse had backfired and rebounded upon Voldemort, ripping his soul from his body and leaving the squalling toddler with only a lightening shaped scar on his forehead above his right eye.

He had been rescued from the burning wreckage of his parents home by none other than Hagrid and placed by Headmaster Dumbledore with his last remaining blood relatives, Petunia and Vernon Dursley where it was believed that he would be safe. It turned out to be one terrible and almost irreversible mistake on the part of the Headmaster as the two turned out to be extremely magic- phobic and downright abusive to their helpless nephew.

Just before Harry Potter turned four years old, his cousin had pushed him down the stairs causing him to collide face first with a large glass planter which shattered, causing hundreds of bleeding cuts. He had broken his arm and torn the ligaments in his leg in addition to the prolific layers of new and healing bruises he had already sported because of his relatives less than tender care. Instead of caring for her bleeding and injured nephew as any normal person would, Petunia's only response was to toss him bodily into his cupboard and slam the door shut.

Harry had had enough. Gathering all of his magic and hoping with all of his might he had wished for somewhere safe and someone to love and care for him. Unknowingly, he apperated himself into the lab of one Professor Severus Snape at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where the snarky professor was alone in the castle for the month of July. Unable to pass the care of the child off to anyone else, Severus Snape had cared for the boy and even begun to love him before finding out that the boy was invisible and silent to everyone else.

It was eventually discovered that the boy was indeed Harry Potter, but by then Severus loved the boy he had named Shaun Severus Snape and the two were inseparable.

Over the years, Shaun had added to his family, his Grandpa Albus and Grandma Minnie as well as most of the other staff at the magical school, though never Mr. Filch or Professor Trelawney! Remus Lupin had been hired as his tutor and cured by a freak series of accidents of his Lycanthropy. And in trying to find others near his age to play with, the staff had discovered the identity of Percy Weasley's rat, Scabbers. A short trial and Uncle Sirius was added to his growing family.

During the course of the summer, Shaun's classmates were all found to be able to access and control magic long thought to be only accidental and the discovery led to the formation of a series of day schools set up around Great Britain to begin the magical education of witches and wizards at a much younger age. Originally started with just nine and ten year olds, over the last two years, the schools had been enlarged to accommodate ever younger children so that with the beginning of school in September, the satellite magical schools would begin taking children starting at the age of six.

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Chapter 1: Happy Birthday, Shaun!

Shaun Snape was turning 8 years old today and he couldn't wait for his party to start. It could never be claimed that Shaun was normal in very many ways, after all he was a wizard and a 'righ' good one, too!' as his friend, the half-giant Hagrid always exclaimed. He had dragged his father, Severus Snape, out of bed at the first streak of sunlight that pierced the darkness of their quarters and insisted upon visiting the kitchens to make sure that Nippy, the Snape's personal house elf and Ogden, the Hogwarts Head House Elf had secured enough of the necessary ingredients to prepare his special lunch for he and his friends, including his absolute favorite, chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and sprinkles! Lots of sprinkles!

Nippy took one look at his bleary eyed master and thrust a cup of strong black coffee into the poor man's hands.

"Thank you, Nippy." Severus managed to mumble before taking a big swig. Luckily Nippy had made sure it would not be too hot to be safely drunk. He knew his master was not a morning person and even caring for young Master Snape for the last four years had not alleviated his morning grumpiness very much at all. Nippy led Professor Snape over to sit at one of the large wooden tables and turned to Shaun.

"Mr.'s Lupin and Black is still sleeping, Young Master! Perhaps you is needing to wake them up as well?"

With an excited nod, Shaun popped out of existence and Severus leaned down, his head coming to rest on the table in front of him in blessed relief.

"I owe you Nippy, whatever I own is yours." There was no hint of sarcasm in the tired man's thanks.

"Oh, no Master, Nippy's is just doing his job, taking care of both Masters!"

By the time each adult had sent the over exuberant boy to the next sleeping inhabitant of the castle, it was late enough for breakfast to be served in the Great Hall. Severus was happy to notice that the Headmaster's trademark twinkle was a little less bright than it normally was and that Remus and Sirius were leaning tiredly into their hands as they poured strong hot coffee into their mugs. Only Minerva McGonagall seemed to be her usual self that morning, but she was notoriously cheerful during breakfast.

Albus turned toward the boy he considered his grandson and asked, "What time are your friends coming for your party today, Shaun?"

Shaun was so excited; his words stumbled out faster than his mouth could form them. "They're all coming over at eleven and then we're going flying and then Hagrid is going to show us some baby unicorns and then we're going to have lunch at noon and presents and cake and then we're going swimming in the exercise room and…"

At the chuckles and laughs he was getting, he stopped finally to take a breath and look around him. He giggled and shrugged his shoulders.

"Sorry, I guess I am excited."

Severus was sure he heard Sirius whisper to Remus, "Duh, you think so?" but he wasn't sure.

The Hogwarts day school had expanded over the last two years to now include the Patil twins, Padma and Pavarti, and Ernie McMillan in addition to the original seven students: Shaun, Terry, Luna, Neville, Susan, Hannah, and Blaise. Remus and Sirius were still the primary teachers for the ten students but all of the Professors contributed in their own way, Sybil Trelawney by staying away! And all nine of the students had shown up for the party that day, enjoying the sunshine and the friendship of their fellow classmates. Shaun had barely touched his lunch, so excited about birthday cake that he couldn't wait. He had had a party each year after he came to Hogwarts for his birthday, but somehow today's seemed to be special, that and Merlin had told him yesterday that once he was eight he would begin training Shaun in his special magics and release some of the magic inhibitors contained within the Torque of Merlin that was permanently secured around Shaun's neck. The thick gold band let the spirit of Merlin reside within Shaun's head and provided a guide and companion during the times that Shaun slept.

Lunch done, the cake demolished, the ice cream a melting puddle on the plates and tablecloths, Albus waved his wand and the mess disappeared, banished to the kitchens. Another wave of his wand made a small mountain of presents float over from the small side table that they had been sitting on and settled them in front of the birthday boy.

Shaun opened each one by the simple method of grabbing a corner of the paper and pulling hard, stripping each of their wrapping faster than the last one. His father had a quill and a piece of parchment, keeping track for his son to be able to send the appropriate thank you letters that proper wizarding etiquette required. Shaun was ecstatic with his haul of wizarding games and candies, his new child's broom to replace his old toddler one, of course the obligatory new clothes from his Grandma Minnie and the other female staff. Moony and Padfoot had given him a new set of sheets to replace his beloved old Quidditch ones that were worn thin and his father gave him a genuine first year's potion making kit! There was just one last present, one that he picked up and looked all around for a note or label.

"Well, who is it from, Shaun?" Severus asked, putting quill to parchment in anticipation of recording the name.

"Don't know, Daddy." Shaun said as he ripped the paper asunder.

"Don't open it!" Severus yelled too late as his son reached into the package and pulled out a small rubber ball.

Shaun just had time to turn to his father, fear and panic clearly written upon his face as he disappeared, the portkey snatching him away from his family and friends.

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