Inside Raven's mind, the Goth girl slowly opened her eyes, and the first thing she saw was a green boy smiling widely at her.

"Good morning, Sleeping Beauty." Beast Boy said to her, happier than she had ever seen him. Raven replied with a little smile as well while Beast Boy helped her to stand up.

"For once, I'm glad to see you in my mind." Raven told him, and, a moment later, she received a huge hug from behind, courtesy of Happy.

"Yes! She's awake! She's awake! No, wait, she is not a "wake", she is a "raven"! Ha, ha, ha!" Happy said in her usual childish voice, making BB to chuckle and Raven to roll her eyes, but the Goth kept her little smile anyway.

"Yes, Happy, I'm glad to see you too, but can you please let me go? I have enough with Starfire's hugs." Raven said to her hyperactive emotion, who released her while making a military salute. The other emotions surrounded Raven and Beast Boy, except Rage, who kept her distance.

"Thanks a lot, to all of you. I really needed that." Raven said to her "sisters", honestly thankful.

"Yes, and I need you as much as a hole in my head." Rage commented in her usual tone, but softened it a little a moment later. "But is good to see you conscious anyway; I was getting bored just looking at you and the green fool."

"She digs me." Beast Boy said to Raven and the other emotions in a joking flirty tone, making Rage to groan, Brave, Affection and Happy to chuckle, and the others to shook their heads but grinning slightly.

"It's time for you to go back to your own mind, Beast Boy." Knowledge, a yellow-cloaked emotion with nerdy glasses, said to the boy. "Now that Raven is awake, she can keep the link between the two of you without us being present."

"Can't he stay a little more?" Affection, the purple cloaked, said in a slightly sad tone.

"Yes, I want to play a little with him! I wanna ride an elephant, and a bear, and a dinosaur..." Happy said, moving next to BB:

"And I have a new wrestling ring in my realm, and I'm sure he would be a great sparring partner!" Brave said while playfully grabbing Beast Boy in a headlock.

"Girls, girls, relax." Beast Boy said to the emotions while moving a step away from Brave. "I'm sure Raven will allow me to visit at times, and then I can spend time with all of you, right?"

The Emotions and BB looked at Raven, who just shrugged.

"Why not? I suppose we'll still be at the infirmary for a while, and wouldn't hurt to have someone around here at times." All the Emotions and BB got large grins (even Rage and Timid). "Time to go, Beast Boy."

Raven grabbed the boy's hand, and then started walking through the portal to his mind, while the green teen blew a kiss to the Emotions (something that almost made Affection to faint) before focusing entirely on Raven.

The girls stared blankly at the portal for a few moments, until Brave broke the silence.

"So… anyone wanna go to my realm for a little match?" Brave asked. Rage smirked, and moved next to her.

"If you don't mind me kicking your ass, I'm in." The red cloaked girl said in a confident tone. Brave grinned and cracked her knuckles.

"Oh, I want to see this! And can I challenge the winner, can I, can I?" Happy exclaimed. Brave and Rage gave her a long look, and smirked to each other.

"Maybe you'll like to face us at the same time. It would be funny." Rage said in a sly tone.

"Oh, yes! Let's go!" Happy excitedly said and started running to Brave's realm, with the two violent emotions behind her. Rude slapped her forehead, and followed them, knowing that, even if she didn't like the idea, she might surely have to team up with Happy to avoid her being seriously hurt; not that Happy would actually mind. Affection, Knowledge, Timid and Wisdom gave a last sight to the portal, and then returned to their respective realms.

Meanwhile, Raven gave a good look to BB's mind. She was expecting something like a messy room, or a videogame based realm, but instead saw a very nice and quite relaxing jungle scenario.

"My dad was a biologist." BB commented to her while they both looked around them. "He was making some studies in Africa, and my mom and I moved with him. A green monkey attacked me and infected me with a rare disease, Sakutia, no human could survive. My dad saved my life thanks to his investigation on animal genetics."

"That's how you got your powers?" Raven asked.

"And the green skin, the fang, and the ears. I got the complete package." BB said in a joking tone, but changed to a serious one a moment later. "I miss them a lot sometimes."

"I wish I had a real family before leaving Azarath. Sure, my mother was very kind, and the monks weren't so bad, but most of the time it was just me." Raven commented.

"Hey, you have a family, and I'm not just talking about the Titans. Your emotions are a lot like sisters or something very close. You should spend more time with them." Beast Boy told her. Raven smiled slightly.

"Maybe you're right." The girl paused, and then looked at BB at the eye. "Beast Boy, while I was unconscious, I think I heard you talking to me. What did you said?"

The boy got a nervous expression. It was now or never.

"The usual things, you know… telling you a few jokes, trying to convince you to eat some of my tofu at times, talking nonsense about videogames… and how much I admire and love you." Beast Boy said in a hurry while scratching the back of his neck.

"Can you repeat that?"

"Uh… yes… okay, the first joke involved a rubber chicken and a gas station…"

"Not that! The last part." Raven smirked at him. Beast Boy gulped, and took a deep breath.

"That I love you… and not like Cyborg, Robin, or Star does, you know, in a sibling-like way; Raven, I'm in love with you. I love your sarcasm, your courage, your beauty, your intelligence, how you correct me when I'm wrong even if I don't like it at the moment, how nice you can be when you decide to, how much you have worked to do something good by using powers you dislike… I love the whole you, period!" Beast Boy said, looking a little down at the last part. Raven lifted his head with her hand, and gave him the widest smile she had ever made.

"I know. I actually heard you when I was sleeping… but I wanted to hear it again." Raven said, making BB to get a wide grin as well.

"And, well, if you are dense enough to not notice it just by watching how my Emotions react when you are around, I'll say it. I love you too, little dork." Raven told him, and then she and BB leaned to share a gentle, loving, and warm first kiss.

On the infirmary, Starfire noticed the monitors were showing more brain activity in both Titans, and moved next to them, fearing the worst, but relaxing a moment later. The alien girl smiled widely, and walked out from the infirmary to inform her friends about BB and Raven's condition.

Even if they were unconscious, the green boy and the pale girl were now holding hands.


About a week later, Cyborg looked out the common room's windows, smiling. Raven was flying alongside Starfire, and, for the first time ever, the Goth girl was actually feeling the "joy of flight", as Star said. The girls were enjoying a friendly game of tag, trying to avoid a green humming bird chasing them.

The bird landed on Raven's shoulder, and, a moment later, landed at the island's shore, changing back to human.

"Tag! You're it!" BB said to his girlfriend, who smirked and started chasing both Star and BB, this time on land. As he claimed, Beast Boy's body was slowly recovering, and now his fang was totally grown at its original size, but his ear still would need a few more weeks to be as good as new.

About Raven, her decision to allow BB entering her mind once in a while was one of the best she ever made. The interaction between her emotions, him, and Raven herself allowed the girl to gain more control, and now could show a lot more emotion, even if still needed some meditation every day, just in case. Sure, she would never be as cheerful as Starfire, but now was a little closer to normal, even if most of the timeshowedthe serious and serene mood Beast Boy loved so much.

"Can you even imagine a week ago we were almost done for good?" Robin said to his huge pal, walking next to him and looking at the window.

"Tell me about it… but at least something good came from that. Raven is actually happy, and I don't remember the last time I saw BB so excited about anything. You saw them drinking tea yesterday? They had those love-sick eyes you only see on movies!" Cyborg said in a joking tone, making Robin to laugh.

The Tower was now totally repaired, and, since both Raven and BB were still out of service (even if, obviously, were feeling a lot better), Jinx and KF agreed to stay at the place to cover for them while they healed completely.

"Hey, guys, we got mail!" Kid Flash said, entering the room while carrying a large red box. Jinx appeared a moment later, and the Titans surrounded the package.

"We made the regular check up. There are no bombs or toxins inside, but there's something metallic in there." Jinx told Robin and Cyborg.

Robin opened the box, and found a letter over a large wrapped object.


I'm sorry about the visit I gave you last week. I hope your friends are okay, and somebody tell that green boy he should be proud of himself; I can count with one hand the guys who can fight me when I'm enraged.

And you can forget about Blood. He'll never mess with you guys again.


The Titans looked at the letter, and then Cyborg ripped the package, gulping when realizing what it was. The other teens paled.

"Uh… one suggestion; let's not tell the others about the gift, okay?" Kid Flash proposed while the other Titans nodded.

And Cyborg left the room to hide a slashed black and red metallic arm.


(Uh…that metallic arm means…) Yep, you're right. (Remind me to never fight with Wolverine… again.)

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