Chrestomanci book 5:

I have placed this here, because Diana Wynne Jones wrote both the Dalemark, and Chrestomanci Quartets. So, though it only barely belongs here, there's no Chrestomanci place. Thank you.

Chrestomanci book 5:

Seven Worlds of Magic


It was barely appealing to Fordge as he sat on the window seat.

"It's not at all interesting. I don't see how anyone on Earth could want to see it." He told his sister Darlah.

"Oh, but it's most interesting, really! You just won't give it a chance like everyone else." She protested.

Fordge sighed and sat up straight.

"Oh, all right, though it doesn't seem to be anything to throw a party over." He mumbled.

Forge was a normal boy with a normal life except for one fact: his family could do magic.

There was a long line of Magicians and Witches in his family past, and as far as he was concerned, he didn't even make it to being a Wizard. That was one reason why he never liked magic much. If he couldn't do it well, what was the point in doing it at all?

Darlah, on the other hand, was almost an Enchanter; her magic was so strong. It didn't bother Fordge that she was better then him. Everyone was better then him, he only cared that he couldn't do it well, so there was no point that he could see.

"If we are to go to Great Britain this weekend and stay with Chrestomanci at his beautiful castle for the summer, we must be in top shape!" Darlah told him off for his lack of enthusiasm.

"You must be, I really don't care if I make a fool of myself. It's nothing too important anyway. All I want to do is see Auntie Mary." He lied, and Darlah knew it. He hated Auntie Mary.

"Well, if you're going to behave so immaturely about it, maybe you can just stay behind.

Fordge glared at her and she momentarily struggled to keep her hair in place. If Fordge could do any magic at all, he could only mess up someone's hair with the slightest blow of his eyes.

"See? You can do magic if you really want too!" she said trying very hard to stop her gold curls from spewing out all over the place.

"I suppose."

"This could even be enchanters magic too, you know." She said, trying to please him.

It was a good thing that his tea was not being drank at that moment, or else it would have been spit all over the floor as he burst into laughter, letting Darlah's hair go free.

"Thank you dear." She said kindly, sitting down to drink out of her own cup.

Ireland was a beautiful green that time of year as the two of them sat gazing out onto the fields that lead into the Haunted Woods.

"Are they really haunted?" Darlah had asked Fordge in awe before.

"Of course! All woods are haunted, but this one actually is the worst of all of the Haunted Woods in all of the worlds!" Fordge said waving his arms dramatically for emphasis.

"I like it when you do things like that!" she giggled.

But he didn't do those things anymore. That was when everything and everyone gave off the feeling of summer because of the magic that they held. It had all seemed to fade away after a wonderful few years of his life. Then he stopped really believing. He felt hollow.

"Remember that night we saw that strange figure walking into the Woods?" Darlah asked suddenly, snapping Fordge back to the present.

"Uh, yes." He said calmly.

"And you were brave and went after them into the forest to tell them it was dangerous?" Darlah was looking at his glazed face as he stared into the darkness of the trees. "That was when you changed." She said suddenly.

"Changed? What do you mean by that!" he demanded.

"Well, night after night, day after day you seemed to become…Hollow."

"And that means?"

"Oh Fordge! You just don't care anymore. This has been going on for years, and I want to know what happened to the old you?" she said sharply. Fordge looked at her in surprise.

"Aren't I just like I was three years ago?" he asked her.

"No Fordge, you're not. Not like what you used to be at all." And Darlah stood up and walked to the door. There she paused and turned to him.

"We are leaving on Thursday. I will leave you in here to try and get your magic act together. Please Fordge, do it for me?" and then she left without another word.

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