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Drops of Light

He was used to it really, but Ernest still noticed the cold. The cold from the metal, the cold from the invisible glass, and the cold from the very air trapped between them. There was no sun to warm the surface, after all. That was the way it had been for years for Ernest, nothing but spotlessness, precision, calculation, and a million little diamonds scattered out the window. A million splatters of paint, flakes of snow, drops of light, specks of dust, a million of all the hundreds of things Ernest had thought he had seen when he looked out the window. Nothing but a million of everything he had in his head.

"Naa, Ernest! There you are."

Ernest didn't look away from the window, standing as still as if there had been no peace to shatter. He didn't really mind being found. He couldn't go very far as it was. And he wouldn't leave them behind anyway. He could hear the footsteps coming towards him.

"Tune asked me if I could find you, she said it was something about Klein." Gareas stopped next to Ernest, eyes lost somewhere in the sea of stars. He hated looking out the windows, but he fell into Ernest's silence easily, knowing all that didn't need to be said with Ernest.

It had been years since they had first met, since Gareas had felt paranoid about guarding his thoughts, and since Ernest had turned Gar's insecurities to dust. Gareas understood Ernest almost as well as Ernest understood him. And Ernest understood almost everything. Almost.

After a few seconds Gareas was through though, having had a moment with Ernest as he loved having, and having stared blankly out the window, something he could never enjoy. It's not like the landscape ever changed.

"Gahh, I hate this. A million street lights, but they're all too far away to drive off on any of their roads," he muttered as he turned his back to the window and walked away again. They never spent too much time together really, the best friends on GIS, but never together for more than five minutes. They were just different, Ernest liking to stay and stare out at the stars, Gareas never one to sit still.

"Streetlamps?" Ernest understood almost everything, really. Everything else though, Gareas made up for.