Chapter: Light

Title: This love

Ok so I don't own LO: SVU or any characters . . . or do I?

Antonio is mine . . .

This is just the starting chapter but Ill right more trust me!

"Toni!". Casey yelled out of her bedroom.

Antonio came in the bedroom. "What's wrong?". He asked coming toward her.

"Can you rub my feet?" Casey asked looking at him.

"Whatever you want." He said sitting next to her, Casey put her feet on his lap and smiled.

"Thanks honey, I know I nag you a lot."

"You're pregnant you suppose to nag me." He said laughing. Rubbing her feet.

"I just remembered I gotta pick up a present."

"For whom."

"Olivia, her birthday is today."

"So what."

"I still care about her Antonio." Casey said taking her feet off of him.

"She thinks you ruined her life. She doesn't deserve to even lay eyes on you Casey."

"Toni don't be like that—

"Like what, Casey she blames you for things that doesn't even make since." He said pushing away the hair from Casey's face. "She doesn't appreciate you."

"She's just . . . She"...

"Stop making excuses for her Casey. Look she chose that scumbag over you."

"Olivia is a good person Antonio."

"Im not trying to turn you against her Casey, but, she didn't speak to you for 4 months."

"I know..."

Ok that's it I know its short but Ill right some more soon, So what do yall think? Any suggestions?