Tittle: Light

Chapter tittle: Take me or leave me

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He looked at her. His eyes burning in hers. He can't believe he agreed to this. He hated her, no he really didn't even have an emotion toward her. She ruins Casey's life. She betrayed Casey, and now she wants to talk about her . . .

"I know this is weird, but, Im glad you came Antonio." Olivia said looking at her.

"Casey forced me to so don't get to happy."

"Um . . . Look I know how you feel."

"No, you don't."


"You betrayed your best friend, and you lied to her just to protect that creep." Antonio said his voice rising.

"It's not like that."

"Then how is it, huh?" He shot her an evil glare. "How is it that you just wasted a friendship over this guy?"

"I love him."

"Is that your answer for everything, you love him? You slut." He said getting up.

"Toni wait."

"Im tired of your excuses, Olivia, im tired of you." He said leaving . . .

Olivia sat there unfazed by what he said. She had to go see Casey, talk to her and set things straight.

Olivia arrived at Casey's office door, contemplating wether or not to go in or not.

She had to talk to her. But she knew Casey would just pin things on her. On the other hand.

Olivia saw the door open and there stood Casey.

"What do you want Benson?"

"I need to talk to you."


"Yeah can I come in."

Casey stood aside and let Olivia walk in, Casey followed. They sat down.

"So what do you want to talk about."


"There is no us."

"Casey, why are you acting like this."

"Like what, Liv' you treated me worst then dirt. I trusted you and you stab me in the back."

"I had to protect Benjamin."

"That's bull."

"What about you Casey. You totally cut me out of your life."

"No liv' that was you." She said getting up.

"Why cant you just get over it."

"Excuse me."

"This...this attitude of yours, this snobbish bitchy attitude, get over yourself!" Olivia said getting up.

"You wanna try that again!" Casey said walking towards Olivia.

"You know you can stop this whole obsessive, compulsive control freak paranoia!" She replied raising her voice. "Im sick of you!" Olivia said getting ready to walk away.

Casey grabbed Olivia's arm. "Don't you walk away from me."

Olivia pushed away Casey arm.

Not knowing how it happen, they both was locked in a deep passionate kiss...

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