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Chapter 3

"I wonder if Harry will be alright," Peter said to himself, as he swung aimlessly around the air. He'd just put Harry in the hospital.

He looked down at himself. The dark suit reflected, almost like it was taunting him. He felt his anger grow, and the suit tighten. He took a deep beath.

Calm yourself, Parker, he thought. What's going on?

He soared past a glass building, and stopped, having seen something at the corner of his eyes. He turned back, but found the top levels of glass not reflective enough. He descended upside down until he saw what caught his eyes.

His reflection.

It felt so long, the last time he saw his red and blue suit. The reflection displayed his past, what he used to look like, before the symbiotes fused with him.

He missed it.

What's wrong with me? Peter thought. This... this alien darkness almost made him kill his friend.

He had to get rid of it, quickly.

He fell on a roof. And tried pulling out his suit. He pulled as hard as he could, with his spider-strength. The suit stretched, and then snapped back into his body.

You've got to be kidding me. The suit was fighting back! Peter pulled again and again, straining his muscles, but to no avail. The suit, and the symbiote, refused to budge. It seemed to have sensed his intentions, and would not leave.

This should take some thought.

Spider-man swung across town, and spotted a police car, sirens blaring, tearing down a road, behind another a black sedan. Loud music was blaring out of the black car.

He let out a web line, hitting the back of the sedan, and pulled on it hard. The sedan slowed, but continued forward.

Spider-man jumped off the police car, falling with a thump on the sedan. He saw a crowd of people ahead. Damn! This idiot's left the road. He crouched on the sedan roof, leaned over, and punched the window.

He leaned back quickly. The blaring music tripled in volume with the window broken. He punched in again, hitting the driver's face. The driver grabbed Peter's arm and pulled. Peter watched in shock as the black suit streched and tore out, leaving a hole in the suit.

Spider-man punched the driver, again, leaned in and pulled the driver out of the sedan, throwing him to the pavement. He then jumped out and attached himself to a side of a building. He let out a web, and hit the left edge of the back of the car, and pulled hard. The car was going too fast to stop, but because of where the web line hit the car, it rotated, and then flipped over. Three rolls, with loud bangs and glass breaking, later, the car stopped upside down.

The police car stopped besidethe thug, and two cops came out.

"Not your night, is it?" laughed one of them at the thug.


Peter stood on the top of the abandoned church. The dilapidated shell of a building felt like an extension of his mood.

Sound... that's what made the symbiote weak. It was inexplicable, but Peter wasn't going to complain. He was going to get rid of this... this... monster.

He jumped off the bell tower, falling down to the ground.

He walked in the large hole in the wall, which used to hold a door. He swung to the top, bypassing the staircase, to the room that held the bell.

He looked at the bell, and then punched it hard. The bell boomed loudly, and Peter felt his suit stiffen.

He pulled the bell back a few metres, and then pushed it forward. The metalholding the bell groaned, as the bell swung back and forth, booming again and again.

Peter wasted no time, and grabbed his mask. He pulled the black cloth hard, and strecthed it to the best of his strength. He pulled, and felt it pull back. He pulled harder, sweat dripping down his forehead. Just as he was about to give up, he heard the tear of cloth.

He tore out his mask, and threw it on the ground. He took a deep breath, drawing in his new freedom. His mind felt clearer.

He grabbed the back of his suit and pulled it. He felt the symbiote fighting back, felt it's thoughts in his mind, begging him to let it stay. He ignored it and tore the suit, exposing his bare back, then exposing his chest. The rest of the suit followed.

He threw the suit off the top of the bell tower with a mighty roar. He gasped, his thoughts coming back to him.

"Oh no," he muttered. "Mary Jane..."

His second thought was how the hell was he going to go back home without a change of clothes at hand.


Mary Jane walked back home the next day, not giving a second look at the National Questioner newspaper on sale, with it's headline blaring: Naked Webslinger!

She sighed. The past few weeks had been terrible. She felt emotionally drained.

When she reached the outside of her building, she saw him standing by the door. She steeled herself.

"Can I help you?" she asked coldly.

He had his back towards her. He turned round, and looked sheepishly.

"Mary Jane," Peter said. "Can we talk?"

"You're talking aren't you?"

"Mary Jane, please," Peter said. "Let me explain myself."

"Explain what?" she asked softly. "Why you've been missing for days? You can't hide behind your mask. I saw you with Gwen that night. At the party we were supposed to go to together."

"I'm so sorry," Peter said.

"Sorry?" she spat. "You turned into all those other men I hated. The ones I thought you'd never be."

"Let me..." he began.

"I'm not interested," Mary Jane interrupted. "Keep it to ..."

He covered her mouth with his hand.

"Don't say something you'll regret," he begged.

"You hurt me," Mary Jane whispered, a tear streaming down her face.

"I know."

"I was watching you dance," she said. "And I saw such emotion, such passion, that I've never seen you show before."

"If you value all these years I've loved you," he begged. "Please let me explain myself."

She nodded.


"Only you can come up with an explanation on cheating on your girl like that," Mary Jane laughed. "And what a way to sweep a girl off her feet. Stick her on a web? You romantic, you," she teased.

"You're the weird one who gets turned on by it," Peter replied. "I just provide the web."

She leaned back on the massive web Peter had made.

"Don't you think people will see this?" she asked.

"Don't care," replied Peter, who leaned in and kissed her softly. "As long as I can apologise."

"And what an apology this is, tiger."

She grabbed his shirt, and pulled him hard on top of her.


Eddie walked home from the Daily Globe at the end of work, enjoying the sunny day. He passed a ruined church. Something caught his eye. He walked towards the shiny black mass, and looked at it. He crouched beside it.

"What do we have here?" he asked.

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