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Prologue: And Then There Were Two

It's been two really long and amazing years since you last heard from me. So much has happened, so many things have changed, that I can't help but wonder if it's all over now. The long fight, always on the run, save the world, fulfill your destiny thing that is. Things have more or less settled down. Now things are about as normal as can be in my life. And it's driving me crazy.

The first thing to change was all the Erasers suddenly disappeared. Once upon a time, it seemed like we were surrounded by them whenever we turned a corner, but now they're just gone. Well, not entirely. Every once in a while we'll run into some Erasers, usually just one, four tops. After spending a lifetime living by my fight or flight reaction, having no blood thirsty wolf mutants chasing me is kind of unnerving. Not that I'm complaining or anything.

The next weird thing was the Voice left. I haven't heard from it since we blew up the Itex headquarters. Which was also the last time we saw a large group of Erasers. Seems like ever since then, everything dried up. I never thought I'd say this, but I sort of miss the Voice. It was kind of useful having an omnipresent being in your head, though rather annoying. And the Voice did have some good advice occasionally.

After that, our lives just seemed to fall neatly into place. The Griffiths contacted us, crying and begging Iggy to give them another chance. After Angel screened their minds and gave them the all clear, Iggy thought about it and decided to give the family life another shot. So far it seemed to be going well. Last I heard from Iggy, he was being homeschooled by his mom and both his parents were being astoundingly nice and understanding. He seemed happy, though he said he missed us a lot. I missed him a lot. Iggy, my insanely tall, blind, bird-kid pyromaniac. Never afraid to say it like it was, no matter how brutal.

When Iggy left, everyone was really torn apart for a while. Then one day Nudge announced that she wanted to go back to Arizona and see if she could find her parents. Having nothing else to do really, we did just that. We all went back to the address Fang and Nudge had visited so long ago and found out that that was where the family used to live. After a lot of hunting, we managed to track her family down. Turned out Nudge has a twin named Mona. And two other siblings. All of which love to talk almost as much as Nudge does. I can tell Nudge is really comfortable with her new family. And I'm happy for her, but incredibly sad for myself. Nudge always knew how to cheer me, how to cheer anyone up. She was just such a great kid. Things are way to quiet without her around.

Next to go was the Gasman and Angel. At first, they weren't sure if they even wanted to try to find their parents. I didn't blame them. According to Angel's mind readings from the whitecoats, they had given their kids up on purpose. But they thought about it and decided to at least meet them. Angel and Gazzy's parents took the longest to find. We searched for four months until we finally found their father. We were all a little suspicious of him at first. But then we found out that the dad had had nothing to do with delivering his babies to the whitecoats. Their mom had been on it all on her own. Dad found out about it a few years later and divorced her on the spot. Feeling like he had to make amends for his ex-spouse's actions, he was more than happy to take in Angel and the Gasman. I wish he hadn't been. Gazzy was my little trooper, Angel my baby. I'd raised them both since there were babies. Leaving them with their father, I felt like a struggling single mom ditching my kids in front of an orphanage. It hurt. It hurt a lot. And when Angel had hugged me one last time and whispered in my ear, "You'll always be my mom, Max," I'd just wanted to cry. But I'd promised myself I wouldn't let them see me cry, so I waited until we were out of the house, up in the air, before I let the tears stream down.

Which left just Fang and I.

We still hadn't found out anything about my parents, or whether Jeb was my father. Fang didn't want to leave me on my own. Actually he straight out refused to. Which led to a really big argument. After which Fang wouldn't talk to me for three days. In the end, he grudgingly agreed that if we found his parents, he would at least meet them, since I "wanted him to so damn much". Well, we did eventually find his mom and his step-father. And his step-brother, Mark, who was eleven and nothing like Fang. (For one thing he was blonde. For another, he was exceedingly cheerful, almost to a point of annoyance.) Fang's mother seemed nice and was a really good cook. His step-father was… okay. Fang was wary of them both at first, but after we'd stayed with them for a week and a half, he decided to live with them.

So here I am now, saying goodbye to my last and greatest friend, with a whole new chapter of my life leaning towards me.

It really sucked.

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