Howdy! –sweatdrops- Like stated in the summary, this is a series of seven Roxas x Axel oneshots based on seven themes given in the LiveJournal community 7snogs. Ratings will probably be either T or M, since c'mon, those two definitely don't have any kind of sugary-sweet relationship. ;P

Honestly, this whole thing is kinda weird 'cause I'm not a really big Roxas x Axel fan, but I decided to take on the challenge! Plus, I like other yaoi couples in Kingdom Hearts, so I figure why not try writing one of the more popular ones? xP

As for this first theme, it's umm...yeeeah, a tad 'dirtier' than I ever really intended. –sweatdrops- Heh, yeah, you've been warned, and you're about to be warned again.

Theme: Milk
Rating: M

Sunlight streamed through the open seams of dark curtains, hitting the face of a young man just so. He opened an eye, temporarily blinded, and quickly buried his face back into his pillow. Out of reflex, he stretched an arm out across the queen sized bed, only to find that he was the only one in the bed.

Blue eyes slowly opened again, now flitted with confusion. Roxas glanced at the blaringly obvious digital clock in the room, which read 8:31 in its obnoxious red letters. He rubbed his eyes, blinking to make sure he was reading it right.

Yup, it still said eight thirty-one in the goddamn morning.

Okay, recap here. It was pretty much common knowledge to anybody that Roxas and his...'other' (he still didn't know what to call him...boyfriend? lover? fuck buddy?) stayed up just about all night doing things to each other that were usually not spoken of outside of the bedroom. No need to have the neighbors eyeballs explode from out of their heads, after all. And because of their little nighttime rendezvous', they never woke up before noon. Never.

Until now, that is.

Roxas heaved a huge sigh and plopped face-first back into his pillow. He was going to murder Axel, seriously. Never mind that he threatened to disembody the redhead practically every day for one reason or another, but still—eight-thirty! EIGHT FUCKING THIRTY!

He closed his eyes and tried to fall back asleep since he was really tired and all—Axel had really gotten into it last night—but Roxas found himself tossing and turning for an hour, unable to drift back to dreamland without a certain flame-haired freak spooning with him. Damnit. Damnit all to hell.

With a practiced groan, he managed to sit up and stumble clumsily out of bed, finding random pajama pants to wear since he really didn't feel like walking around in his birthday suit. After slipping them on, still half asleep, he shuffled around the apartment, crashing into random walls and doors on account of being bleary-eyed. With every room he glanced in, though, Roxas grew more and more pissed.

Axel wasn't anywhere to be found. And here Roxas was always bragging you could spot that flame-haired freak from ten miles away due to his vibrant tresses—now he couldn't even find that pyro in their own damn place!


Inwardly thanking the fact that their apartment was on the first floor so he didn't have to risk tripping over his own two sleepy feet down any stairs, Roxas stumbled outside, wincing at the sudden brightness. He shaded his blue orbs with his hand and yawned, wandering around the building looking for that weirdo.

After circling the building three times, he started to wonder just why the hell he was outside in the first place, when he could be asleep in his nice, comfy bed in his equally dark room. If Axel wanted to randomly disappear in the morning instead of sleeping, well, that was just fine with him!

"Yeah, this is the last one. Got it memorized?"

Roxas would've jumped out of his skin had he not been so tired. That was Axel's voice...wasn't it?

Roxas turned towards the direction the voice was coming from, which was an old, junkyard of a lot next door to the building they lived in. He slowly crept behind a tall, decrepit pile of rotting tires and peeked over the stack just so.

To his utter shock, Axel was sitting on a mothball of a blanket, barefoot but wearing black pajama pants and a off-shoulder black sweatshirt, surrounded by...cats.

The younger man blinked. What the...?

One of the cats, a shaggy-looking brown one wearing a pink collar, hissed at Axel, its tail sticking straight up in the air. Axel just laughed and set down a saucer of milk, gently petting the cat. "Chill, Marly, but like I said, this is the last one. One of these days Roxas is going to notice that all the cartons keep disappearing..."

"Oh, so that's where they go?"

Axel yelped and jumped about a foot in the air, which scared away half of the cats near him (including Marly, but he swiped a paw, claws extended, at Axel's foot before running off). He stared at Roxas with wide eyes, who just put his hands on his hips, trying to look stern.

He failed miserably. After about half a second, Roxas collapsed next to Axel, laughing his head off. "Aw, man! Do you do this every morning?"

The redhead didn't answer him right away. "What are you doing up!" he demanded to know, itching to hide the bowls of milk to deny everything, but knew it was useless. "You should be sleeping like a baby right now!"

"Oh, please. Just because I'm two damn years younger than you—"

"Forget I said it!" Axel held up his hands in defense. "I don't need the whole 'eighteen is an adult' lecture again. Yeesh."

Roxas rolled his eyes, resting his chin in his palm. "So what are you doing out here, anyway?"

"What's it look like?" Axel gestured to the cats lapping at the saucer, including a few of the ones that had returned from his freak-out. "Most of them are wild, so I know."

A pause. One could practically hear the grin Roxas was sporting. "That's so..."

"Don't say it. Don't you dare fucking say it."

This time it was Roxas who put his hands up in defense. "Fine, fine...I won't say it's sooo cuuuuute, you flamer."

Axel growled menacingly and launched himself at Roxas, pinning his bare shoulders down on the ugly blanket they had been sitting on. His eyes narrowed into emerald slits, the black diamond tattoos under his eyes looking...threatening, somehow.

"You take that back, pretty boy," he growled, leaning in.

Roxas just laughed, somehow managing to snake his arms from under Axel's grip and tweaked his nose. "Aww, you think I'm pretty?"

"Shut up."

"Make me."

With another growl, Axel crushed his mouth against Roxas', who eagerly responded, slipping his arms around the older man's neck and pulling him down until their chests crushed each other's. Axel wound a fist into Roxas' spiky blond hair, tugging at it in a raw frenzy of passion. After a few long moments, Axel tore his mouth from his other, panting heavily.

"We should get back to bed," he gasped.

Roxas pretended to think about it. "Sure, but...don't have you have to check on your pussies first?"

Axel's mouth fell open, and before he could react, Roxas had disappeared from underneath him, running back towards the apartment with superhuman speed. Axel muttered towards the cats, but more towards himself, before taking off towards Roxas.

"Hmm, and that was the last carton. Guess he's not getting any white stuff tonight."


ZOMG. –falls over- Axel's sooo dirty. xD

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