"Mou!" Risa Harada let out a frustrated grunt, shifting the baby carrier to a different arm. "I don't see why we have to do this. The baby's not even real! It's a stupid doll!"

"You're only complaining because you're carrying two books in you other arm," Satoshi Hiwatari pointed out, adjusting his glasses as the two students walked down the hall.

"Well, maybe you should help me!" Risa snapped, tired already. "You're the father."

"And you're the one who put us in the class in the first place," Satoshi retorted calmly.

Risa scowled. "It was only supposed to be a joke..."

"For you," Satoshi said, a little more emotion in his tone. "It was meant to be a joke for you. Once you were kicked out of your other class, it wasn't so funny anymore, was it?"

Risa fell silent at this, ashamed. "No..."

The two continued down the hall in silence, unable to say anything else. Every now and then, Risa would let out an annoyed grumble, and switch the positions of the various items she was carrying. At last, she dropped her books, letting out a defeated sigh. She almost thought that she was going to cry, but held it back. She slumped to the ground, exasperatedly picking up her bothersome books.

"Are you alright?" Satoshi asked as he watched her pick up her books.

"I'm fine," Risa replied sullenly. When she stood, expecting to try to pick up her carrier, she was stopped. "Uh-?"

"Are we going?" Satoshi asked, the baby carrier in his right hand.

Slowly, a smile crept onto Risa's face. She nodded, without saying a word, and the two students resumed walking once again.

"You'd be a good father, Hiwatari-kun!"