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Valentine's Day

Oh, the beauty. The pink and red decorating the halls, the happy mood among the students and staff, the blindingly awkward PDA around the corner...

It was actually a few days following the famed Valentine's Day, but everyone was in high spirits anyway. Why? Satoshi didn't know, so he instead focused his mind elsewhere, within the worn pages of Hamlet. Students walked around him, some of his fanclub girls tapping his shoulder and waving. He was, at first, a bit surprised at their lack of attachment to him, but then he opened his locker to finds hundreds of chocolate hearts and love letters. He scowled.

"Hey, Satoshi-kun!" Risa Harada greeted him. She looked at the goods sprawled across the floor. "Fanclub?" He nodded. She shrugged and picked some of the things up. "What's wrong? You seem a little more bitter than usual."

He shrugged. "I don't intend to be."

Risa began picking up his gifts and organizing them as best she could. "Well, you know, you're going to have to answer one of them eventually."

"I've answered all of them with a denial."

He wasn't sure whether the facial expression on her face was quickly corrected or just a figment of his imagination... but he could have sworn that she looked relieved. "Well, this is a predicament."

He shrugged. "I just ignore them. That's all."

"Oh, hey!" she said, excited as they began walking to class together. She withdrew a long, thin rectangular box from her backpack and handed it to him. "Don't ignore this one."

"This is from you?" he clarified, taking it carefully.

She nodded. "It's a bunch of new 6B pencils! I knew you needed them, so I got them last night for you!"

"You're not supposed to tell me what the gift is, Harada-san."

"Risa. And I told you because I thought it might cheer you up."

"I don't need to be cheered up."

"Well, you looked like you did!"

He smiled at her. "Thank you Hara-... Risa."

She beamed at this.