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Chapter Five:

Sephiroth pushed through the crowd of the kids surrounding him. "You foolish bastards!" he yelled, wiping himself off as if they all had cooties. He ran towards the door, pushing anyone who got in their way. He ran out of the room. No one spoke. "Wow... he didn't even bully any of us!" Tifa said in awe. "Thats a good thing though, right?" Reno said, jumping up.

Lucrecia was still over at that book shelf, reading a book. Hojo went over to her, and she was crying. "How can you be so foolish?" she said. "I'm sorry, it was fun! I didn't want him to hit me!" Hojo complained. Vincent rolled his eyes and turned to Cloud. Hojo scoffed and walked away from Lucrecia in a huff. "I'm gonna see what I can do," Vincent said to Cloud, sliding out of his chair and walking to Lucrecia. He was a little nervous, taking the slowest steps he could. He came to Lucrecia. "You alright?" he asked her. He noticed she had been crying. "Y-Yes, I'll be fine," she said, turning away and looking at her book. Vincent took a tissue from the tissue box, and handed it to her. "Thank you.." she said quietly wiping her tears away.

"You're welcome, Lucrecia," he said, trembling slightly. She then looked up at him with her big brown eyes. "This is a very interesting book," she said to him. Vincent felt something in his stomach. "Really? What's it about?" he asked.

"It's called 'The Cat in the Hat'. I've never read a book so detailed as this!" Vincent smiled. "Sounds interesting.." he said, sitting down next to her.

Tifa and Cloud were watching from afar while they were coloring pictures. Tifa sighed romantically. "So romantical.." she said in a dreamy voice. "I think she might like him," Cloud said, coloring in his picture of a red dog. Tifa looked at him and smiled. "Me too. It's so romantical!" she said. Cloud smiled slightly. He kept glancing at Tifa, how her long black hair fell around her face as she drew lines and colored them in. How her big brown eyes were like pools of mud that Cloud used to roll in when he was still a baby. "I like your picture," Cloud said to her nervously. She looked at him. "Thanks, Cloud! I like yours, too!" she said. Cloud blushed nervously.

Tifa searched around for a crayon, but it wasn't there. "Where did the blue go?" she asked Cloud. Cloud was holding it in his hand, coloring in a pool of water he drew. He wasn't finished yet. "Here," he said, handing her the blue crayon. Tifa smiled. "Thank you," she said, reaching to grab it. When she did, their hands touched. She giggled nervously, pulling her hand away slowly. Cloud smiled, his heart beating loudly.

"IS THE DAY OVER YET!" Kadaj demanded, laying on the ground, admiring the shiny blade of his Souba. Yazoo kept rolling back and forth on the floor, first resting on his right arm, then on his left. "I doon't knooowww.." he said, his voice whirring as he rolled. Loz was sitting under a table, looking blankly into space. "Dooo youu wanna go hooome, Kadish?" Yazoo asked, getting dizzier from rolling. Kadaj sat up angrily. "Yes! I want to go home, NOOOOOOOWWW!" he screamed. He screamed the word 'now' in a high pitched voice.

Cid was talking to Barret over in corner about his new airship he was building. "Quiet, you remnant!" he yelled across the room at Kadaj. Kadaj slowly turned his head, a glare on his face. "Dont-you-call-me-that," he said coldly, staring. Cid shrugged and went back to talking to Barret.

Reno, Rude, and Yuffie were talking in the other corner of the room. Hojo was sitting under a chair, mumbling to himself and twiddling with his thumbs. He looked back and forth around the room deviously. Just then, the door to the classroom opened, and there stood Jenova. Kadaj jumped up, his mouth wide open. "MOMMY!" he yelled, running across the room, forcefully jumping into her arms. He hugged her tight, but then slapped her across the face. "You bitch! You left me here with these brainless morons! You nearly cost me my sanity!" he hollered. Jenova sighed. "Come on Yazoo and Loz," she said, walking out to the car. Yazoo turned back before leaving. "It's been fun," he said, saluting like a marine. Yuffie saluted him back, smiling. "Bye, Yazoo!" she said.

Loz and Yazoo walked out the open door. Hojo slowly slipped away from under the chair, and slithered to the door, never to be seen. Cid ran to the door. "Come on Barret and Yuffie! Come check out my new model! She's a beaut!" he said, waving for them to come over to him. Yuffie and Barret ran out the door behind him, eager to see his new airship. Reno and Rude walked to the door, their hands in their pockets. "Well, be seeing you all," said Reno before he walked out with Rude. Cloud smiled. Lucrecia stood up after she had been talking and reading with Vincent. "I have to go now, I feel like taking a nap," she said, walking to the door.

Vincent stood up. "Uh, okay. Bye, Lucrecia," he said, but he still wanted to talk to her. His heart sank to his stomach. "Bye, Vincent," she said, going closer to the door. Vincent sighed. "..Lucrecia," he said just before she could leave. "Hm?" she said, smiling.

"...Thank you. It was you. You were the reason I survived," he said. Cloud didn't get it. It must have been what they were talking about all this time. Lucrecia smiled. "I'm so sorry... But I'm so happy you survived," she said before walking through the door. Cloud raised his eyebrow. He had no idea what they had been talking about. Vincent looked after her until he couldn't see her anymore. He looked back at Cloud and Tifa, who were staring at him with wide eyes. "What? We had alot to talk about!" he said, walking toward them. Tifa giggled.

"So.. what do we do now?" Cloud asked. Tifa shrugged. "Well I'm off, I'm heading back to Shinra Manor," said Vincent, turning for the door. "See you, Vincent!" Cloud said, getting out of his seat. "See you around, Cloud," Vincent said, not turning back around. Vincent soon disappeared from sight. Cloud and Tifa were left there. Tifa jumped out of her seat. "You wanna come with me to the Seventh Heaven? Theres food there!" she said to Cloud. He nodded nervously. "Sure," he said. She smiled, taking his hand and skipping out the door. Cloud tried his best to follow.

As they came out, the sun blinded them. It shined bright. They stood on the sidewalk, waiting for the right time to cross the road. And as they were, a girl in pink with brown hair came to them with a basket of flowers. She smiled happily. "Free flowers from Aeris!" she said, handing a yellow flower to Tifa, then Cloud. Cloud looked at her. She smiled again. "Thank you, Aeris," said Cloud, staring at her big green eyes. She giggled before skipping off down the sidewalk.

The End