Terra Firma

Disclaimer: Firefly is not mine. All characters are depicted as legal age.

Also, this is a companion piece to Weeping Willow, but it is not necessary to read that first.

River loves to dance.

She loves to weave her way through the air, through the stars. She flies through the heavens, fleeting like the dawn. She entwines herself with the very universe, laughing… even as she cries.

River loves the earth and all that grows. She loves that which was once her namesake, that which she is still very much tied to. She loves digging her fingers through it and scattering all the pieces to the wind.

River loves fireflies. She loves holding them in the palms of her hands. Loves nurturing her companions and then gently guiding them to freedom.

River loves doing what is right, even if it is difficult. Even if it hurts so much, breaking her already bleeding heart, shattering it beyond repair.

River loves trees, willows more specifically. The ones she used to climb by the waterside. The one she used to sing to. The one she dreams of at night, in the deepest, most yearning parts of herself. The one she still loves.

River loves eyes. The windows to the soul. The gleaming emeralds that shined for her and her alone. She loves seeing them light with life, dark with passion.

But most of all… most of all, River loves green. She loved gazing into the deep pools that used to writhe beneath her. She loved the way they shimmered up at her, glittering in the early morning light.

And River searches… searches everywhere for her Willow. Her goddess of fiery flame and green glade. Her heart, her love, her soul. Her everything.

She searches over planets and through space, dancing amongst the stars. She looks through hearts and minds of dozens, hundreds, thousands, millions. So many that numbers no longer hold meaning. She searches through souls, feeling the distant pull but never quite managing to reach it.

River hates the searches, the waiting, the pain of separation. Yet, she can't give up. She can't ever stop. So she just continues. She simply searches.

And one day… maybe someday, River might just find her.

Ever Hopeful,