Touched by a Rose

This is my first attempt at a SisPri fanfic. (Who would have guessed that Chikage is my favourite? ;) Please ignore my poor grammar use… I'm still working on it. ;

And as much as I'd love to use the many names the sisters call their brother by (in Japanese) I do (personally) prefer the English pet names while doing English fanfics. Why? Because it's good to keep with it's original language… Yeah (And I could be spelling their names like this; Haluka, Shilayucki, etc etc too keep with American language… But you know. xD)

Disclaimer: I do not own Sister Princess, or any of the characters in this chapter. Inlater chapters, I will be bringing in a few of my own. They're still being developed though… Sorry if they seem a bit… "Bi-polar-ish" every now and then.

Chapter One

Forlorn Apparition

The rain poured rather heavily on the soft soil of Promised Island today. Wataru Minakami stood by the window of his room, watching as people rushed back and forth, from place to place. He sighed heavily, and collapsed on his bed. "And today… We were supposed to have a picnic…" he thought aloud, turning to his side. As he faced his open door, he realized that his laptop had opened on his desk. "E-mail?" Wataru walked toward his desk, opening the screen. "...Huh?" the message was sent anonymously, only a few seconds after he turned around. "That's odd…" he opened it, and the note read "Brother darling… I have a gift for you. Come to my room. –Chikage" A rather large sweat drop formed on his forehead. "Heh heh… Go figure." He smiled, and shut the screen down. "I should have known…" Grabbing only the pendant Chikage had given him a few years ago he left, shutting his door behind him. (A/N: As most of the Sispri fans know, the pendant I had referred to is the one she had given to Wataru in the episode "Eternal… Vows". But we also see that after she decides to take it back by the end of the episode, she returns it back to him in the final episode, "Promised Island".)

"Darkness…" a voice whispered in the shadows, malevolently. Two amethyst eyes suddenly appeared from the darkness, several small candles flickering on to follow. Her features began to emerge, only giving a ghastly impression by the candlelights. "An ominous kismet… To befall on this very day." She called, her voice soft-spoken and collected. Suddenly, she heard a knock on her door. After a few seconds waiting, it opened.

"Chikage?" Wataru peeked his head in, hoping he wasn't disturbing anything. With the light coming through the open crack of the door, her body could easily be distinguished. She smiled, and motioned him to enter. Wataru nodded, closing the door behind him. "You said that you had a… Oh my gosh!" with the door shut, the 'ghastly' Chikage came out from hiding. "Y-your… Face!" She quirked a brow, and took a few seconds to think about that.

"And… Is there something wrong?"

"You're face is… "


"… Creepy."


She motioned her hands in the air, and the remaining candles flickered on. Wataru sighed. "Oh…" he let out a short laugh, and realized she wasn't too interested in whatever he found 'funny'. "Sorry." He sat in the chair directly across from her, slouching in his chair. She crossed her legs, and pulled a small book from her desk. She pushed the book toward him. "Take it." He stared at the rather large booklet, and picked it up.

"What is it?" Wataru asked, turning it about, flipping through the pages.

"It's a book." Chikage replied simply. Wataru shrugged. "I know… What is it about?"

"Read it." He narrowed his brow, skimming each page. "…Flowers?" She shook her head. He read on. "… I don't know… It looks like some sort of potion… remedy thing…" No snakes, though he silently thought in his mind. She waited. And his attention seemed to shift to what he was going to do today. Chikage had recognized this, and approached him. Wataru, however, did not notice. When he snapped out of his thoughts, he had realized the sister was closer to him than before. He blinked. "Hey…" he spat out, pushing his chair back. She was standing right (directly) in front of him.

"Sorry… It didn't look like you were paying attention. Or were you?" She inquired, gazing down at the bewildered boy. He nodded his head. "That's good…" She opened the book to another page, and there laid a rose pressed into the book. "Do you remember the significance of this flower?" she asked, holding it to him. He was confused, but could vaguely remember something that had happened.

"Sort of…" he replied, taking the flower from her. He observed the dried plant, feeling around the rough fragile petals with his hand. "It's a bit of a blur… But I do remember." That was new for him. He barely remembered anything anymore. But this memory was almost as clear as what Shirayuki made for breakfast this morning.

Chikage smiled. "It's good that you remember some of it… And I'm glad." She had returned the rose to its page, and shut the book. She handed it back to her brother. "Until you remember… Don't return this book to me. Keep it… And when you do remember, I want you to meet me at the apple tree by the park." She bid a short farewell, and disappeared. Wataru was left dazed and confused. "Apple tree… Which park?" he wondered. "There are so many parks around here…" He remarked. Unless… It's some sort of riddle… And she expects me to figure it out on my own? He laughed at the cruel remark to himself, and walked out of the room.

Later that day, the rain cleared up. Hinako ran outside excitedly, splashing in the rain puddles. She stopped, and looked toward Karen. "Can we still have our picnic with Bro bro, Karen?" Karen sighed. "I hope so… The ground is a little wet… Maybe we can go into the town today?" The other girls seemed to agree to this idea, as they walked around the premises. Wataru stood out on the porch, and nodded. "Even though the ground is wet… We could always go out for lunch…" he added to Karen's idea. Sakuya clung to his arm.

"That does sound like an idea, Dear brother." She winked at him, hoping to receive recognition back. He gave a nervous smile, and laughed along with her. She giggled, and ran off to where Mamoru and Kaho were splashing some water. Chikage stood next to a rather large puddle of water. A single petal fell into it, as she picked it up. She took a small sniff to it. "Cherry blossoms…" Wataru walked up beside her.

"Its still late summer… Before school starts, maybe we can find some blossoms and press them too." He suggested. She smiled and nodded, then walked off toward the table by the poolside. He glanced at the girl, a bit upset. "Is she avoiding me?" he questioned aloud. Then it finally came back to him. "Oh… Right… Once I remember." He picked up the petal, which had fallen from her hands. "I will remember." He encouraged himself, raising one fist into the air. Yotsuba snuck up behind him.

"Remember what, Brother dearest?" she questioned ingenuously. He jumped.

"N-nothing!" He sweat-dropped.

"Nothing is it, Brother dearest?" she regarded the bird in its cage beside the small pool. "What do you think, Mr. Watson?" The bird just dipped its beak into the water, making a sort of quack sound. "Exactly as I deducted!" she ran off, spying around the manor with her magnifying glass. Wataru simply watched her, wondering what she had 'deducted'. The chipper girl returned only seconds later with several objects stuffed in her pockets. "I've gathered together many clues to add up with my deductions!" she cheered happily. But the sudden eagerness began to cease. "But now… I have more mysteries to check out…" A moment of sudden silence was soon followed by an outburst of giggles. "I'd best be off to work! I'll 'check' you out, Brother dearest!" she winked, and trailed off to the Welcome House. He watched as the cheery girl went off to work. Wonder what she's up to… he thought silently to himself. But laughed it all off. "Nah…"

Around five that evening, the girls began to finish their daily house chores. Wataru dragged on through the halls, a piece of toilet paper stuck to his shoe. "Usually, I do a better job than that… But I just feel weird today…" he shrugged, looking down just to realize his little 'tagalong' friend. He scowled, tearing it off. "And now here I am… A lazy, no good adolescent with nothing else to do…" he leaned against a wall to catch his breath.

"Oh… I don't think it was that hard! You did a very nice job, Brother." Wataru turned around to see Kaho, her usual blissful self. He smiled. "And I saw how you rearranged the garden. I liked that too." He complimented back. She blushed. "Oh no… I just arrange them the same way I always do!" He searched his mind for a better compliment. If she arranges the garden the same way every week, I must be losing it…He thought. Had he actually not noticed this for the past 4 months? Kaho smiled meekly. "It's nothing really… I enjoy the way I put out the pots! It's fun!" Wataru was happy for her. She always seemed to be sanguine. How did she do it? Wish I was always like that… Joking around in his head, it took him several moments to realize she had left.

As soon as he reached his room, he noticed just outside his window perched a white dove: a rather peculiar one, at that. "Weird…" Looking closer, he realized the dove's eyes were pale red. He felt a shiver down his spine and backed away slowly. "I wonder… Maybe… Chikage sent that one to watch out for me?" he assumed. Re-entering the room, Wataru sat down at his desk and pulled the small book from the drawer. But there was something different. Something missing. "Hmm?" he placed the book to rest on the palm of his hand, and lifted it. "It's… lighter?" Several pages seemed to be taken out… But there was more. "Taken out… But no tear marks… No tears whatsoever! No extra spaces… Nothing…" he was shaken by this, especially since the dove had instantly disappeared. He rubbed his head with the back of his hand.

"It can't be true…" then he began to laugh. "No way… Can't… Be… True… It's all in your head, Minakami…" Then it began to rain again, except there were no clouds in the sky. And it all seemed to come from one location to the next. He peered out the window, just noticing Marie had been walking Michael around the yard… But what's this? No umbrella? And most of all, she wasn't wet! Nothing was wet. Just his window… But no one else seemed to notice. It seemed to be raining all over the place, but nothing was drenched, not even the slightest bit.

"Maybe… I am hallucinating…" he hoped, and took the book from his desk once again. But this time, it was heavier. As he flipped through the pages, several cherry blossom petals and leaves fell from the book. And the last page to be left open began to open into a portal of some sort. His eyes widened as he realized his hand was being sucked in. "It… Can't be true!" The book seemed to get larger and larger, each second it grasp onto his very soul. "What kind of trick is this!" What am I saying? This book is Chikage's… He began to make the assumption that Chikage is the Bermuda Triangle of the human race. Just as he felt his body being overtaken by darkness, he caught a glimpse of a strange girl in his doorway. She held out her hand. "Don't be afraid… The darkness has come to save you from eternal despair." She smiled, her eyes growing bright red. He gasped out what seemed to be his last breath of air "It… Can't… Be… TRUE!"

End of Chapter 1

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