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Chapter III

Between the Two of Us

Wataru rushed downstairs, the small white dove perched on his shoulder. "Karen." He smiled. Then sniffed the air. "Mmm… What's for breakfast?" Karen shook her head.

"I don't know… But I'm sure it will be delicious!" she replied with enthusiasm. Wataru was happy. He had almost forgotten about the recent events that have taken place. As they walked into the dining room, he noticed everyone had sat down already. Karen had taken her seat next to Hinako, and Wataru next to Haruka. Looking to his left, he noticed Chikage. She seems to be normal enough… He thought silently, looking down at his plate; Pancakes with a peculiar sauce.

Shirayuki smiled. "Tell me how you like it, Elder brother! It's made with Princess's special herbal tealeaves, and sweet, sweet, sweet maple syrup!" she clasped her hands excitedly as he took in a small amount.

He smiled at her. "Very delicious!" She giggled, and dashed off back to her seat. The other girls ate their dishes, each bite seeming sweeter and sweeter. Aria snuck behind Wataru, poking at the white bird.

"A bird… How cute," she said, in her usual quiet slow tone. He was surprised he hadn't noticed her, and also looked at the bird. Wow… I'd almost forgot it was there…he thought. The bird cocked its head, chirping. The girls watched the small bird. Shirayuki snapped her fingers.

"I can make a special meal for your friend, Elder brother!" she recommended, and ran for the kitchen. Sakuya walked over, and pet it's head.

"It's a cutie… Where did you find him, Dear brother?" He shook his head.

"It's a girl. And I met her in a-" he felt the temperature drop. Then turned to Chikage. She smiled 'If you don't mind… I'd prefer if this just remain between you and me.' She telepathically told him. He understood, though still did not know the significance of the bird. "She was just by my window. Looked sort of lonely, you know?" Sakuya smiled, and pinched his cheek.

"You're so sweet, Dear brother, but… How do you know that it's a girl?" she asked, somewhat curious. "Are you going to be a zoologist, Dear brother?" she joked. He sweated.

"C-course not!" he wondered how to answer. Suddenly, an idea sprung out in his mind. "I took the bird to Chikage, and she… well, knew… You know?" Sakuya found his stuttering amusing.

"That makes sense." She was still onto his little ruse. "But I'm watching you, Dear brother…" she jeered. "I promised to take Hina, and Aria to the park… Want to come?"

"Actually, I'm going to clean up a little." Wataru replied, traumatized by her shrewdness. She shook her head, as Aria and Hina ran up to her. They headed for the entrance, and shut the door behind them. The others had gone into the kitchen with Shirayuki to help with this 'special meal'. Marie, and Haruka were in the living room sorting through books, and Kaho outside watering the flowers with Karen. Wataru sighed, and slumped down in his chair. "That was too close for comfort."

"Brother darling…" Chikage put her hands on his shoulders. He jumped, surprisingly high for himself. Landing almost perfectly back in the chair, he shifted his gaze to her. The white and black bird shared her right shoulder, seeming to chirp with amusement.

"You scared me." He grumbled at her.

"I know." She sat down beside him, resting her chin on the palm of her left hand. "That was pretty clever of you." He quirked a brow, wondering what she meant.

"What was? You mean that LIE I told Sakuya to keep our SECRET safe from anyone KNOWING?" he inquired. She chuckled.

"They will know soon. But until then, I prefer you keep quiet about it… Unless you want to ruin the soon-to-be future for all of us." She implied.

"Soon-to-be future for all of us? Is that a threat?" he asked.

"You know I would never threaten anyone…"

"Then what did you mean? Something bad will happen if I do say anything? What if I don't? Will your little hoax be in perfect tact? Are you trying to use me? What have I ever done to you? Why-"

"You ask too many questions." She interrupted. Standing from her seat, she began to walk back to her room. The white bird then flew from her shoulder to Wataru's. It sang happily, nuzzling its head on his cheekbone. She then paused. "As for those questions, I would never put our family in danger. Yes, perhaps. If you don't, that's fine. Hoax? No, nothing, and… You never finished. But if my assumption to what you were going to ask is correct, I'd say why not?" she then continued to walk. "Remember what I asked of you before? The apple tree in the park… Meet me there when you're done." She left.

He couldn't follow with what just happened, his left eye beginning to twitch. "Why not? WHY WOULD YOU?" he yelled, startling Karen behind him. He noticed her, and turned all the way around. "Sorry… Chikage was just-" She smiled.

"Are you talking to invisible people, Big brother?" she asked. He blinked.

"I'm hallucinating…"

"Sounded more like you were arguing with yourself, Bud." Mami scorned.

"Or maybe Brother dearest was having a meltdown! Another thing for Yotsu-chan to check out!" she ran for RinRin's lab. She seemed to be asking for an ultra high-powered investigation kit. Haruka came in hearing the commotion.

"Is Beloved brother all right?" she sounded worried, her strong German accent obvious in her tone. Though she had practiced more on her Japanese.

"I'm fine, don't worry!" he assured them all. Shirayuki burst through the doors, with a large pot of 'something' in her hands.

"I have it, Elder brother! Princess's special sunflower seed a la mode, with warm buttermilk on the side!" the white bird stopped scratching it's wing, and looked at the pot. The glittering sauce mesmerized her eyes, as she flew over. But the edge of the pot seemed to burn her feet, as she fluttered above it. Mamoru ran in with a glass plate. She set it on the ground, as Shirayuki poured in the recipe.

"Awesome job, Shirayuki! I think she likes it!" Mamoru complimented, crossing her arms together. Shirayuki smiled, watching the small bird eat happily. Wataru was also impressed. Then remembered that he had to meet Chikage in the park.

"That's right…" he grabbed his jacket. "Hey, I'll be back in a little while." He stroked the white bird's head with his finger. "Can you girls watch over her for me? Don't over feed her." He smiled, as they all seemed quite excited with the idea. He nodded, and headed out the door.

Shutting the main door behind him, he noticed Chikage's black bird perched along the fence. He blinked at it, and smiled. "Are you going to help me find this 'apple tree' she spoke of?" she bird swooped down, and picked something from his head. "OUCH!" He fell backwards onto the grass. The bird watched, as it flew off to the north. He rubbed his head, and noticed there was more to that pluck than he had intended. "What…" A red rose petal fell from his head. "She's trying to turn me into a flower?" he laughed, satisfied by his own joke. But soon realized it wasn't that funny.

"Well…" he stood. "I guess I'll follow it." He ran close behind, soon losing track of the bird under a canopy of trees. "Great…" Just before turning around for another direction, he noticed a large tree in the distance. The bird flew to that tree. "I didn't even know there was an apple tree on Promised Island."

He walked toward the hill with the tree, seeing Chikage sitting underneath it. She caught a glimpse of him, and smiled. You're only so close to the truth, yet so far. There is still so much for you to learn, Brother darling…

And sometimes, change isn't always for the better… I hope you've come prepared.

End of Chapter 3

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