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Eye to Eye

"Sir, I must insist that you get your work done. The higher-ups are going to start wondering and I don't think you want them to come down on you." Riza Hawkeye followed Roy Mustang around trying to convince him to stop his procrastinating and just do his work. But no matter what she did, he would never listen.

"The paperwork is there – it can wait," he responded while waving his hand as if it was nothing. Typical response. If only I knew how to make him pay attention to me she thought hopelessly.

She began to turn around and walk away but stopped when Havoc came up the colonel and began speaking to him. Whatever it was, it seemed to have an impact because Roy complied with what he was asked to do. In that moment, Riza realized something – they were the same height therefore allowing them to see eye to eye. She walked away and began formulating a plan in her mind. I'm going to convince him to listen to me if it's the last thing I do!

That evening, Riza went into her closet and began going through her shoes. Since she was military, she only had a few pairs but none of them seemed to do. Then she remembered a pair of dress boots that she had been given at one point by someone. Looking up on her shelf, she spied the box and took it down.

She lifted the lid and looking inside; she saw a pair of handsome black dress boots with heels that would look perfectly fine with her uniform. If she wasn't mistaken, she could wear them and be as tall as the colonel quite easily. The only question was whether they fit or not so she tried them all.

Riza sat down and put them on her feet and stood up. Indeed she was taller but after walking around with them on for only a few minutes her feet began to ache. But no matter. She would take her regular pair of boots after she task with the colonel had been completed.


"Sir, may I speak to you alone?" Riza stood outside Roy's door showing her only from the neck up.

"Yes, come in Lieutenant and close the door behind you," the colonel replied nonchalantly while glancing up from staring at different papers scattered around his desk.

Riza marched in closing the door and walking right up to where Mustang sat. Confused, the flame alchemist stood and noticed that Riza had 'grown' overnight and was now able to glare at him directly.

"Sir, you must finish catching up the work by tonight and find any papers that have been lost or else the higher-ups are going to come down on you. I don't think that's something you want," Riza spouted off never once allowing her eyes to stray from the colonel's.

Just when Riza thought Roy was actually listening to her, his eyes changed and he began to laugh. "What is so funny, sir?" she demanded sounding as hostile as she could.

"You are, Riza, you are. Here I am putting off paperwork and here you are wearing dress boots to get my attention so I will do what I'm assigned. Am I correct?"

Riza closed her mouth in stony silence. Even though he acted dumb, he was far more intelligent than he let on to be. "Yes, I am. If you have a problem with it, so be it. You can get in trouble for it." She turned and began marching out.

"Lieutenant, stop where you are," he demanded before she left completely.

Used to obeying orders night and day, she complied. He walked over to her and spun her around gently by her shoulders. It was obvious she was angry with him and he didn't want to fuel the fire if he could help it. "One of the reasons I put off paperwork is because I'm thinking about other things."

Riza continued to look at him as if he was the stupidest person alive. "Come again, sir?"

"One of the things I think about is what it would be like if you were the same height as me and we could see eye to eye. I guess I have my answer right here."

Riza still didn't understand what he was getting at. "Why would think about something like that?"

Roy smirked and shook his head. "Why would I think about something like that? Because now I can see how it would make things easier."

Without another word, his hand encircled her waist and drew her near to him. It dawned on Riza what was about to happen but since this had never happened to her before instead of objecting she closed her mouth and widened her eyes. They looked at each other carefully each pondering the other's next move. Roy looked so confident, so sure of himself while she found herself unable to move. Whatever he did, she complied with. Unconsciously she began to look away and draw away from his touch. He, however, wasn't so willing. In one swift motion he tilted her chin back up and kissed her softly, gently so he wouldn't receive a bullet in his skull. Riza stood there and blinked before taking a full step back. Having never been kissed before, she hadn't known what to expect but now that it had happened, she didn't have a problem with it. Turning, she began to leave the office but was stopped by the colonel laying his hand on her shoulder.

"What was that you were saying about the paperwork, Lieutenant?" he asked acting as nothing happened. Riza smiled and immediately began to lecture her commanding officer once again.

Later that night Riza sat on the side of her bed taking her boots off. She winced as they came off having no idea how much her feet actually hurt. Walking over to the closet she began to place the shoes on the top shelf but decided against it. As she placed them with her other shoes, Black Hayate trotted in and began to smother his master with puppy love.

Riza laughed as she tried to calm the hyperactive dog down. "Well, Black Hayate, I think I finally understand why women wear high heels despite the pain in their feet. I think I just might have to wear those boots more often, huh? What do you think?"

Her response was a wagging tail and a pair of curious eyes.

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