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She wasn't sure when it began. She didn't remember being able to think clearly after a certain point. But I guess that's the way things like this happen she thought to herself as she relived the past moments of the night.

They had been warned of the coming snowstorm but the timing was off. Istead of coming in the middle of the night, it came just after office hours when Roy and Riza were straightening up for the weekend. But the pair was caught unawares when the howling winds screeched through the town knocking the power out.

So when did it start? Riza thought. After a few more moments of pondering, she remembered.

Shivering with cold, they went into the office lounge and huddled on the couch under the blankets they had found. It all started when Roy offered to share his blanket with her. "After all," he explained, "the shared body heat will keep us warmer than the blankets will."

Riza had consented but in a heartbeat everything changed. Instead of cuddling and keeping each other warm like their logical minds dictated, their bodies took over screaming for what they wanted rather than needed. It had started with a kiss - a quick flutter of warm, moist lips over each others. But then they reached out for more. Quick pecks transformed into passionate kisses. Brushes turned into exploring beyond limits of the outside.

She wanted to stop - after all, here she was battling for mouth control with her commanding officer. Her legs had turned to jelly so she clung to the back of the Colonel's head by the roots of his hair. His hands stripped her clean of her coat and proceeded to explore every feminine curve on her. The contact was new to her - it wasn't as if she didn't know what it felt like but it had been too long. Unconciously her body tensed and small moans of pleasure escaped from her lips. She also felt his hand on her back fiddling with her bra strap. Pulling back, Riza easily unclasped it giving her commanding officer free reign of her skin. Overcome with feelings of bliss, she moved from his mouth to his neck laying kisses all along the way while taking his jacket and shirt off until he was at the point where she could look upon him without his shirt. Even she had to admit it to herself - who could resist looking at someone so muscled and toned?

How could she stop this? Riza found out that no matter how strong a woman she was, she was no match for her body. It was logical - the power was out, a storm was howling and she was alone with her commanding officer. Well, more like her sexy commanding officer. Wanting to be closer, she swung her leg around his waist and climbed onto his lap clinging to him with her knees in a straddling position. He pulled back and, finding her stomach again, showered her with kisses while running his hands up and down her thighs discovering more femininity beneath her uniform. Riza leaned her head back to stretch kinks out and Roy began tugging her shirt off over her head. He had enough of playing around. This beautiful lieutenant sitting on him was too tempting... and their upper bodies were bare. No longer was he waiting. Though there was still a cool bite in the air, they were sweating. Running their hands up and down the other, they found the waistlines of each other and began pulling them down...

Riza remembered waking up with a start but when she realized the reason she they only had a blanket around them, she gasped. But then, with the slightest hint of a giggle, Riza pulled the blanket over her. How she had gotten Roy to moan her name was beyond her but she was pleased with herself. After all, Roy had heard her at the beginning so the favor was only being returned.


With a start, Riza looked at her sleeping companion next to her. "Waking up, Roy?"

He sat up, shirtless and hair rumpled, and looked at her sleepily even though bliss was still written all over his face. "The storm's over now - they'll probably be here soon to fix everything," he said as he passed Riza's clothing to her. "And also understand that if this is found out, it was strictly an order from me, understand?"

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