Kyou Kara Maou : Axel

Summary: Wolfram tells his father about his first love affair, in the dark days after Suzanna Julia died, when Wolfram turned his back on healing and became a soldier. Yuuri appears in later chapters. Side story to The Bedding of Wolfram.

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Warnings: rated M for mature sexual theme. No spoilers – most of the characters / plot here never appear in the anime.

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Chapter 7 : The Last Supper

All good things, as well as some seriously mixed ones, must come to an end, reflected Yuuri, standing with his arm around Wolfram, who was chatting and mingling with the other dinner guests before the food was brought in for Manfred's farewell party. Yuuri excused himself with a quick kiss as the guest of honor entered, wanting a word with the older man.

"Manfred-sensei, I can't thank you enough for all you've done for Wolfram – for both of us – these past weeks."

Manfred nodded. "…But?" His green eyes, so like Wolfram's, drilled frankly and directly into Yuuri's.

"Aha…" Practice hadn't helped – Manfred still unnerved him. "Um… are you sure… is there anything we should do to continue… Um. Wolfram still doesn't seem quite himself yet. He's still very… emotional?" At the moment, said Wolfram was dangling from Yozak and Conrad's shoulders, laughing out loud.

"Wonderful, isn't it? Haven't seen him this happy in decades. That repressed ice princess thing of his was disturbing. But we have you to thank for thawing him, eh, Yuuri?" Manfred clapped him on the back. "He's fine, Yuuri. Wolfram's naturally… flexible in his mental outlook."

"Ah, he's not… mentally ill?"

"Nor ever was. Granted, he has a bit of a temper. You might want to be careful of that, eh? Ah! Cecilie! You look radiant tonight! May I escort you to your seat?"

Deciding he didn't want to think too carefully about what Manfred had just said, Yuuri returned to Wolfram. He put hands on his lover's hips from behind to detach him from Conrad and Yozak, and led Wolfram to the table as well.

"Annissina isn't joining us?" Cheri asked coolly.

"She mentioned that she knew better," murmured Giesela, with a sidelong glance at Manfred. Cheri looked inexplicably pleased by the remark. Conrad and Gwendal, belatedly realizing that people were sitting down, rushed to seize the seats on either side of Cheri. Manfred took the seat opposite her. Wolfram had scheduled this dinner rather late in the evening, and fed Greta earlier. Yuuri had yet to figure out why their daughter was thus disinvited to Manfred's farewell supper.

Yozak, new to being included in family gatherings since his and Conrad's inadvertant and innocent outing on Murata's part the week before, hadn't yet learned better than to sit next to his lover. Though invited by Yuuri, Murata himself had chickened out of attending. Wolfram and Yozak, each independently and for different reasons, had both accosted Murata this past week, promising to kill him next time they caught him alone in a dark alley, but thanks for the condoms. Murata Ken had yet to find anyone sympathetic enough to explain this cryptic remark.

Yuuri, as the Maou theoretically presiding over the table, started to rise to give a toast to Manfred, but Wolfram yanked him back down, and stood instead. "To Chichiue, thank you for coming. We don't see each other as often as we'd like, but each time – I can't thank you enough!" Everyone drank to the toast, and Wolfram sat.

"Well, it's always a pleasure, son. I regret the occasion, but… Actually, we haven't spent so long together since that time we were talking about the other day, when you came to Bielenfeld to earn your commission."

"Mmm," said Wolfram wryly,"I owe you for that one, as well."

"Mmm," Manfred began, and the hum turned into an evil chuckle. "I seem to recall in the end it was more your mother's coaching than mine that did the trick. Show me again, the bishounen smile."

Wolfram's poise was weak, but he flashed his father a perfect bishounen smile, with fire healer halo, followed by demure downward glance, hair toss, and smoldering glance. Yuuri gulped.

"Ah, yes, there's the smile that won him his commission," Manfred murmured, scowling, but with a gleam in his eye. "I'd been meaning to talk to you about that, Cecilie…"

Conrad broke in, "Wolfram, was this while I was on Earth? I never heard the story of how you got your commission. I assumed you just… asked for one."

"It was… a bit more complicated," said Wolfram, half-hiding his face in his hand. The hand was on Yuuri's side, so Yuuri had to peer around it to verify that Wolfram was smiling, in a crimson sort of way. "Chichiue, we really don't need to go into that…"

"Why, I'm amazed, pretty vixen!" There wasn't the slightest tinge of sincerity or innocence in Manfred's smile. "You didn't tell Cecilie and your brothers the story of how you bravely earned your commission by winning the Bielenfeld Beautiful Boy Pageant?"

This proved the ideal party ice-breaker. Indeed, everyone started speaking at once.

"Wolfie! You won a beauty pageant and didn't invite me?" Cheri wailed.

"I was especially bemused when my adult son demonstrated the three-tone rose kiss-me-lips staining technique you taught him, Cecilie. I believe we've had this discussion before. About raising my son as a BOY?"

"Don't start –" Wolfram feebly attempted, but he was giggling too hard on Yuuri's shoulder for it to carry much moral authority.

"—Ah!" Günter cried beatifically, hands in air as though he beheld a vision. "The varied customs of all the lands! That's such a wonderful way to qualify officers, don't you agree, Giesela? I'd noticed the officers from Bielenfeld were remarkably well endowed. I wonder, do they share the same rituals in neighboring Gratz? I've always found their officers likewise inspiring –"

"— And here I thought they qualified by von Breathing," drawled Yozak, earning a sharp heel to the instep from Conrad, his devoted – well, actually their relationship was open enough to drive a battalion through, and Yozak frequently had, though he was under the illusion that Conrad was relatively chaste – his lover of nearly seventy years, nearly as long as Cecilie and the much-younger Manfred had been fighting.

"— It's no wonder the lad turned out fay –"

"— Isn't this why we've kept them separated? Because they fight?" inquired Yuuri in concern.

"—In Mizrat, they have a nearly opposite custom, disfiguring their officers by slashing their faces and pouring vinegar in the wounds to prove their fortitude—"

"—Half the reason," said Conrad, grinning.

"—They're fine, Yuuri, have some more wine," said Wolfram, enjoying the show at least as much as his father, with a demon smile similarly devoid of innocence.

"—I so wanted a girl," wailed Cheri.

"— Wolfram, what exactly do you and Manfred mean by 'fine'?" asked Yuuri.

"—He earned his commission by winning a beauty pageant," said Gwendal in wonder. "You, Wolfram, only you!" And Gwendal astonished and interrupted the entire table by starting out chuckling, and proceeding to laugh out loud.

Conrad turned a vast grin on Wolfram and signed, I'm impressed, well done! Wolfram, awed and delighted as though he'd received the present he'd always most wanted, returned Conrad a victory sign. Yuuri, concerned about his lover's mental equilibrium, put an arm around Wolfram and snuggled him tighter.

"— But he was such fun to dress up and so pretty, I couldn't resist, Manfred -"

"—If I'd known your family dinners were this entertaining, Conrad," drawled Yozak, "I would have asked you to come clean about us years ago —"

"—Greta's charming, but I wanted Bielenfeld grandchildren with Bielenfeld souls, preferably ones who'd outlive me—"

"—In Zorbane, they practice adult circumcision on their officers. Ah, but that's at the induction ceremony. Their sergeants wield the scalpel –"

"—We could always try again, Cecilie," said Manfred menacingly. Cecilie was out of her seat and advancing on him.

"—Oh, a little sister! Yuuri and I could raise her with Greta!" breathed Wolfram.

"—A sister." Gwendal seemed mesmerized by the thought.

"—If it were a son, this time I'd raise him. No offense, Wolfram, I love you absolutely, but until this blonde bimbo raised you, you were a BOY."

And Cheri slapped Manfred across the face.

"TAKE IT BACK!" Conrad and Gwendal screamed it in unison, instantly on their feet. Wolfram, on the other hand, hugged Yuuri's arm tighter around himself in glee, and smiled up at Yuuri with his very most beautiful evil green-eyed demon smile. Yuuri couldn't help but return the grin.

Manfred rose and placed his nose about one inch from Cheri's, smiling his perfect match to Wolfram's beautiful green-eyed evil demon smile. "That won't be necessary, will it, Cecilie? Free love…"

Cheri blushed and caressed the cheek she'd just slapped. "Alright, I take it back," she said with a smiling half-pout. And she took his hand and drew him out of the dining room, waving a little good-night at her sons.

"Well, that was inspiring," said Yozak, rising from the table to join Conrad, still standing.

"Wasn't it?" said Günter hopefully. "Ah, young love!"

Yozak bent down to touch Günter's cheek in passing. "You really don't live on this planet with us, do you, von Krist-kyo?" And he drew Conrad out of the room.

In passing, Conrad explained to Yuuri, "This is the other half of why we keep them separated."

"Giesela," Gwendal asked, "is Hahaue really young enough to have more children, do you think?"

"Oh, certainly, for a good century yet, and Manfred's still a young man. Though… they're a bit set in their ways. If they had a child, they might very well choose to let Wolfram and Yuuri adopt, rather than being tied down themselves."

"Are you still hungry, Yuuri?" asked Wolfram, cuddled in Yuuri's arms, craning his beautiful blond head back to gaze into his fiancé's face upside-down.

"Ah, are you?"

"Very. For Maou. I've been wanting you to read to me from chapter three of that how-to picture book you brought me back from Earth…" And Wolfram drew him out of the room and toward their bed. And Yuuri had to admit, though he still wasn't quite used to this more… openly emotional Wolfram… it definitely had its advantages.


The End.



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There is a sequel to this story, The Pirate Wedding, if you wish to continue. Summary: Wolfram and Yuuri's second wedding attempt is waylaid by pirates. But – might they still get a child as a wedding gift?

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