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Love Hina Redux By Ten-Faced Paladin Chapter 1: Welcome to Hinata House.

15 years ago

A small boy and a small girl were sitting in a sand box playing games that children their age usually play. They are both five years old and are having the time of their lives. The little girl looks to the small boy as they construct a sand casle that looks more like a sand hill.

"Hey Kei-kun," she smiles. "Did you know that if two people who love each other go to Tokyo University, they'll live happliy ever after?"

The little boy looks up from where he was making a driveway for the sand castle. His eyes were filled with wonder at the thought. Happily ever after means that two people get to be happy for the rest of their lives together. Just like in stories.

"Really?" the little boy asked excitedly.

The little girl nodded as she shuffled over next to the boy. When she was close enough, she gave the boy a gentle kiss on the cheek. The boy's face turned a beet red as she did so. The girl drew back with a small flush of her own.

"When we grow up," the girl whispered in his ear, "Let's go to Tokyo University together!"

Time passed on for the two children. It wasn't very long before the little girl had to move away. As the moving truck begins to drive away, the small boy could be seen running alongside it. The little girl sits in the passenger window with tears in her eyes.

"Bye-bye Kei!" she sobs. "Remember we have to meet at Tokyo U one day! Promise?"

The boy trips and falls, but as he sits up, his eyes could be seen with determination.

"I promise!" he shouts to the moving truck. "Tokyo University!"


Keitaro Urashima was walking down the streets of Hinata Hot Springs. The temperature was a summer high and it was not the best day for walking around the streets. In his defence, he really didn't have a choice.

Keitaro was your average nineteen year old in some ways, and he was not in others. He was a second year ronin. A person who applied for unversity but failed the entrance exam. He had actually failed twice. He may not have been the smartest guy around, but he did all right. He never really let his failures get him down. When he failed he just vowed to try harder for next year. He also wasn't the most popular guy in school, but he was well-liked by most of his peers. At least he wasn't paired with another guy during dance classes. The only real flaws to his character that anyone really teased him about were his hobby concerning print club booths and his akwardness around girls.

It wasn't that he was a complete geek around the female gender, it was more like he didn't know what to say. He had repeatedly worked with girls in school, but he only talked to them when it concerned the work. Nothing about things they liked. In fact, the only girl that he felt he had a true friend in was the girl from fifteen years ago. He guessed that he didn't feel weird around her was because they had something in common. What he saw as sad for himself was that he couldn't find common ground with any other girl he met which led to his entire life being a bachelor.

At this point in time, Keitaro was in a real pickle. His parents had thrown him out of the house after he announced that he had failed his entrance exam a second time. He really did want to go to university, but his parents wanted him to take over the family candy shop. This led to the usual arguments and finally they just kicked him out. He only had family in one other place. Hinata Hot Springs where his grandmother had a hotel. He just hoped that she could let him stay there for the time being.

"Now where is it?" Keitaro asked himself as he searched. "I could have sworn it was around here somewhere. "

Keitaro readjusted his bag which held his travelling belongings in it. As he walked, he came to a large set of stairs. A smile came to his face as he began walking up them and towards the building at the top. He came to a stop as he looked at the rather nice building.

"Finally, I thought I was never going to find it," he smiled. "This is it. Grandma's hotel. Hinata House"

Keitaro walked to the door and opened it andquickly stepped inside to escape at least a little of the summer heat. He didn't even look at the sign outside.

"Hello?" he called as he closed the door. "Grandma? It's Keitaro! Are you there? Is anyone here?"

No one answered and Keitaro shrugged. He might as well look around and see if anyone was there. He travelled down one hall and found himself looking into a rather large hot spring when he opened the door.

"Holy cow!" Keitaro gasped. "I didn't know grandma had something like this!"

It didn't take long for Keitaro to get out of his clothes in the change room and pratically leap into the hot spring. He sat with a relaxing sigh as he leaned back against a large rock.

"Jeez, grandma's place is fancy. Lucky me," he smiled, but then his face took a thoughtful look to it. "I wonder where she is now? We did make that promise to go to Tokyo U together, but with the rate I'm going, she probably got in and graduated by now."

He smiled as he laughed inwardly at that thought. He was putting himself down again. Granny had taught him never to do that or else he'd regret it for the rest of his life.

"I can't start getting depressed now," Keitaro smiled. "A new place to study will really help me and I'm sure that I can get in this year without a doubt!"

Keitaro's pep talk was suddenly cut short as he heard someone coming in. He glaced toward the door and immediately averted his eyes.

A naked girl was sliding into the hot springs next to him. From the quick glance he did get, he saw that this girl was beautiful. She had long reddish-brown hair that reached to her waist. She also had very nice curves, but Keitaro didn't take the opprtunity to admire them.

"Ahhh, the hot springs are soooo nice aren't thhey?" the girl sighed as she slipped into the water.

Keitaro didn't quite answer her. He liked living. He had heard about guys who ended up in this kind of situation. It all seemed to be a dream to them and they stayed to enjoy the show. Soon, it would turn into a nightmare and Keitaro had no doubt that he wouldn't leave alive. At the very least, he wouldn't be considered a man anymore.

'ohshitohshitoshit!' Keitaro screamed in his thoughts. 'I must have gone into the women's bath by mistake!'

As the girl sighed and commented about how nice the hot springs were, Keitaro was edging his way to the door and trying to make an escape before that girl finally noticed that he was actually a guy.

'Her eyesight musn't be that good,' Keitaro mused to himself. 'I guess I really am lucky today.'

Ketaro finally got to the edge of the hotsprings, and after making sure that his towel was securely tied, he made a break for the door. He just opened it and was going to run for it when he suddenly stopped himself. He had almost run into another girl. This one had short blonde hair and squinted eyes. She was about the same height as him. She was also wearing nothing but a towel. Before Keitaro could examine her features closer, he turned his head to the side and shut his eyes.

"Well." she spoke in surprise, her right eye opening slightly. "Haven't seen you before"

"Oh, shit," he sighed. "I'm dead."

"Well, since you're a guy and in here, I'd say thats a pretty safe bet." The girl smiled. She then turned his face to her and seeing his eyes were shut. "I'm over here. Am I that ugly or something?"

"N,no!" Keitaro sputtered, shaking his head while his face was turning red. "It's just, well, I don't really oogle a lady when she's comprimised,"

Unknown to him, the girl's smile turned from mischevious to kind, 'Don't see that from a guy everyday.'

"Hey Kitsune!" the long-haired girl shouted impatiently. "Where are you?"

Thinking fast the fox-eyed girl, apparently named Kitsune, pushed Keitaro into the change room before turning back to her friend, "I forgot somethin'. Just be a minute."

Kitsune then waltzed back into the change room and saw Keitaro just pull his pants on. She smirked as she tapped his shoulder. He quickly turned around, but seeing that she was still in a towel, he turned back around again with a red face. Kitsune just giggled at his behaviour.

"Okay," Kitsune began. "I just saved your pervy behind from Naru. So just who are you and what are you doing here?"

"I'm..uh.. Keitaro Urashima," Keitaro replied nervously. "Could uh...we continue this when you actually have some clothes on?"

Kitsune giggled mischeviously, 'This guy can't be a pervert if he's this nervous about seeing a woman in a towel.'

Kitsune walked over to her clothes and just put on a pair of jean shorts and her sleeveless top. She then walked back to Keitaro and turned him around again. This time, his red face faded and he sighed in relief.

"Better?" she smirked. Keitaro nodded. "Good. Now Keitaro, what are you doing here?"

" I came here to see if my grandmother could let me stay. She owns this place. I saw the hot spring and just dived in. It must have been the women's bath because you and that other girl came in." Keitaro explained. "I'm really sorry. I'm no pervert. I just probably didn't see the sign."

Kitsune listened to Keitaro's story intently. She was pretty good at picking out lies since she was so good and manipulating men with her charms. She replayed the story in her head and it all rang true to her.

"Your grandmother owns this place?" she asked. Keitaro nodded again. "You're Granny Hina's grandson?"

"Yeah," Keitaro nodded. "This is her hotel isn't it?"

"Hotel?" asked Kitsune with an amused snort. "This isn't a hotel sugah. This is a girls dorm."

"What!" Keitaro cried. "When did this happen!"

Kitsune shrugged, "I'll let Haruka go into the messy details with you on that. The point is that you're really lucky that you met me first or else you'd probably Naru-punched all the way back home."

Keitaro slumped onto the counter. He gave a deep sigh before looking back up at Kitsune. His eyes suddenly seemedto be filled with dissapointment, but there was still a kind of humor and patience mixed with it. Kitusne couldn't help but feel good when she peered into his eyes.

"I guess I can't stay then," Keitaro sighed. "I guess I should get going before any of the other residents catch me. Thanks Kitsune. I guess I owe you one for saving me."

Kitsune's eyes opened slightly as she registered those words. She suddenly got all sorts of ideas that she could do to get this guy to pay her back. One thought that seemed strange to her was to get him to go on an all day date with her.

'What the hell was that?' Kitsune mentally asked herself. 'I usually think about money or something first. I mean, he's a sweet guy, and he's cute, but what are the odds I'll even see him again?'

Keitaro hefted his travel bag over his shoulder and began heading for the door. Before she could stop herself, Kitsune had reached out and grabbed his hand. Keitaro turned back and faced her. Kitsune suddenly felt that she should at least try to help him out, even if she didn't know why.

"You know, Haruka's the landlady here right now," she explained. "Maybe she can get you in since you're family and all."

Keitaro's face brightened, "You really think so?"

"I think she could work something out," Kitsune smiled, her right eye opening slightly. "Why don't you just wait out in the living room and I'll go get her."

"Aw thanks Kitsune!" Keitaro smiled. He then captured the girl in a quick hug and bolted out the door.

Kitsune was rooted to the spot, her mind going in a whirl. Most guys she met were either afraid of her or just wanted her body. They didn''t really last long with her. This guy Keitaro on the other hand, he was just really nice to her and didn't once try to grope her even though he had the perfect chance. He didn't even look at her when she was in a towel.

'Well, he is pretty cute,' she thought. 'Who knows? If he gets to stay I can see if he's genuine or just a great actor'

With those thoughts, she went straight out the door after Keitaro, intent on seeing Haruka with Keitaro's request.

Keitaro walked down the hall in high spirits. He hadn't felt awkward at all around that Kitsune girl. Maybe granny was right about that little myth she had about magic in these walls. Kitsune was a really nice girl and she was definitely beautiful too. Maybe if he was lucky he'd get to see her again.

As he moved down the hall, musing about his good luck, he saw a smaller girl with shoulder length purple hair and a soup ladle standing in the middle of the hall.

"Su?" she called. "Where are you? You'd said you'd do the laundry."

As she called, Keitaro walked closer until she finally noticed him and gasped slightly in surprise, "Oh! I didn't know we had a guest."

"Hey there," Keitaro smiled as he bowed. "I am Keitaro Urashima."

"Urashima?" the girl asked while tilting her head to the side. "Are you related to Granny Hina or Miss Haruka?"

"Actually, yes I am," Keitaro replied as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Granny Hina is my grandmother while Haruka is my aunt. Who are you?"

"My name is Shinobu Maehara," The girl bowed. "Could I get you anything?"

"I'm okay, thanks," Keitaro replied.

Before the two could talk anymore, a rumbling sound echoed through the halls. Keitaro looked around in panic while Shinobu seemed somewhat puzzled,

"What did she build now?" Shinobu asked curiously.

"What?" Keitaro asked, thoroughly confused.

Suddenly, a giant box-like robot that could fill the hall started rumbling towards them. It had a clear circle on it's chest that Keitaro could swear he saw clothes swirling around in suds. It's arms were tubular and ended in three-fingered claws. A symbol composing of three eyes were above the circle. Where the robot's head was supposed to be, a small girl with tanned skin and blonde hair wearing a junior high school uniform was sitting there with a huge smile on her face.

"Heyas!" she cheered. "Shinobu! Meet Washer-chan! She can get those clothes done in no time! I even had her equpped with heat seeking missiles to stop pany-pinchers! See?"

A missle rack then rose from the robot's back and took aim at Keitaro. The man panicked when he saw the laser targeter land on him.

"Wait! I'm not a panty-pincher!" Keitaro cried.

"That's okies," the small girl smiled. "I'll just test them on you anyway!"

The girl then pressed a large red button that had appeared out of npwhere on the robot and the missiles launched out of their racks at the poor man. They didn't fail to disappoint as they blew the poor guy straight to the end of the hall and through it as well. When he came to a stop he found himself right where he started. In the hot spring. As he stood up, he noticed that there was someone else in there. He looked up for a moment and saw that the long-haired girl was still in there. The only difference this time was that she was wearing a round pair of glasses, and she looked mad.

Keitaro looked quickly to the ground as he quickly bagen to back up and try to get out the way he came via the giant hole in the wall, "Uh...this isn't what it looks like."

"You...you," the girl sputtered. "PERVERT!"

The girl hurled a huge punch at Keitaro. One that was aimed to remove him from the premesis. That or at the very least remove his head from his shoulders.

Now, it would be an appropriate time to talk a little about Keitaro's history. Despite how it looks these days, the Urashima family actually has a powerful martial arts style that many have heard of. Keitaro, being a Urashima, naturally had to study this style when he was younger. This attributed to how he can take a volley of missiles and still be alive, much less without serious injury. He hadn't practised since he started studying for Tokyo U, but he still had the satisfactory reflexes when he saw an attack coming straight at him.

As the girls punch zoomed closer, Keitaro opened the palm of his hand and caught the punch. Had he been any less confident about himself, he might not have even tried to catch it.

"Woah!" Keitaro shouted, his eyes still averted off the girl's body. "Just calm down will you? I'm not peeking. In case you didn't see, I was just blasted through the wall!"

The girl growled for a moment before she looked up to the doorway leading out. Keitaro looked to the door, glad for a distraction from the naked girl in front of him.

In front of the door, was a tall young woman in a gi and hakama. She had long black hair and a stern glare that was aimed at Keitaro. She also had a sword in her hands. The light was reflecting off of the steel of the blade.

"I heard someone shout pervert Narusegawa," the tall young woman spoke. "I see that my ears were not decieving me."

"Huh!" Keitaro gaped, letting the girl's hand go. "Wait! I'm not a pervert. This isn't what it looks like! Honest! I'm innocent!"

"Enough!" the kendo girl shouted. "You will taste my blade pervert!"

The samurai girl then leaped at Keitaro with her sword raised above her head. Keitaro's eyes narrowed as he prepared for what the girl had in store for her.

"Boulder cutting blade!" the girl cried as she slashed at him.

A wave of ki flew from her sword in a vertical slash and surged towards Keitaro. He gasped before leaping back to avoid the attack. It smashed into the ground and splashed water everywhere. Keitaro decided to use the cover of the spraying water and he made a break for it.

'A ki attack?' Keitaro thought to himself. 'I haven't seen one of those for a while.'

Keitaro ran away from the samurai girl for several reasons. The first was that he knew he wasn't as well practised as he used to be and therefore, could not win against this girl who was in the peak of her skills. The second was that even if he did fight back, he would no doubt lose and destroy a portion of Hinata House in the proccess. The last reason was that Keitaro never struck a woman. Under any circumstances was that ever forgivable.

Keitaro skidded to a halt as he ended up back in the living room. He had hoped that Haruka and Kitsune had returned, but no such luck. He heard someone coming and he turned to see the samurai girl and the long-haired girl run into view.

'At least she took the time of putting her clothes on before coming to kill me,' Keitaro sighed inwardly.

"Now, we shall punish you," the samurai girl spoke.

Before the samurai girl could actually make good on her threat, the door opened and someone's voice cut through to everyone.

"Hey, what the hell are you guys doing?" someone spoke.

Everyone looked to the front door and saw Kitsune walking in with an older woman next to her.
She was wearing a black shirt with a red skirt. she was also wearing a 'Cafe Hinata' apron. Her hair was almost at her shoulders and she had a cigarette hanging from her mouth. She also looked a little unsurprised at the sight before her.

"Great timing Haruka!" the long-haired girl spoke. "We caught a pervert!"

"Hey!" Keitaro frowned. "Just when did I do anything perverted?"

The girl then did a roundabout on Keitaro and seemed to be ready to knock him into next week. Kitsune reacted quickly and caught her by her shoulders. she was also saying things like 'calm down Naru,' or 'cool your jets.'

"You peeked on me in the bath you pervert!" the long-haired girl screeched.

"Excuse me?" Keitaro gaped. "Did you not see the hole in the wall that I got blasted though by the giant robot?"

"A likely story," the girl frowned. "if that was true then why aren't you hurt?"

" It's true! Ask Shinobu," Keitaro sighed. "She saw the whole thing. Better yet, ask the other girl her age. She's the one who fired those missiles at me."

"That's enough," Haruka spoke sternly. Keitaro and the long-haired girl shut their mouths.

Haruka walked to the scene with a drag of her cigarette and glanced at Keitaro. She smiled slightly as she blew the smoke out of her mouth.

"Nice to see you again Keitaro," she smiled. "Still making friends I see."

Keitaro rubbed the back of his head while nervously laughing, "Yeah, sorry about all the commotion."

Haruka waved off the apology with another small smile. After, she turned to see Naru slightly agape at how nice she was being to the 'pervert.'

"I'd like you all to meet my nephew Keitaro," Haruka introduced. "Were are Shinobu and Su? They should probably meet him too."

After a short time later, everyone actually managed to calm down as they began to talk like civilized people again. Su and Shinobu actually confirmed that Keitaro actually was blasted through the wall and into the hot springs. Su had wanted to expeiment on Keitaro and see how he survived the barrage, but Haruka quickly put a stop to that.

"It seems that you were telling the truth," the samurai girl Motoko spoke as she bowed deeply before Keitaro. "I offer my humblest apologies."

"It's no problem," Keitaro smiled with a sweatdrop. "You were just helping your friend. I can't blame you for that."

Motoko nodded and returned to her seat. She couldn't help but be slightly surprised at how forgiving Haruka's nephew was. Most people would have been deeply offended by her actions. Kitsune then spoke up from where she was leaning on th couch next to Naru.

"So Keitaro," she smirked. "Still want to crash here?"

Naru was suddenly on her feet with that look of rage on her face again, "Absolutely not! This is a girls dorm! We can't let a guy hang around here! Who knows what you'd try to do to us!"

"Would you just calm down?" Keitaro sighed, now getting used to the girl's outbursts. "I didn't really expect anyone to say yes anyway. I guess I can just go back home and beg to live there again,"

"Are you having problems at home?" Shinobu asked sweetly, trying not to sound intruding.

"I guess you can say that," Keitaro sighed. "After I failed the entrance exam to Tokyo U,my parentsthrew me out."

There was usddenly a snapping sound as Haruka started trembling in rage. Everyone turned to face her. She looked only a little upset, but the stress vien popping out on her forehead suggested otherwise.

"They threw you out?" she asked. "Gods, that brother of mine is such an idiot sometimes."

Keitaro shrugged, "Well, I guess I should get going," he stood up and turned to Naru bfore bowing deeply. "Naru, I'm really sorry about what happened. I really hope that if I can see you again then we can at least be friends."

Naru blinked at Keitaro in complete surprise. This was not something she was expecting.

'He's apologizing?' he thought. 'It was all an accident and he's apologizing for it?'

Keitaro then turned around and headed for the door. He didn't get far before Haruka stepped in his path and cut him off.

"Now hold on there Keitaro," she spoke. "This place may be old, but it's quite nice. and the girls aren't unreasonable," she then gazed at the girls. "Let's put it to a vote.Keitaro needs a place to stay for at least a while and Granny isn't here to help him out so it's up to you."

Kitsune was the first to speak while her foxy grin came to her face, "Well, I think he's an alright guy. He had a perfectly good chance to be pervy but he didn't. I don't think he'll cause problems."

Naru shot a look at her best friend, "Kitsune!"

Shinobu didn't even have to think about it when she gave her answer, "I don't think Urashima-san would do anything bad to us. He's really nice and it wouldn't be fair to him to just throw him out now."

Su bounced up to Keitaro and landed on his back piggyback style, "I wants Keitaro to stay. Then we can play all the time! He's really funny!"

Motoko Looked from her seat at Keitaro with a watchful eye, "I do not feel I have apologized properly so I will allow him to stay as long as he behaves himself, otherwise..," she let the statement hang as she drew her sword slightly.

"But this is a girls dorm!" Naru cried. "We can't change that on a whim!"

Kitsune walked up to Naru and put her arm around her shoulder, "Weren't you gunning for Tokyo U too? Maybe if you and Keitaro work together then maybe you can both get in. He already knows what the exams are like anyway."

Naru sighed before glancing at Keitaro with a somewhat warning gaze," Okay, we'll welcome him in. For now."

The other girls turned to the smiling Keitaro and all spoke at once, "Welcome to Hinata House!"

To Be Continued.

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