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A/N: When I say 'they spend endless hours pouring themselves into each other', I don't mean sex. And just to clarify, the dictionary on my computer lists the definition of 'rooftop' as the 'outer surface of a roof'. The action in 2.22 probably didn't take place at the edge of the roof. I just like using the word.

Rooftop Mirror


Veronica doesn't break down. She doesn't lose control easily; it's a defining trait she developed back when betrayals were pretty fresh in her mind. She manages to hold her head high while saving her tears for privacy (she's so alone).

So Logan hasn't seen her like this. Utterly broken, she's circling the vortex he's all too familiar with- desperation clogging her senses and she does not know what she is doing.

It's all too fucking much (to take)

The aftermath isn't much more relieving, even after her reason dies with its murderer, even after Daddy's back home safe and sound. Instead, the hatred and fire in her eyes fades to be replaced with nothing.

Logan didn't love the old Veronica, with her perfect golden tresses and her perky attitude and her good girl image. So the new Veronica appealed.

But the Veronica up on the rooftop scared him to death.

And she may be back to her old (new) self, but he still stares into her eyes and gets the sensation that he's looking at a mirror.

Never forget a pretty face.

... Especially if it's your own.

He tries not to let it show that he's deathly afraid of her, and he's somewhat relieved she's going away. It gives him time to think.

Then suddenly she's back in his arms, the very picture of not understanding (so confused) and the very picture of himself.

He wonders if she knows he's now afraid of her all the time.

Always has been good at pretending...

She knows something's wrong, at least, and they spend endless hours pouring themselves into each other, and there are somehow no words involved.

And Logan takes a moment to realize that old (new) (rooftop) (mirror) Veronica is just one tiny, blonde, beautiful girl.

This is the girl he thinks he loves.