(A/N: Okay, so I actually have a plot, I think I might know what's going on, and everything is going somewhere. Wow. This is, like, a once in a lifetime event for me. O.o. okay, so, ya, I looked up a buncha badguys and picked out about four that would work. Why? I dunno. I guess I wanted to sound like I knew wut I was talking about. I hope y'all like this thing. Kinda fun. Has a plot. But I'm sure it won't last long. Oh well. Enjoy and please RnR)

Robin cursed under his breath when he realized, not only were Poison Ivy's seeds gone, but so were Catwoman's whip and Harley Quinn's card deck. Somebody had stolen them in between the time when he had put them there and he had woken up. Maybe they were still in that room, with him. But he knew, if they were, he would have known; he would have been able to sense them. He scanned the room anyway. No movement. No sign of anything.

Could the thieves be Gotham's most famous (or, rather, infamous) female villains themselves? But he pushed that thought out of his mind immediately. Sure, their stuff had been pretty high profile lately, but they were stupid. They knew better than to sneak into Titan's Tower and try and steal from Robin. Then he tried to think harder. What thief would be stupid enough to steal from them in their own home? Jonny Rancid… he was out of town, he came to tell Robin personally, just to brag. Control Freak… but his stuff was still in there, he would have taken it with him. Robin checked behind him for it again, just for the sake of checking. It was there. Billy Numerous… but he was still in jail. Mumbo, or the Amazing Mumbo-Jumbo… but Robin assumed he had had enough of being beat at his own game. But he was the best option Robin could think of at the moment, so he couldn't be counted out so soon.

Then, as Robin looked around the room, another name came to mind. This would be his second time breaking into the Titan's Tower and getting away with what he wanted. Red X. His belt was gone. Which meant he had to have it. Which meant hell for the Teen Titans. He was a pain in the ass Robin didn't want to deal with again. But it looked like he would have to. Should he wake the others? No. There was no reason to wake them now. First, he would search on the computers. At the first sign he saw of Red X or any criminal activities, they would be off. But until then, the others should be allowed to sleep. They didn't need to be punished and put at a disadvantage because of this.

As Robin went back into the main room and began working on the huge computer, he thought to himself with a chuckle, And to think, I could have avoided all of this if I had just stayed in bed.

A giant rose bud came out of the ground and opened up to reveal Rosalyn, standing up straight and proudly. The perfect entrance that nobody could see. Figures. She stepped down the petals that formed a kind of stairs and turned to look at the other two she had smuggled with her. Tabitha and Trixie were both looking a little worse for wear. Trixie was kneeled over, shaking slightly and gripping her throat like she had just swallowed something very bad. Tabitha had been leaning against one of the sides of the huge cocoon for support, but was now sprawled on the ground because he leaning post had fallen down to let the three escape.

"How can you breathe in that thing?" Trixie demanded, her cheery attitude faded away because of the near suffocation.

Rosalyn shrugged and replied, "I don't."

"What do you mean you don't?" Tabitha asked angrily as she rose to her feet less than gracefully.

"I told you. I'm not human," Rosalyn replied shortly, not in the mood to get into her life's story, "So I don't breathe."

"Well, you coulda warned us of that!" Trixie said as she stood, "I almost died!"

"And so did Tabitha, but you don't see her complaining," Rosalyn said calmly.

"That's because I haven't caught my breath enough yet to do it," Tabitha retorted, taking a step toward Rosalyn, "And now you're gonna regret ever sticking me in that thing and taking me away from Diablo!" Rosalyn took a wary step back as Tabitha snapped out the cat-o-nine-tails whip and held it ready to attack Rosalyn. "Tell us where we are, now, or you'll regret it."

"Why do you think I will?" Rosalyn said threateningly.

"I think you will because I say you will," Tabitha replied, eyes narrowing, the past, shaky cat she used to be gone, replaced by the angry one she was now. "And if the next sentence you say isn't telling me where we are, it'll be the last thing you'll say." Trixie seemed taken back by the abrupt threat, but Rosalyn just stared at her for a moment, contemplating what to say.

"We're in an abandoned warehouse," Rosalyn finally answered, "Just a couple of miles from the tower."

"Good answer," Tabitha replied, eyes still narrowed, "Diablo, come to me."

The other two didn't know what to think of the last thing Tabitha had said, until a giant black panther came bursting into the room. He wore an expensive looking diamond studded collar with a silver tag at the end. The cat walked over to Tabitha and she petted him a little before jumping onto his back. "Well, thanks for the escape. But I'm outta here." She said with a smile.

Rosalyn was the first to recover, and jumped in the way of the cat. "Hey! Where do you think you're going!"

Tabitha looked at Rosalyn skeptically before replying, "Outta here. Remember?"

"But what about that thing you took," she pointed out, "If the Teen Titans were hanging onto it, it probably has something of value."

"So?" Tabitha replied with a shrug, "I'll sell it, then."

Rosalyn just shook her head, "You can't walk away with it, just like that. I'm the one who got us out of that place. You owe me."

Seeing her chance, Trixie nodded as she said, "Yeah, we should get some part of the reward, too."

"You didn't even do anything!" Tabitha replied with a snort.

Trixie hesitated before saying, "But… if you're going to give her some, I should get some, too."

Rosalyn nodded smugly, "She's right, you know."

"How the hell does that make her right!" Tabitha demanded, "She has no argument!"

"Well, we obviously aren't getting anywhere fighting," Rosalyn said with a shrug, "And I'm not letting you out of my sight as long as you have that thing."

"Me neither," Trixie added.

Tabitha fought with herself for a moment, thinking over everything. But she gave in with a sigh and said, "Fine. Whatever. I'm going back to Gotham. You guys wanna follow me? Go ahead."

Rosalyn nodded with a slightly more cheerful, "Okay then."

"Well, that's lucky," Trixie said happily, "I was gonna go to Gotham, anyway."

"Then lets get the hell outta here," Tabitha said decisively, tapping Diablo as a sign of him to go.

Diablo took off at an easy trot until they were a distance away from Titans tower, when he broke into a run. Rosalyn touched the ground and murmured something that sounded like "grow". She rose and took a step forward, onto a long, huge, vine that rose into the air and shot after Diablo with Rosalyn riding it. Trixie looked after the two for a moment, wondering how she was ever going to catch up to them. Then she remembered the deck of cards she had stolen and took them out. She picked up the top card. It was a Joker. But every card was a Joker, so she didn't pay much attention to it. She blew on the card and threw it ahead of her. The card grew and floated a few feet off the ground. It worked. She gave a little jump of celebration before climbing onto the card and leaning forward. It jetted forward, out of the warehouse, and after the two other girls, to Gotham City.