The gray of the city somehow looked grayer than gray. It was as if a permanent layer of dust and grime covered every inch of the dirty sidewalks and crumbling buildings. Sometimes an unknown weed managed to push its way out of the cracked sidewalks, and the brilliant yellow and pink flowers it erupted into was a shock to the eyes; almost an offensive splash of color against the dull gray. The day was rancid and dank and moist, and the musty air carried a faint scent of something rotting.

A scrawny blond was quickly making his way down the lane, his head lowered and his chin sunk upon his breast so that his face cannot be seen. He didn't bother side-stepping the broken beer bottles and pools of oily black substances gathered amongst the gravelly path, and his feet made little crunching or splashing noises at times. His brilliant golden hair didn't belong to his surroundings. His clothing was obviously second-hand but clean, and his skin looked sun-kissed, not covered with ageless dust and decay like everything lese around him. Passerby gave him suspicious glances, but they avoided looking at him.

Only few blocks away the concrete and gravels suddenly gave away to wide lawns of green grass. The smell of decay and rot miraculously banished, as if it was ashamed to invade such a place. The sun somehow seemed more brilliant here, despite the fact that it was the same sun. Birds chirped along the branches of thin, slender saplings, and a squirrel studied the approaching boy before it sharply scolded him and ran away. The boy shifted the bag he hafted on his shoulders. He abruptly stopped when a sharp burst of voices broke the peaceful silence of the neighborhood.

"I told you, move your fucking car out of my way."

The boy stiffened. He seemed to recognize the angry yet controlled male voice. It was deep, but pleasantly so, and it had boyish sweetness to its edge. The boy quietly shuffled towards the source of the voices. A boy—but really, he carried the atmosphere of a young man rather than a boy—was leaning against a black car. His black hair and eyes made his light, creamy skin almost ghostly pale. He was sharply dressed in a fashionable black suit, and only by careful scrutiny would one be able to realize that he was wearing the same suit as his blond eavesdropper. Next to him a pink-haired creature of female persuasion was standing, her hips tilted in a way that was no doubt supposed to be demurring. Unfortunately this only served to emphasize her overly fat thighs, which glimmered in the sun like pieces of rotten sausages. Her face could have been pleasant if she didn't use so much make-up that made her vaguely resemble a clown, and if the ugly expression on her face could be wiped off. A pink blob the color of Pepto-Bismol that had been puked up was blocking her companion's car, and if one squinted at it carefully it looked like a car.

"But Sasuke, you wouldn't, like, talk to me. You kept, like, avoiding me," she whined in an ear-splitting tone. It sounded as melodious as nails scratching on the chalkboard with gusto, and was just as pleasant to the ears. Sasuke grimaced. "Are you going to ask me to Friday's dance or, like, what? Because I can't, like, decide until I give you a chance to ask me? Because I'm a fair gal like that?" She giggled.

"I told you, I'm not going. Feel free to decide on anyone you want to take with you with exception of me. Now if you don't fucking move out of my way, I'll make you move, you fat bitch." With this most gentlemanly statement Sasuke took a step closer to the girl, and she backed off. She rolled her eyes and opened her car door.

"Like, what got up your ass, you son of a bitch?" She showed him how well manicured her third finger was, then got on the car and screeched away. Sasuke looked after her with obvious distaste, then he opened his car door.

"Hurry and get in the car, Naruto."

The blond boy startled visibly, then he stiffened. His fists slightly shook.

"I don't want to."

"Hurry and get in before I beat the crap out of you, because I'm not in a good mood," Sasuke growled. "You know I have a morning monitor duty. Damn shit, my body doesn't fucking function this early in the morning."

"What do I care if you have monitor duty? Do your own fucking monitor duty, asshole," Naruto snapped. Sasuke didn't waste his time with words. He promptly stepped up to Naruto, grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, and flung him inside the car. Naruto glared at him from the passenger's seat while Sasuke got in and started the engines.

"Put on the seatbelts."

Naruto did.

"And keep your trap shut until we get to school."

Naruto did that too. The two didn't speak all the way to their school.

Uzumaki Naruto was sixteen going on seventeen come this fall. He had been failing all of his courses with natural ease and he had been branded as a social outcast since he was in elementary school. He was a class clown, the buffoon, the idiot. But when he got into junior high school, he met a man who changed his life—his English teacher, Umino Iruka. Iruka made Naruto feel as if he was worth something, that he could make something out of his life. It wasn't long before Naruto's grades picked up dramatically, and Iruka's boyfriend, Hatake Kakashi, recommended Naruto to take the entrance exam to one of the most prestigious high schools in the country where he taught mathematics. Naruto and Iruka worked all summer and Naruto managed to win a scholarship to the renowned Konoha High. That was all good and nice, but all the kids in Naruto's new schools were rich. It wasn't long before Naruto was picked on and bullied by the smartest, handsomest boy of their age group, Uchiha Sasuke.

Sasuke was a strange character. He was seemingly polite in front of the adults, but he showed off his bad personality to the utmost in front of his peers. The girls thought this made him very hot, but the guys thought he was a snotty bastard. He excelled in everything he tried; he was the president of the debate club, a prominent member of math team, he was president of the student council, he played violin in the orchestra, his gym records were amazing and made all sport teams covet him, and his grades were flawless. Yet he always stayed aloof and alone.

The only good thing about Sasuke's interest in Naruto was that he allowed no one to bully Naruto except himself. Once a boy thought it would be a good idea to trip up Naruto on his way from his desk to the blackboard, and Naruto had sprawled on the floor, his face bright red with shame as his classmates exploded with laughter. However, the next day no one laughed as the boy showed up with both of his arms broken. He did not say anything, but the way he strartled whenever Sasuke would even look in his direction was more than enough confirmation to other students' suspicions. From then on everyone left Naruto alone.

Naruto found himself seething with anger as Sasuke settled at his desk with a book. He picked up a mop and started to roughly mop up the floor, biting into his lower lip. Konoha High had a whole crew of janitors. No student in the school were forced to do monitor duties, and both Sasuke and Naruto were aware of this fact. Naruto could only assume that Sasuke insisted on Naruto doing his "monitor duties" only to torture him. Naruto had to wake up two hours earlier every single day. When one day Sasuke noted the amount of dirt on Naruto's shoes, Naruto had snapped that he couldn't help the fact that it took him an hour to walk to the school every single morning. After that Sasuke came to pick Naruto up near his home everyday, and Naruto saved an hour that way. But he still had to wake up an extra hour early, and the mornings were usually wasted with Naruto mopping the already sparkling floor or wiping the already clean windows. Sometimes Naruto was so tired that he settled on his own desk and slept, and strangely enough Sasuke didn't bother him. But if Naruto was only pretending to sleep, Sasuke would nag at him until Naruto would angrily mop and dust the spotless classroom.
Naruto looked up from viciously attacking the floor. Sasuke had set out a packet of bread and milk on his desk, and he gestured to this. Naruto wordlessly plunked down on his seat and ripped the packet open, and started on his favorite peanut-butter cream bread. For some reason Sasuke insisted on providing both Naruto's breakfast and lunch, and since Naruto couldn't afford to have proper meals many times, he accepted the food without complaint. In the beginning Naruto thought Sasuke had stuffed the food with worms or something as equally as unpleasant, but the meals did not contain anything but edible, sanitary ingredients. After that Naruto thought Sasuke spat on the food or something. He didn't really care. What was a little spit if he could save so much money on food cost every school days?
"You're not going to Friday's dance? Or do you just hate Sakura?" Naruto asked between bites of bread. Talking with Sasuke never came to any good yet, but hey, a guy could always try.
"Both," Sasuke dryly answered. Naruto opened the milk carton.
"Why? She's the most popular girl in school, isn't she? And she's pretty cute."
"You think she's cute?" Sasuke asked, looking like he had a stomach pain. Naruto nodded. Sasuke rolled his eyes and opened his book again. "It's not even worth talking to you. Are your eyes for decoration or do you really think that that... thing... is cute?"
"Then who do you think is cute?" Naruto shot back, a little angered now. What was wrong with his taste in girls? He didn't see Sasuke picking up any better girls.
"Blond with big boobs."
"You're disgusting."
"Physical appearance doesn't matter." Sasuke's eyes turned serious, and Naruto in turn felt himself turning serious to match his mood. Sasuke fingered the edge of the page, then flipped it over. "I think... I think as long as I can love her soul, appearance shouldn't matter."
The chime that students had five more minutes to reach their classes rang, and students started to pile into the classroom. Sasuke turned his head away and absorbed himself in his book, and Naruto felt strangely alleviated as he walked to the garbage can to dispose of the empty bread wrapping and milk carton.

After school Sasuke made Naruto wait for him while he attended the tea club. It was beyond Naruto's brain why anyone would willingly go and sip tea like bunches of old farts. The sweets they offered was good, but the portions they allowed you was tiny. When Naruto protested that he had homework to do and he had a life and Sasuke could go to hell besides, Sasuke told him that if Naruto went home by himself he'd lock Naruto up at the boy's bathroom. This was not an empty threat. As the president of the student council he had key to every room in their school, and he was stronger than Naruto, too. It would be a simple matter for him to push Naruto into the bathroom and lock the doors. As Naruto furiously did his homework in the empty classroom and called Sasuke all the foul names under the face of the sun, he thought he heard someone knocking at the door. He stood up and opened the door, but didn't see anyone out on the hallway. It was eerie. His footsteps echoed before disappearing on the wide empty halls. Shivering, Naruto came back to his seat and heard the tapping noises again.
Naruto turned his head just in time to see a tiny rock sailing towards the air and hitting the window of the room. Naruto drew the curtains apart and his face suddenly filled with a smile as he perceived a mob of red hair.
"Gaara!" Naruto happily said, pushing the window open. Naruto was on the third floor. Gaara was standing on the school courtyard, waving to Naruto. His motorcycle rested by his side, and he held a helmet clutched to his side. His lips formed a small, shy smile, but the brilliant light in his green eye told Naruto that Gaara was very happy to see him, too.
Back when Naruto was a troublemaker, he was part of gang of boys who caused troubles wherever they went. Naruto, with his natural charms to make anyone grow fond of him and his inborn fighting skills that made him never give up, no matter how badly he was beaten, quickly became the leader. Gaara was the leader of another fraction in the neighborhood. After beating the brains out of each other, the boys quickly became friends. Gaara was always a loner, but even he could not resist Naruto's warmth, and he quickly but quietly started to develop feelings for Naruto beyond that of a friend. Of course Naruto did not know this. Naruto simply thought Gaara came to see him every weekend, all the way from Osaka to Tokyo, only because they were such good friends.
"Hold on, I'll be right down!" Naruto yelled. He scribbled a note for Sasuke-- "Down at the courtyard meeting friend, will be right back"--and ran down the stairs into waiting arms of his friend. Gaara held Naruto tightly against his chest, and Naruto only laughed as he ruffled Gaara's hair playfully. He thought Gaara was very touchy feely kind of guy. It never crossed Naruto's mind that Gaara may have other intentions for hugging and holding Naruto's hands so often.
"What are you still doing at school? I've been waiting for ages."
"Oh, I had to wait up for... for a friend."
Gaara didn't miss Naruto's expression, the slight frown mark that appeared between his brows.
"If he's causing you trouble, I'll break every bone in the bastard's body."
"Hey, I can take care of myself, tiger. Chill."
Naruto boisterously laughed. He checked his watch, then said, "You know what? He should be out soon. Why don't I go talk to him, and then we can go grab something to eat? I'm starving to death!"
"You're always starving to death."
Gaara dodged Naruto's poorly aimed punch and slapped his back. "Then I'll go wait by the front gate."
Suddenly Gaara pulled Naruto his arms again and Naruto made disgusted noises as he pretended to push him away.
"Seriously, man, you need to get a girl."
"Oh, you're the one to..."
Gaara was cut off as Naruto was suddenly pulled out of his arms. Naruto yelped as Sasuke pulled hard enough to wrench his arm off of its socket. Gaara's eyes narrowed and started to become dangerous as Naruto whimpered with pain, but the look dissipated as Naruto roughly pushed Sasuke away.
"What the hell is your problem!"
"I told you to wait for me."
"I did! I am! I'm right here, aren't I! Are you a kid or something! You need me to chaperon you home everyday!" Naruto massaged his arm and grimaced. "Well, you'll have to go home by yourself today. My friend came all the way from Osaka, and I promised to hang out with him. You can make it home all by yourself, right, Sasuke-kins?"
Sasuke gave a contemptuous look to Gaara.
"You will go home with me right now."
"And you'll stay at my home until this... person goes back to where he belongs. If I see you on this premises again--" This was directed at Gaara-- "I'll call the securities. This is a private property. It is not open to public, especially bums."
Gaara didn't talk much if it wasn't Naruto. He started to move towards Sasuke, his fists clenched, but Naruto got between the two and hurriedly moved Sasuke away.
"Gaara, wait for me in front of the school gates? If you'd excuse me, I'll have a little talk with Sasuke here."
"Don't count on it. He won't come." Sasuke dryly added. Naruto gave him a dirty look and pushed him towards the school. Gaara opened his lips in protest, but he lowered his eyes and slowly started to walk away.
Naruto furiously pushed Sasuke to prompt him to walk faster. No one was around at school by now. Their footsteps sounded overly loud. But just in case anyone was around, Naruto pushed Sasuke into the boys' bathroom and there he started to yell at top of his lungs.
"What the fuck is your problem!" was his opening statement. This was followed by "Can't I even hang out with your friends? Just because you have no friends doesn't mean I have no friends! I want to hang out with my friends once in a while, you know, without you hogging all of my time!"

"You can't."


"You can't, Uzumaki Naruto." Sasuke's eyes were narrowed until they became small and round like marbles. "You can't hang out with your friends. You can't hang out with him. You're mine."

Before Naruto could come up with a very intelligent and witty retort for this comment—given time Naruto swore that he could have came up with something really appropriate and smart—Sasuke crushed his mouth against his. The force made their teeth knock together and Naruto was violently pushed back against a stall. The door swung open and they tumbled in, their lips locked together. Naruto lost his footing and fell on the floor, and even vaguely speculating what could be on the bathroom floor made him grimace in disgust even as he fell. The school may be clean, but bathroom was bathroom. Sasuke fell on top of him, his lips still greedily sucking at Naruto's lips. A well-aimed punch made a satisfying thudding sound against Sasuke's cheek as his head swung back, and Naruto heavily breathed as he backed away.

"What's wrong with you, you nutcase! Get the hell away from me!"

The edge of Sasuke's lips was cracked and bleeding. The blood looked bright red, almost too red, against his pale skin. Sasuke slapped Naruto. Tears made his surroundings blurry as Naruto cried out in pain. Sasuke roughly pushed him against the wall, then kissed him again. Naruto chomped down on his lips and with a cry Sasuke released his lips. Now Sasuke's lips really looked bloody, and Naruto's mouth was filled with bitter taste of blood. Naruto turned his head and spat.

"If you don't stay still, I'll break every bone in your body, you son of a bitch," Sasuke hissed, pushing his handsome face close against Naruto's face. Naruto could see specks of blue lining his black eyes, the pale blue vein underneath his white skin, the blood-covered lower lip. Sasuke held his shoulders in his hands as he started to lick his ear, then moved to his neck. Naruto breathed heavily, a shudder going through his small, taut body. Sasuke fumbled with his jacket buttons, then impatiently ripped the clothing apart. The fragile bits of clothing easily came apart, buttons flying here and there and landing on the bathroom floor with tinkering sound.

Sasuke's eyes greedily drank in the sight of Naruto's bare chest. It was lightly tanned, but slightly lighter in tone than rest of Naruto's skin. His nipples were a dusky rose in color, and they were soft and velvety to the touch. Sasuke sat on Naruto's lap so he could not run away and held his arms at his sides as he worked on the nipples, running his tongue teasingly along the soft bits of flesh and coating them with his saliva until they became very erect and red and wet. Naruto was biting down on his lower lip so hard that his teeth punctured the thin flesh and he was starting to bleed. Sasuke readjusted his position so that he could pull down Naruto's pants, and it was then that Naruto suddenly lifted his leg and buried it squarely on Sasuke's stomach.

Sasuke gave out a choking sound as Naruto scrambled out from underneath him. As Sasuke started to cough Naruto crawled away, but Sasuke turned and tackled him. They rolled across the floor before Naruto leapt up to his feet and started to reach for the door, but Sasuke grabbed his belt buckle and pulled his pants down. Naruto's legs got tangled up in his pants and Naruto fell down to the floor. Sasuke got on top of him and pulled down his underwear, exposing all part of his body to the air.


He spread Naruto's legs wide apart to show Gaara what happened to him: how his eyes were hazy and teary with sex, how he was breathing heavily, his chest heaving up and down quickly, how his entire body blossomed red with kiss marks, how his abused nipples were wet and red, and how Naruto's nether region was thickly coated with his own and Sasuke's cum, and how Naruto's petals had blossomed as he lost his virginity.

"He's mine," Sasuke softly said. "His body, his mind, his soul. Every part of him is mine. He can't ever run away from me, because there is no part of him that does not belong to me."

Sasuke's cruel laughter rung in Gaara's ears as he turned and fled, and Naruto trembled in fury, in disgust, in shame. His fists clenched tightly until his nails dug into his skin and started to draw blood. Sasuke claimed Naruto's lips as his again, and Naruto bit his tongue.

-To Be Continued-

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