Ever since Sasuke first saw Naruto, it was love at first sight.
The first thing that caught his attention was his eyes. All the other kids' eyes were dull and dead. They were all so bored of life, so bored of all the riches and comfort and pleasure that life could offer them, that they all looked the same. Their eyes all had the same glazed look, their lips curled in the same meaningless, empty, condescending smile, their body held in a slouching, bored posture. But Naruto's eyes were intense. They were even more bright and sparkled with life then when other kids raced each other recklessly in their new cars, when they were high on drugs, or when they were having sex. There was an undying fire in his bright, beautiful blue eyes, and determination in his tightly closed lips. He held his body stiffly and proudly, yet there loomed uncertainty and loneliness in the way he clutched his hands to his sides. Sasuke was in love with Naruto's strength and weakness. He was in love with his sweet voice, the way corners of his eyes crinkled when he laughed, his slender nimble body that always seemed to be in motion. He wanted this bright, shiny being.

It was first time Sasuke felt powerless. Money did not buy Naruto. His handsome face and charms didn't work, either. Naruto was not impressed with his achievements. What could he do to get Naruto's attention? He finally resorted to something he didn't do even back in kindergarten. He resorted to bullying.

Even if Naruto would call it bullying, it was an act of affection on Sasuke's fault. He only wanted to spend more time with Naruto. Sitting across the room from each other in classes didn't satisfy him. He wanted Naruto to only look at him. To talk only to him. To smile, laugh, and get angry only with him. He made up a ridiculous excuse of cleaning duty and made Naruto spend one hour all alone with him every morning. No matter what Naruto did—clean, talk, sleep, eat—Sasuke's heart ached with love. There was nothing Naruto did that did not seem lovable to Sasuke.

And then that other boy had to come and ruin everything.

Furious with jealousy, Sasuke didn't restrain his darkest desires; what he had wanted from Naruto all along. Naruto had looked at him with hatred in his eyes. Even that thrilled him. Aroused him. Even Naruto's hatred was his.

But that ecstatic feeling cooled down by the time he got home and thought carefully about everything that happened in the day. How would he ever face Naruto again? He had raped him! How could he, who always thought rape was a heinous crime only committed by mentally unstable, antisocial perverts, have done such a thing to the child he loved the most! Now everything he worked to build with Naruto was in shambles. Naruto would never want to speak to him again, much less be friends with him. Sasuke went from cloud nine straight to hell.

The next morning found Sasuke even more cranky than usual. Sasuke, being an AB-blood type, never was a morning person, but this morning a black cloud practically hung over his head. He skipped breakfast and had a cup of black coffee instead. He doubted that Naruto would show up to go to school with him, but he drove to where he always picked Naruto up anyway.

Sasuke was surprised to find Naruto waiting for him, perched underneath a big oak tree as always. Naruto looked up when Sasuke's car stopped in front of him. Sasuke got out of the car. He wasn't sure what he could say to Naruto. He wasn't even sure what kind of expression he should wear in front of Naruto. But before he had a chance to speak, Naruto smiled and said, "Good morning." Then he got into the passenger's seat and closed the door behind himself. Sasuke numbly followed him back to the car and watched Naruto fastening his seat belt.

"What, aren't we going to go to school anytime soon?" Naruto lightly asked. Without words Sasuke fastened his own seat belt and started the car. Sasuke searched Naruto's face from the corner of his eyes as he drove, but Naruto gave no indication of what he was thinking. Once they reached school Naruto settled in his seat and leisurely stretched his arms in front of him. Sasuke placed a sandwich and carton of milk in front of Naruto and walked over to his own seat. Naruto's cheerful voice followed him.

"I'm going to get a little shut-eye after eating, so if you bother me I'll fucking bash your head in."

Sasuke didn't reply. He heard Naruto ripping the bread wrapping off, followed by sounds of chewing and swallowing. After few minutes there was a silence. Sasuke sneaked a look at Naruto. Naruto had buried his head in his arms, his eyes lightly closed. Sasuke turned back and stared at the blackboard. What was Naruto thinking? Was he pretending that the rape never happened? Was sex so insignificant to him that he felt it wasn't even worth mentioning? Why was he acting the same as he always did!

Sasuke bit his lower lip. Somehow, instead of relief he felt anger. Was he the only one who was so worried and concerned that he had forced himself on Naruto? He wasn't even worth it for Naruto to get angry over! He raped him! Wasn't that big deal to Naruto at all!

"Sasuke, give me a ride after school, okay? I'll wait for you in front of the tea room as usual."

Sasuke's canines penetrated the thin skin of his lower lip and he tasted blood.

Somehow the tea ceremony didn't calm his nerves at all. All day Sasuke's mood was darker than usual, and even girls who would squeal over his bad-ass attitude were discouraged from speaking to him today. Instead of lunch he smoked a cigarette and watched the clouds from the rooftop, but this only served to agitate him. Now, after school, he tried to concentrate on the snacks and tea in front of him, but he found himself thinking about Naruto instead.

Naruto had definitely felt like a virgin. His penis barely managed to fit inside Naruto, and his skin broke open and he bled. It wasn't that Naruto was experienced with sex. When he realized what Sasuke was doing to him, he clearly looked disgusted and scared. It wasn't that the rape wasn't traumatizing to him, either. Then exactly why was Naruto treating him as same as he always did? What was that dimwit thinking?

"...ha... Uchiha!"

Sasuke sharply looked up. He had held the mug so tightly in his hands that he had broken it without realizing it, and now the sharp shreds were digging into his fingers. Blood dripped down his hands. He refused the girls' offer to disinfect and bandage his hand.

"Excuse me," Sasuke said, standing up. "I think I'll return home early today."

"Your face color doesn't look good at all. Get some rest," the captain of the tea club said. Sasuke only bowed his head slightly and left. Naruto was standing outside of the tea room, reading a comic book. Sasuke grabbed Naruto's hand with his non-bleeding hand and started to pull him away towards an empty classroom.


"We need to talk."

"Sasuke, wait, you're walking too fast... Sasuke! Wait..."

Sasuke felt his knees turning into jelly. What the hell? His vision started to get blurred and Naruto's voice became slurred. Was it because he skipped two meals in one day? Was it because his hand was bleeding so heavily? His eyes met Naruto's eyes and Naruto's eyes narrowed in a smile, somewhat in a fox-like fashion.

"I told you to wait, Sasuke. It'll be troublesome if we left school..."

"What the...fuck... have you done to..."

Sasuke felt his legs giving away. His head rested against Naruto's chest. He felt Naruto's chest gently moving with laughter.

"Relax, Sasuke. I'm not going to hurt you..."


Sasuke saw white spreading over his vision, and then he knew no more.

When Sasuke came to, he felt as if his head was splitting with pain. He softly groaned and tried to stand up, but found himself tied down. He blinked few times to clear his vision, then shook his head. He softly gasped as this caused the pain in his head to intensify. Grimacing, he looked down on himself and found out that he had been tied down to a chair.

"So you woke up, Sasuke..."

Sasuke furiously looked up at Naruto, who was sitting on a desk and staring at him. His arms were wrapped around his legs childishly. His expression was strange.

"What the fuck have you done to me! Untie me, right now!"

"My, my. Aren't we upset..." Naruto tilted his head to one side. "Have you forgotten, Sasuke? You've raped me... So I'm going to hit you."

Sasuke shut his mouth and stared at Naruto. Naruto's lips curled up in a foxy smile. "And then I'm going to rape you... And then we'll talk."

"Wait... Naruto, let's talk first," Sasuke hurriedly said. Naruto's eyes were overly bright. If he hadn't known better, he would have said Naruto was high. But no, his eyes were not sparkling with effects of drugs, but rather with unshed angry tears. Naruto's hand swung back and closed in a fist, then solidly connected with Sasuke's cheek. His head swung back and Sasuke felt the pain in his head getting worse. He tasted blood in the back of his throat and when he ran his tongue along the insides of his mouth, he found that one of his teeth was loose.

"Shit, Naruto... This is a crime."

"So is rape." Naruto looked at Sasuke with an unreadable expression. "I still have your semen in my body, if you really want to solve this legally."


"Shut the hell up."

Naruto jumped off from the desk and slowly walked—or rather stalked—up to Sasuke. Sasuke finally realized that he was in the student body office room; that Naruto had been sitting on his desk. His keys were left on top of the desk. His eyes swung towards the door.

"It's no use calling for help... Everyone left. And I locked the door, too..." Naruto sat on Sasuke's lap and snuggled under his chin. Sasuke felt Naruto's hot breath against his neck as he softly spoke. "Don't worry, it's going to feel good..."

"Naruto..." Sasuke took a deep breath. "Naruto. Look, Naruto, I'm sorry—I didn't mean—That is, what the hell are you doing? What are you thinking?"

"I drugged your tea with sleeping pills." Naruto's eyelashes looked long as he half-closed his eyes, looking almost sleepy. "It wasn't hard... I used to work as a pick pocket... You were heavy, but I had to drag you up to student body office, because no one would bother us here. That was annoying... But I had to do it, because I had to teach you a lesson."

Naruto's lips closed over Sasuke's lips. "Enough talking. I'm going to fuck you now."

Naruto's kiss was slow and unhurried. Their lips snuggled together affectionately, and naturally Sasuke found himself pushing his tongue between Naruto's lips, which Naruto allowed. They explored each other's mouth as they shared their saliva. Naruto slowly pulled away and licked Sasuke's lips, then reached down and unzipped Sasuke's pants.

Sasuke and Naruto quietly sat together in the afterglow, softly breathing, their shoulders shaking with exertion and euphoria. Then Naruto spoke softly, so softly that Sasuke had to crane his head to hear him. Naruto whispered more against Sasuke's throat than actually spoke.

"You had a crush on me, didn't you?"


"I thought I was just imagining things... When I thought sometimes you were staring at my butt with lust in your eyes, or when you looked at my chest as we were undressing for gym... Or when your hands lingered a second too longer over my hands... I thought it was just my imagination, because I had crush on you and I was so desperate that you'd like me back."


"I had crush on you ever since I first came to this school and met you... Of course I didn't like it. For a while I tried to convince myself that I liked Sakura, not you... And I felt like shit... But I told you, I live with my gay teacher, and after talking to him I felt much better about having crush on you. And you payed attention only to me, and you only smiled at me, and you always followed me around... So I was harboring a small hope that you'd like me back..."

"Naruto, I...!"

"And then when you raped me, I realized that you loved me back."


"You do, don't you?"

"...Yes... I love you..."

"You fucking moron."

Naruto suddenly lifted his head and glared at Sasuke, his eyes full of tears. Sasuke flinched at Naruto's angry look.

"Then why didn't you just confess to me! Why didn't you take the chance... If you loved me, why were you so afraid of getting hurt, of getting rejected! You are such a loser!"

"But Naruto... I'm a guy, and I thought..."

"I didn't want our first time to be a rape!"

Tear rolled down Naruto's cheek. This was quickly followed by a drop of tear along his other cheek. Tear after tear droplets ran down Naruto's cheek, then he started to bawl.

"Stupid Sasuke... Stupid! If you just fucking asked me... If you just gathered up the courage to ask me out, I would have gladly became your lover! I love you too you moron! Uwaaaan--"


Sasuke sighed and pressed his cheek against Naruto's wet cheeks. He turned his head and gently started to lick Naruto's tears away, ending with a kiss on top of each of Naruto's eyelids.

"I'm sorry, Naruto... I thought I had no chance at all, so..."

"You moron..."

"I know, I am... Won't you give me one more chance, Naruto? I know you won't be a virgin when we walk down the virgin road together, but I still want to go out with you... And eventually marry you... And maybe even adopt few kids together..."

"We can't get married together anyway," Naruto grouched. "Homosexual marriage is illegal in Japan. Aside from me not being a virgin I can't walk down the virgin road anyway, so just forget it. Just... if you rape me one more time, I'm going to knock every single one of your teeth out, so don't even think about it!"

"All right..." Sasuke softly laughed and kissed blushing Naruto's lips. "I'll take you to Las Vegas and marry you there... Your gay teacher can walk you down the virgin road, I guess..."

"Just what is your obsession with virgin road, you not-virgin person!"

"Well, you're the one who took my virginity in payment for yours, so it's just as good... I don't know. I overheard that a bride looks the most beautiful when she is walking down the virgin road towards her one true love to become his wife, and I always dreamed ever since I saw you that I'll have you as my bride, coming towards me with a smile on your face down the virgin road."

"You're so corny."

Sasuke laughed and after a while, Naruto joined in with a soft chuckle.

"...Naruto? Untie me please? I'm forgiven, aren't I?"

Naruto rolled his eyes and took out a box cutter, swiftly cutting off the ropes around Sasuke. Sasuke tightened and loosened his hands few times to start circulation through his hands again, then wrapped his arms around Naruto. Naruto squeaked when he realized that Sasuke, who had stayed inside him, had grown hard again.

"And... can we go for another round?"

"I SAID...!"

"It won't be a rape if you're willing...?"

"Stupid Sasuke, get off of me! I'm not willing! I told you I'm not willing... Ah... S, stop that!"

"Your body is liking it..."

"Sa, Sasuke, not on top of the desk! Wait, my waist still hurts... Wait, you idiot!"

Sasuke happily laughed as he tightly embraced the child he loved the most. Someday, he dreamed, he would see Naruto dressed all in white—the color of a virgin—and come towards him with outstretched hands, down the virgin road. And then their two lives would be united forever.

The End
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