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Prologue: The Overseers

In a darkened chamber, several dozen figures sat around a large table, all of them in deep thought.

"Is it agreed then?" one asked, sounding quite elderly but also wise.

"I'm still not sure about this, our interference in the mortal realm will only alert our enemies and may only speed up the time table until their next attack. They still don't know how to get here and I would prefer that things remain that way. Taking an unnecessary risk now is foolish!" another stated in an annoyed and cautious voice.

"You know what could happen if we do not monitor him. We can't just assume that this boy will join our cause when his time comes. You saw the visions just as we did," the figure sitting just across from him argued.

"A future that is not written. A lot of things have changed in that reality since the boy arrived, and I doubt that the timeline will remain constant. I still refuse to believe that we must put our faith into a mortal to turn the tide against our enemy, never mind a Saiyan! I'm telling you, no Saiyan is of any use against them, and you all know it. Put it on record that I protest our involvement with this boy. If he has a shred of the potential we saw in the vision, we would have seen it by now!" the second one objected.

"It is noted, however, there has never been a Saiyan like this one before!" the first figure pointed out.

"All due to unnecessary intervention from their overseers, a simple power boost, nothing more!"

"Mr. Chairman, I concur to the fact that most Saiyans are worthless to our cause. However, this one is very unique and unlike my counterpart here, I can see that this boy has more than just a little bit of potential. This boy wiped out the Zerg and their master the Overmind, not an easy feat to be certain! However, he will need proper guidance if we are to keep him on both our side, and out of the sight of the enemy. I vote that we send one of our own to monitor him for the time being!"

"But that will expose us! They will detect anyone we send from this realm!" the other one argued once again.

"Not if we proceed carefully, and appropriately. We will need a volunteer to take on a mortal body and mind to pull it off, but it isn't going to be an easy mission," the third figure suggested.

"I'll go!" a fourth jumped up, a clearly feminine voice could be heard.

"I must protest again Mr. Chairman, do not let her go. We all know about her family's history!"

"A history that has saved your asses by keeping our enemy at bay!" she shouted back.

"Enough, I concur to sending her to monitor the boy, have you already chosen a form?" the chairman asked.

"Yes, I have, though I may need to travel a little further back in time than the current limitations allow," she replied.

"There they go again, I'm telling you Mr. Chairman, they are not to be trusted! We do not need this constant distraction about potential agents in the mortal realm when we clearly have more important matters on our hands! Almost all of these agents have been lacking in the necessary power!"

"Will you pipe down! You're as foolish as you are blind! I don't see you giving any effort to bring this conflict to an end, so I don't want to hear it!" the woman shouted back.

"That's enough. The decision is made. Prepare to leave, and make sure to take care of all the minor details regarding your mortal form, and make sure to limit your power in that form, those Saiyans will certainly detect it. Whatever you do, do not reveal yourself to the boy. That would complicate things further! We will inform the overseers of that dimension of your presence and they will bring your reports to us!" the Chairman ordered.

"Understood - I take my leave," she said, walking out with a deep smile of satisfaction all over her face.

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DBV Series 6: Afterlife Adventures

Theme: "Back into your system" by Saliva

All right boys and girls, it is time to start the next installment of DragonBall Verto, or as many know, DBV for short. I'm sure your wondering what exactly this little prologue was about, well its one of those many mysteries that lie embedded in this story. You'll just have to figure it out as it reveals itself to you later on.

I have had a lot of questions for this Saga sent through email or pm, and frankly I haven't answered that many of them due to wanting to keep most of the events here a surprise. A few lucky souls behind the scenes know about a few of the events ( Rodaiogin - Don't bother asking me. ) , but they don't have the whole perspective on it. For those of you who have a general idea about what may or may not happen, please do not ruin it for others.

After that last Saga, one would think I would be tired of this story. Well believe me, thinking this epic story out is the easy part, writing it, hard as hell. But we still have a lot of it to go, that first set of 5 Sagas was only the appetizer. As most know by now, Verto died at the end of Series 5 because he overexerted himself against Zerg-Broly. We start right off as he appears in the afterlife, the only question is what will he face off against here? And what sorts of training will he go through to further master his powers, here we go…

I think ya'll know the drill when it comes to the communication issue, but here it is anyway:

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