Title: 50 ways to Piss Off/ Freak out Yakushi Kabuto: THE FANFICTION

Rating: T

Author: ZukoKrazy

Summary: Based off of 50 ways to piss off/ freak out Yakushi Kabuto. The Sound nin read the fic and decide to pull the pranks on poor Kabuto! 5 ways to freak Kabuto out a chapter.

Disclaimer: I do not own 50 ways to piss off/freak out Yakushi Kabuto. I do not own Naruto. I do, however, own this fanfiction.

Dedicated to: HarvestMoonRacoon because she wrote the funniest fanfiction I've ever read like EVER and because she gave me permission to do this!

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Kidoumaru sighed and flopped down into his squishy chair in his room. Booting up the old computer, Kidoumaru got to wait a half hour until it was usable.

Typing in his email address and his password, Kidoumaru looked for any new emails. There was one. The 6-armed boy was surprised and looked at the sender. From Naruto.

Kidoumaru groaned and almost just deleted it. Most likely just a virus for his computer.

Suprising himself, Kidoumaru opened the email. His eyes opened wide and he laughed. This was great! He had to try it out.

Sending it to his comrades with a little attached note, Kidoumaru grinned evilly. This was going to be fun.

50 ways to Piss Off/ Freak out Yakushi Kabuto: THE FANFICTION now begins!

1. Change his cell phone's ring tone to "Spy vs. Spy".

Hearing the jungle did nothing but startle Kabuto. Looking down at his pants, he noticed that the annoying tune was coming from his cell phone!

Flipping it open, he answered with a terse, "Hello?"

"Hi...umm...I was just wondering...is your refrigerator running smoothly?" said a deep voice on the other end.

"Yeah...why?" Kabuto answered, confused.

"Well, um, I'm sorry, but this may come as a shock to you. It's not," the voice said.

"How do you know?" Kabuto asked, confused.

"Because I..." the voice started.

"Tayuya?" a different voice from the other end asked. "What are you doing with Zaku's cell phone? What the... Tayuya don't! Ahhh!" Sounds of someone being tackled sounded from the other line.

"Shut UP Kimimaro!Can't you see I'm doin' a fucking prank...oh...dammit!" sounds of the cell phone being picked up again.

"Uhh...sorry about that. Never mind, have a nice life, goodbye!" the end was rushed. The other caller hung up.

Kabuto turned off his phone and shook his head.

Suddenly a girl's war-cry sounded from the other side of the base. It was quickly followed by a boy's scream.

Both screams got louder and louder until Kimimaro came racing down the hall Kabuto was in, with Tayuya hot in pursuit.

"Kimimaro, when I get you I'm gonna kill you!" Tayuya shrieked.

Kabuto flattened himself against the wall as the two teenagers bolted past. Kabuto chuckled and walked to his room.

2. Gather hundreds of pens and place them on the right side of the room. On the left side of the room, place one single pencil. Laugh at the pencil.

Kabuto looked at Kidoumaru like he was insane.

"What are you doing in my room? Where did you get all of those pens?" Kabuto asked, walking over to the right side of the room.

Kabuto shot Kidoumaru a confused look and grabbed a pen.

Kidoumaru just grinned and disappeared.

"What am I supposed to do with these!" he shouted after the 6-armed teenager.

All at once the pens collapsed all over the floor. Kabuto groaned and started picking them up.

3. Watch "Pride and Prejudice" repeatedly, sighing loudly whenever Kabuto comes near.

"Jiroubou, I never took you as the type to watch Pride and Prejudice," Kabuto commented, heading towards the kitchen for his lunch.

Said boy looked up and, seeing Kabuto, sighed loudly.

A large sweat drop appeared on the back of Kabuto's head.

Hearing the movie end, Jiroubou turned from Kabuto and started the movie over again.

Bigger sweat drop.

"O...k..." Kabuto said, weirded out.

Jiroubou looked and and sighed again.

Kabuto nearly ran from the room.

4. Motion to the deadliest poison on his desk, and say "Dang! That stuff tasted good!"

Running into his lab, Kabuto was surprised to see Sakon sitting on the floor smiling like an idiot.

"Oh, hi Kabuto," he sounded like an idiot, too. He grinned even more and rubbed his stomach.

"Dang! That stuff tasted good!" He pointed to a empty bottle on Kabuto's desk.

Kabuto strode over to the potion and looked at the label in horror.

"Sa... Sa...Sakon!" Kabuto cried. "That was poison!"

"Hmm...so that was why it had a tangy taste!" Sakon said.

He then got up and strode out of the room, laughing and hiccuping.

5. Chew on the blunt end of his syringes.

Kabuto walked, dazed, back to his room. He needed a shower.

Walking into the bathroom, Kabuto shrieked like a little girl.

"Tayuya! What are you doing!" Kabuto screamed.

In the middle of his shower sat Tayuya, chewing on the blunt end of his syringes. She looked up a the shirt-less Kabuto (A/N: drool) and blushed.

"I...I...uh...MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU CRAZY BASTARD!" she shrieked, throwing herself into his chest.

Kabuto was winded by the impact and fell over backwards. Startled, Kabuto looked into the face of the grinning red-head.

Quickly jumping off of him, Tayuya raced back to Kidoumaru to tell him that she had done what was asked of her.

Kabuto stood up and stared after the girl.

This was the weirdest day I have ever had.

Little did he know that this was only the beginning...


A/N: Chapter one, DONE! Yes, I know the characters are incredibly OOC, but that's the point. This is a humor fic.

I'll be doing 5 ways a chapter, so they WILL be short.

Once again, dedicated to HarvestMoonRacoon because her fic inspired this.



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