Ever wonder why Drake Parker is always acting out & keeping to himself? Found out in my life.

Chapter 1:Busted.

Josh Nichols comes into the room he shares with his stepbrither Drake.


Drake:They don't know yet, their both still at work.

Josh:Are you bummed?

Drake:Yeah, they both made it pretty clear next time I got suspended I'd get grounded for a month.

Josh:And extra chores.

Drake:Yeah, that too.

The boys hear a door open & close.

Drake:Sounding down.Their home.

Josh: Do you think they know?

Audrey: Drake Micheal Parker downstairs Now!

Josh:I think they know.

Drake:You think?

Walter: Drake!

Josh:Are you going to go to them?

Drake:Yes, because if I don't their come to me & I'll get grounded longer.

Audrey: Drake Micheal!

Josh:You better go.


Drake goes downstairs & into the Living Room.

Walter:Why didn't you come when we called the first time?

Drake:Sorry dad. I was distracked.

Audrey:The school called me at work, Your Principle told me you got suspened for Three whole weeks.

Walter:And that you've been getting a lot of detentions & always getting into trouble.

Audrey:You haven't been completely honest with us, Have you?


Walter:Think very carefully before you answer that. You are already grounded for a month.