Two years later Nicole & Drake are still dating. They are one day away from graduating. Drake has been thinking a lot about the future. All Four of them had gotten accepted into the same College. Walter & Audrey adopted Elizabeth.

On graduation day.

Drake:Get up Josh. Today's the day.

Josh wakes up.

Josh:Today's the day.

Drake:Yes brother it is.

The two take turns in the bathroom.

Everyone eats breakfast & then leaves for the graduation.

Nicole:Hi darling.

Drake:Hey sweetheart. Hi Mindy.

Nicole:Hi Josh.

Mindy:Hi Drake, hi honey.

Josh:Hi sweetie, hi Nicole.

Drake:You look great sweetheart.

Josh:You look great too sweetie.

Mindy:Thanks, you look great too.

Nicole:You look great.

Nicole & Drake kisses.

Principle:Mr.Parker, Miss.Peterson no kissing.

Nicole:Yes sir.

Drake:Yes sir.

At the graduation reception. Mindy & Nicole join the boys at the table after taking a detour to the bathroom.

Drake gets down on one knee.

Nicole:Oh my word!

Drake:Nicole we've been dating for two years now & I know there's nobody else for me. Nicole Chloe Peterson will you marry me?

Nicole:Yes I'll marry you Drake.

Drake:You said yes? She said yes.

Nicole:Will you be quiet & kiss me already?

Drake:Yes my dear dear fiancée.

They share a long passionate kiss.

Josh gets up to go talk to the dj & then comes back to their table.

Dj:This next song goes out to a very special couple.

The band starts to play "Last Flight out." By Plus One.

Nicole:Our song.

Drake:May I have this dance?

Nicole:You mister may have them all.

Nicole & Drake slow dance & he slips a Diamond ring on her ring finger.

Nicole:Oh darling it's beautiful.

The End