Disclaimer: Don't any of the Duke or any of the other characters from the show. This story is all for fun and also part of the 100 song challenge.

This part based on the song Dare you to Move by Switchfoot.

It was the day before Bo's first big race and he was becoming worried. His family knew something had to be up because Bo was never this quiet. Sure Bo had raced before, plenty of times especially in Hazzard. And then of course there were all those chases he had with Roscoe and Enos, but this wasn't the same. This time he would be racing, without Luke by his side, and also he wouldn't be in Hazzard anymore.

Bo just laid on his bed and wouldn't even come out when Uncle Jesse called him for breakfast. When Luke saw that Bo didn't come out he got worried. Missing a meal was definitely not like Bo. He went into the bedroom he shared with his cousin.

"Hey Bo, don't you want breakfast?"

"No Luke, I'm not hungry."

"You not hungry? Ok, what's wrong?"

"Nothing Luke, I'm fine. I just ain't hungry.

"Is this about the race?"

"No Luke it's not. Just tell Uncle Jesse I'll be out later."

Luke realizing he wasn't getting anywhere with Bo decided to leave his cousin alone. When he was ready to come out of his room, he would.

Bo watched as Luke leave. His cousin was right. It was the race he was worried about. But he didn't know how to tell his family that he was worried, especially when it dealt with something he always loved to do.


Everyone's here Everybody's watching you now Everybody waits for you now

Bo was having a dream, well more in fact it was a nightmare. He was tossing and turning, and mumbling in his sleep.

The dream: Bo was waiting for the race to begin. Sitting in his car he looked around and saw all the people staring at him. It was him they were all there to see. As the race began, Bo froze, he couldn't move. He heard the boos and kept trying to drive but just couldn't.

end of dream

Bo woke up sitting up in bed and sweating. His tossing and turning hadn't waken Luke up surprisingly. Once again he tried to sleep but it wasn't working. He saw that it was still early so he decided to go sit in the living room and hoped that his nerves would finally calm down.

I dare you to move I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor

While relaxing, Bo's nerves calmed down just a little bit. He realized that this was something he always wanted to do and here was his chance. In fact, if he won this race, then many more races would come his way. Bo headed back to his room, feeling that sleep was about to come. He hoped that when he woke up in the morning he would be prepared to race that afternoon.

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