:Chapter Seventeen: The Key

"Now, don't tell the other Professors, but I realize that all of you have had a rough weekend and probably were up late every night doing essays and homework as punishment for sneaking of to Hogsmeade," Madame Hooch started, "so today I am going to give you an easy lesson. We'll start with stretches and then walk laps around the Pitch. No brooms today! I don't want any mishaps because the lot of you are exhausted!"

"Hope nobody tells her about the party Hufflepuff held last night!" Ron whispered to Harry.

Harry was slightly disappointed that he wouldn't be riding his broom this morning, but he had to agree with Madame Hooch – looking around he realized that everyone was tired and probably not in the best condition to be doing anything that required intense concentration.

After the stretches, all the students started walking around the Pitch. After one lap, a couple of the Hufflepuffs walked to the middle of the Pitch and started laying down on the grass and staring up into the sky.

"I guess I'm more tired than I thought." Harry said as he decided to stop and sit down on the grass. Most of the students then decided to stop walking and rest.

Someone sat next to him and he turned his head and smiled when he saw who it was.

"Draco!" Harry exclaimed.

"Good morning, Gryffindors." Draco said in return.

"Aren't your Slytherin buddies going to miss you?" Ron asked as he nodded towards the group of Slytherins far away from everyone else.

"They can fend for themselves." Draco said while pulling Harry closer to him. Then they both leaned back, shoulders touching, and looked up to the sky.

"I'm definitely not looking forward to next period." Harry commented.

"Me either, I'm still pissed at Snape for what he did to you on Saturday."

"Don't worry about it, I survived."

"Still doesn't make it right."

Harry sighed. "So what did you think about the article this morning?"

"The Daily Prophet? I'll be surprised if Skeeter gets my Father to cooperate. Last I heard, he's trying to be a good little prisoner so he can get released."

"What do you mean?"

"He's afraid to say anything negative about you. It wouldn't look good in the eyes of the public. I'll admit, he probably still hates you for sending him to Azkaban – but I'm sure he regrets not switching sides before you killed the Dark Lord, even more."

"If your Father does manage to weasel his way-"

"Hey!" Shouted Ron.

"Sorry." Harry said and restarted. "If your Father does manage to get himself freed from Azkaban, what do you think will happen? I mean, you wouldn't take the Dark Mark and he wasn't too happy." Harry asked, being vague because his roommates were obviously listening. He was sure Draco didn't want anyone to know that Lucius beat him so badly that his mother had to hide him and nurse him back to health.

"I'm not sure. Either he will pretend that incident never happened, or he will find a way to punish me for not choosing his side."

Harry cringed as he reached down to grab Draco's hand.


Next class period, they entered the Potions classroom. Draco sat next to Harry. When Professor Snape entered, it took him all of two seconds to notice the new seating arrangement. The look of confusion on his face told Harry that apparently none of the teachers new about him and Draco going out yet.

Draco glared at Snape as if to say, 'I dare you to harass Harry now.' And underneath the desk, he squeezed Harry's thigh.

When class was over, Harry was surprised. Snape had managed to leave him alone for the entire class. He wondered how the rest of the year would be. Of course, Snape could easily turn back into an arse, considering that he might have only left Harry alone today out of pure shock.

"That wasn't so bad." Draco commented. They were walking towards the Great Hall for lunch and Harry's head was leaning on Draco's shoulder; their hands were interlocked.

"All thanks to you." Harry replied, placing a kiss on the other boy's hand.

When they were close to the doors of the Great Hall, they let go of each other, smiled, and walked to their separate tables.

Harry sat down beside Hermione.

"We should go on a double date." She said to Harry.

"Er… right. Sounds good." Harry replied, looking around for Ron and realizing that quite a few of his classmates were missing from the table.

"I was thinking at the next Hogsmeade trip, we can go into Madame Puddifoot's."

Harry glared at her.

"It won't be anything like your date with Cho, I promise!"

"Alright." He answered still not sounding pleased, but he was more interested in where his classmates were.

The rest of supper was pretty uneventful until Ron and Seamus came speed walking through the door. Supper was almost over. Leaning over Harry and Hermione's shoulders, they grabbed some rolls and Ron stuffed his pocket with anything he could find that wasn't messy.

"Hey Harry, Seamus bought a new board game through mail order and it just came!" Ron stated.

"Yeah, it's brilliant! There's dice that you roll, and your characters have to overcome certain obstacles – which are timed to blow up – before you can get to the end!"

"We're going back up to play now. You coming?" Ron asked as they were turning around to leave.

"Yeah sure, I'll be up in a minute." Harry called after him.

"Wow, it must be a good game if it's able to keep Ron away from food for this long." Hermione said, clearly shocked.

Harry and Hermione arrived in the Common Room and found some of their classmates laying in the middle of the floor, around a large square board. There were 3D objects, and some parts of the game stood a good yard off the floor. It looked like caves and lots of trails, some forest too. Since they were already playing, Harry decided to go ahead and change into his nightclothes. Entering his room, he found that his mailbox was glowing. Taking out the parchment, he read:

Dear Jolt,

Meet me near the dock at the lake. Sometime after 7. Dress warm!




Harry had less than two hours before he had to meet Draco. He bundled up in layers and was wearing two shirts, a medium weight hoodie, and then a thick jacket over that. He was actually wearing pajama bottoms underneath his jeans and a couple layers of socks. He tucked some gloves into his pocket and pulled the hood up over his head before heading back into the Common Room to sit by the fire.

"You're over-dressed, Harry. Are you going to play the next round with us or do you have other plans?" Ron asked him.

"I'm meeting up with Draco later."

"Oh. Well hopefully you'll get to play at least one round... Oh no!" Ron said, as his miniature character tumbled down a cliff and fell into a sand trap.

The game was drawing a lot of attention. Most of the Gryffindors were now gathered around the board game, watching intensely. By the time that game ended, Ron asked Harry if he wanted to join in. He looked at the time and declined. It was getting close to 7 so he opted to just watch. About a half hour later, he stood up and said goodbye to everyone and exited the Fat Lady portrait.

By the time Harry made it to the lake, he could see Draco standing with his arms wrapped around himself. Harry walked up to him and threw his arms around the slightly taller boy's body, trying to make him warm.

"Meeting outside sounded like a much better idea earlier, when I was sitting near the fire." Draco said.

Harry unzipped Draco's coat and wrapped his arms around him.

"Mmn." Draco said, leaning into him.

"So why did you want to meet out here? It's getting dark and it's cold." Harry asked.

"I just wanted to get away from everyone and I knew no one would be outside since it's the end of November."

"At least it's not snowing yet!" Harry said, not really caring about the weather. He had more interesting things in mind. He zipped Draco's coat back up and took his hand, leading him away from the lake and towards the Quidditch Pitch.

After a few minutes of walking in silence, Draco asked, "What are you thinking about?"

"Truthfully? What it will take to take to warm you up." He answered with a smirk.

Draco looked at Harry with such lust in his eyes, Harry almost forgot how to walk and nearly tripped over his own feet.

After making it to the Pitch, Harry pulled him in the direction of the broom shed.

"It'll block us from the wind." Harry said.

They stepped inside and Harry cast a strong locking charm on the door. His heart was beating quickly as he pulled Draco to him and kissed his cold lips.

"Yeah, you're cold alright. Let me see what I can do about that."

Harry unzipped Draco's coat again and started rubbing him on his back and chest. When his hand accidentally went under Draco's shirt, Draco stiffened.

"Cold!" Draco announced.

"Well, aren't you spoiled?" Harry said as he removed his hands and rubbed them together for friction. Less than a minute later he was placing them on Draco's back again, rubbing him.

"Much better." Draco purred into Harry's neck.

Harry looked around and found a spare red Quaffle and transfigured it into a huge pillow – nearly the size of a beanbag chair. Draco laid down against it while Harry removed his thick jacket and hoodie. Harry then sat down pressing his back against Draco's chest. He pulled the two jackets over himself to keep warm and Draco wrapped his arms tightly around him. He could feel the heat radiating from Draco's body and it warmed him.

They sat there in silence for a bit. Harry was the first to speak.

"So what are you thinking about?"

"Mmn." Draco said, "I was thinking about how badly I want to be in you." And he placed a kiss onto the back of Harry's head.

Harry instantly started getting hard. He rolled over so they were now laying chest to chest. "Oh really?" He asked, with a smirk. "Who says you get to top?"

"I do. I've never bottomed for anyone." Draco said.

"Neither have I."

Draco looked surprised, so Harry added, "The guy I was with over the summer loved to bottom – so it was never an issue."

"Well I do love topping, but I love you even more," Harry's green eyes grew large and Draco continued, "so truthfully I want to do everything with you."

Harry smiled. "Even bottoming for me?"

"Half the time, yes."

Harry leaned in to kiss the cold-once-again lips in front of him. He took in everything, the taste, the smell, and the feel of the boy underneath him.

"Looks like I'm the top right now." Harry announced when there was a break in the kiss. He started rubbing Draco's erection through his pants.

"There's no way I'm taking my clothes off in this weather!" Draco exclaimed.

Harry chuckled. "You really hate being cold, huh?"

"More than I could tell you. Leaving the castle when it's almost December is not the most genius plan I've ever had."

"Well I'm still enjoying it." Harry said seconds before he used his hand to undo Draco's belt; a moment later he was unbuttoning and unzipping his pants.

When Harry went to undo his own jeans, Draco caught him off guard and flipped him over onto the huge pillow. Both boys pulled their pants down to just below their bums and when Draco pressed his full body's weight against Harry, they both inhaled deeply at the skin on skin contact. Draco rubbed his erection up against Harry's and then Harry leaned up to suck on Draco's bottom lip.

After a wild bucking session, Draco wrapped his hand around Harry's shaft. Harry returned the favor. Both boy's arms were working hard to wank each other off and when Draco was close, he leaned down and bit Harry's neck. As he was coming, he placed his face into the crook of his neck to muffle his screams. Harry joined him soon after.

Taking a few moments to rest, Harry said, "I like that you're so noisy."

"You're loud yourself." Draco replied.

Harry cleaned up the mess with wandless magic and both boys pulled their pants up. Then they leaned side by side against the pillow, facing each other.

"Next time, let's find an empty room in the castle to go to so I can feel all of you against me." Draco stated.

"Mm, sounds good." Harry replied.

Looking into Draco's eyes, Harry asked, "So, what made you start to like me?"

Draco smiled and replied, "In fourth year, when you were fighting the dragon at the Triwizard Tournament – I realized that I was worried for you instead of happy to see you in danger. It freaked me out and I tried to force myself to hate you, but I couldn't. Then I started to think about everything and, well, you know how we could never leave each other alone -- always finding some reason to fight with each other? It made me wonder why you didn't ever fight with Vincent or Gregory like that. Then I realized it was because they didn't matter to you. I noticed that I never picked constant fights with anyone besides you. I tried to tell myself that it was because I hated you, but if I truly did I wouldn't obsess over you that much... I wouldn't even bother dealing with you, because you wouldn't be important. So apparently, me constantly needing to be around you - even for fighting - must have meant that I did care about you. After some time, I finally accepted it."

"Wow. I wish I would have realized it sooner." Harry said, cuddling closer to Draco's warm body.

"I'm just glad you finally did."

After the body heat from their little encounter died off, they walked back to the castle, embraced tightly, and then snuck off to their rooms.


As the days went by, the students and teachers became used to seeing Harry and Draco together. Dumbledore requested Harry's presence in his office to congratulate them on finally getting together. He also warned Harry that he had a bad feeling that something was going to happen soon. Harry told him that he was already being careful and planned to stay as far away from the crazy lady as possible.

Harry and Draco met up as often as they could, but being seventh years and having more homework and essays due than ever – it was hard. The teachers were relentless in their assignments because they were preparing them for graduation and the N.E.W.T. exams at the end of the school year.

After searching around for a couple days, the boys finally found an empty classroom they liked on the third floor near the Charms classroom. It was almost an even distance between the Gryffindor and Slytherin dorms. They frequented it and transfigured some of the desks and chairs into a nice large sofa for them to share and transfigured some parchment rolls into very soft fleece blankets. Draco often joked that it was perfect – but would be slightly nicer if there was a fireplace in the room.

They tried to meet up whenever possible to spend time together; usually staying way past curfew and would have to sneak back to their dorms, avoiding Filch, Snape, and Peeves.

The following Friday night, Harry and Draco met up in their room. Harry was sitting on the couch waiting for Draco. When he appeared, he practically bounced into the room and threw himself down on top of Harry. Their mouths met instantly and waves of pleasure flooded through their bodies.

"I'm going to pay you back." Draco stated with a menacing look on his face.

"For what?" Harry asked, trying to think of what the other boy could possibly mean.

"You'll see."

Draco reached down and slowly removed Harry's jeans and shorts. When this happened, Harry immediately grew hard in anticipation of what would happen next. Then Draco removed the rest of Harry's clothes and sweetly kissed his way from the tanned neck down to the fully hard erection.

Draco wrapped his hand around Harry and began to stroke him. Then he hunched over and placed his mouth onto his new toy and started working it, using both of his hands as well. Every time Harry would get close to orgasm, Draco would back off, give him a few moments, and then go back to sucking him. Much later, when he finally allowed Harry's release happen, it spilled onto the tanned stomach before Draco could catch the last pulses with his mouth. Then he leaned forward and drank up the spilled juice, to Harry's delight.

"You're the best boyfriend ever. Come here." Harry said as he pulled Draco towards him.

Draco obliged and they were instantly kissing, very slowly and passionately.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to this." Harry said, panting after they broke off.

"You better not. I still feel like I'm daydreaming half the time I'm with you." Draco replied.

After a few minutes break, Harry squirmed his way out from under Draco to return the favor.


A week later, Harry was eating his breakfast when Hermione tried to shove the newspaper into his space.

"No thanks." Harry said, blocking it with his hand.

"The front page is Lucius Malfoy's response to you dating Draco." Hermione said. She had been waiting for this article for almost two weeks now.

"I don't care, I'm not reading it."

"Well it's not bad, he just says that although he is upset with you for putting him in prison, he would love the opportunity of freedom so he can watch his son grow up and be happy."

Harry almost choked on his pumpkin juice. "Right. I'm sure the Wizarding community will buy that."

"Well at least we know what angle he is going to use to try to get out of Azkaban."

"Yeah, crying for the second time that Voldemort had him under the Imperius was really weak. He should have tried to come up with something better." Harry said as he looked towards Draco. Draco rolled his eyes for Harry's benefit, and Harry shook his head.

Classes were going fine that day. Out of habit now, Harry rushed to the Great Hall for lunch so he could see Draco. When he glanced in the room – he didn't see the blond head so he stepped back into the hallway and leaned up against a wall. Moments later he saw the familiar face speed walking towards him. When Draco saw him waiting, he smiled. He pressed his body up against Harry's, smashing him into the wall and placed a gentle kiss on his lips.

"A couple more classes and we will be free for the day." Harry said.

"Can't wait." Draco replied as he pressed something into Harry's hand and then squeezed it shut.

They both walked into the Great Hall, separated, and sat down at their respective tables.

Harry glanced down at his hand to see what Draco had given him. It was a folded up piece of paper and he shoved it into his pocket to look at later. He then put a pile of roasted potatoes onto his plate and started eating while listening to the conversation about what plans everyone had for the weekend and for the upcoming Holiday break. Harry heard flapping of wings as the mail came in. He glanced up but didn't see Hedwig, so he continued eating.

A few minutes later, someone was screaming.

"Draco! DRACO!" Pansy was standing up and shrieking. The entire Hall went silent. Harry looked over but he couldn't see Draco anywhere.

"He's gone!" Pansy continued screaming, "Professor, help!" She said while looking at Snape.

Harry, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, and McGonagall all rushed over to the Slytherin table.

"What's the matter?" Dumbledore asked. If the situation hadn't looked so bad, people might have been amazed at how much faster he got to the table than everyone else.

"I think it was a portkey! Look." Pansy said shoving a letter into the Headmaster's hand. "It's a note from his mom, I know her handwriting! She sent him a box with a ring inside. When he went to pick it up, he disappeared!"

Harry was instantly numb. He grabbed the note and the empty box and frantically tried touching everything Draco had received, hoping that there was another portkey to take him wherever Draco was sent to. Hermione and McGonagall had grabbed his arms and tried pulling him away from the table, realizing what he was trying to do. But even though Harry was very small for his age, he had years of muscle built up from playing Quidditch and easily escaped their arms.

After Harry had picked up and touched everything possible, he sank to the ground, shaking.

"Noooo! It's because of me! It's all my fault!" Harry cried. Strong arms picked him up by his waist and carried him out of the Great Hall, while everyone was still frozen and watching what was going on.

As soon as they left the Great Hall, Harry was placed on his feet. He looked up and saw that Ron was the one who had carried him.

"I'm sorry Harry, we'll get him back." Ron offered. Hermione was busy consoling Pansy.

The Headmaster, Professors, and the few students followed them out into the hallway and started walking towards Dumbledore's office. They had to practically carry Harry and Pansy.

Once there, Dumbledore conjured up a few comfortable chairs and calming tea for everyone. It wasn't enough to calm Harry down though.

"If something happens to him, I'll never forgive myself. I'm so stupid! It didn't even occur to me that because of the damn article, that he could be in danger!" Harry yelled.

"You didn't know this was going to happen, Harry. You can't blame yourself!" Hermione told him.

"Right. A crazy unstable woman wants to kill me. It shouldn't have occurred to me that she would try to get to the person I love. Oh God." Harry said, choking back what he was thinking: 'We've never even made love yet.' He thought to himself. He was trying not to cry in front of everyone, especially Snape, but his eyes were getting blurry with unspilled tears. He curled up into a ball in his chair so no one could see him.

Hermione was suddenly there wrapping her arms around him, trying to comfort the shaking body. It felt good, but Harry was so upset that he wouldn't let himself be consoled and tried to push her away with his hand.

The Professors were talking about the situation, but Harry wasn't able to pay attention. His heart was hurting so badly. He vaguely heard Snape floo through the fireplace to go to the Ministry and let the Aurors know what happened. Shortly after that Harry knew he had returned with company because the voice level got much higher with the Aurors asking all sorts of questions.

Harry was a complete mess and he didn't know what he could do to help Draco. He didn't even have a clue where he was. Some of the Aurors were leaving to go to Malfoy Manor – but Harry knew his love wouldn't be there.


The next thing Draco knew, he was arriving in a shack of some sort. The walls were crumbled all around and parts of the roof were caved in. It had a mucky old smell to it, like it had been abandoned for years.

Because he had been sitting on the bench when he touched the portkey and there wasn't one where the was transported to, he fell to the ground. He saw four legs appear in front of him and he looked up to see who they belonged to.

"Mother?" Draco said. "What's going on?"

Narcissa and Bellatrix yanked him off the ground and Narcissa slapped him hard. Bellatrix took his wand before he could react.

"How dare you! You're dating the half-blood that put your Father in Azkaban and destroyed the Dark Lord! How could you do this to your family?" Narcissa screamed. "I should have let your Father kill you when he had the chance! I protected you and this is how you repay me?"

"What? No…" Draco said, suddenly realizing the situation he was in.

"We're going to bring your pathetic little boyfriend here and kill him. You can watch." Bellatrix announced in a singsong voice, practically skipping with cheer.

"I don't understand. I thought you didn't want me to join Voldemort's Army!" Draco said while looking into his Mother's cold eyes.

"No, I fully supported the Dark Lord and your Father! I nursed you back to health because I thought you would have time to make the right choice and accept the Dark Mark. You disrespected your family by refusing! But by the time you were healed up, the War was almost over and it was looking bad for our side and I was afraid to lose you. But now you've gone and brought even more shame to our name by dating that scrawny scar-headed brat!"

"No, don't hurt him. I love him!"

Bellatrix was laughing in the background and said, "This is going to be so much fun! My Master will be thrilled. Harry Potter is sure to come and rescue you, if he truly has any feelings for you. And if he doesn't come, I'm sure you'll die of a broken heart waiting and we'll just have to find another way to get to him. Either way, this is sure to be fun!"

Narcissa pointed her wand at her son and pushed him in the direction to the back of the shack.

"You will stay here. We've put an alarm around the room, so don't try to sneak out. You'll regret it if you do." She said as she pushed Draco into an even smaller and messier room.

Draco stumbled into the room and heard the door slam shut behind him. He heard his mother putting complicated locks on the door so he couldn't open it. If he had his wand, he was sure he knew how to remove them, but Bellatrix had already taken it from him.

The first thing Draco noticed was the overpowering smell of all the piles of trash everywhere. It reeked of stale old body fluids, decomposing food, and other unrecognizable stench – and this was during the winter. He couldn't even imagine how bad the smell would be if it was summer time. This brought him to the second thing he noticed: the freezing temperature. He wasn't sure which he would prefer, the numbing cold of winter or the horrid smell the place would surely have during the summer.

Draco walked over to a corner and started kicking trash around, trying to find a spot on the carpet that wasn't stained with something. One of the corners didn't look too bad, so he made a small clear spot and sat down. He wondered how long he would be there.

As the sun started going down hours later, the temperature was quickly dropping. Draco teeth were chattering and he was freezing. He wasn't dressed warm at all since his entire day had been spent in the castle. The room his Mother and Aunt were in had a makeshift fire going when he arrived, but no heat was coming into his room. He stood up and gathered some of the nasty clothing he had kicked around earlier - picking up the cleanest ones possible. Then he went back to his corner and piled the clothing on top of him. He knew it would make him smell horrible, but that didn't matter any longer.

Hours later, he still hadn't fallen asleep. He wasn't sure what time it was, but he guessed it was well after midnight.

'So cold,' Draco thought while shivering on the ground. 'I wonder how selfish it is that I want Harry to come rescue me. No! He better not come - they'll kill him if he does. Harry… stay where you are!' Draco pleaded in his mind. It broke his heart when he thought of how scared and upset Harry must be, not knowing where Draco was. He knew that Harry would still be at the castle, blaming himself for everything right now. 'It's not your fault,' Draco wanted to tell him, 'I don't blame you for anything.'

Draco closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep. Even though he was numb from the cold, his heart was aching to be with Harry.

-end of chapter-