Chapter 1: When I lost my love.

Seto's POV

Why is he here? What am I doing? Why am I on top of him? What got in to me? Maybe, so you could understand I have to go when it all started. I think you all know my name; in case you don't I am Seto Kaiba and I am 20 years old. Right now I am in my room with one of my brother's friends. Lets go back 2 weeks ago when we met….

For me it was like any other day. I was taking all my raff on my laptop; I was still sad and mad of what happen 3 years ago, when we lost… Joey.

Flash back

It was 6:30 am and I woke up. It was my 1-year anniversary of Joey and I being boyfriends. We were going on a date for the whole day, but what I didn't know is that is was going to be our last one. I went to Joey's room to wake him up.

"Hey puppy, wake up." I whispered in his ear.

"Good morning Seto." Joey woke up with a smile. He wrapped his arms in my neck and kissed me in my lips. "Happy anniversary my love" He said.

"To you too, my loveable puppy." I said. Then he got out of the bed and we both went to bathe together. And because Mokuba was in his friend's house, we could do that without anyone saying anything. When we where ready to go we went to eat breakfast in Joey's favorite dinner.

"Is this it Joey?" I asked him when I saw that that dinner wasn't half bad.

"Yeah. The food here is the best."

"Hello my name is Lola and I am your waitress today. Is that you Joey?"

"Lola? You've change a lot since the last time I saw you." Joey was happy to see her. By the looks of it they were friends.

"And who is this? Is this your friend?" She asked when she saw me.

"I am Seto Kaiba, nice to meet you." I said just being nice because he was a friend of my lover.

"Nice to meet you too. Are you the CEO of Kaiba Corp?"

"Yes. Now we are ready to order." I was getting mad so I changed the topic.

"Oh Yeah sorry. What would it be?" She asked nicely.

"I'll have a stack of pancakes, bacon, 2 eggs and milk." Joey said impatiently.

"I'll just pancakes and coffee." I said. Then Joey and I talked about what we've been trough together.

"You know Seto, I wouldn't know what to do without you. I happy I met you and I love you with all my heart."

"Joey, you are my puppy and I love you and I always will, no matter what." Then we got closer and we kissed. Then the waitress came.

"Just friends?" She asked with a smile that said -how cute-.

Joey broke the kiss to answer her. "Well a little more than that." She smiled back and leaved, leaving the plates with food. Before we ate we kissed again. Joey ate like there was no tomorrow. We finished and after leaving, Lola (I think that is her name) said to Joey "You pick good ones."

After that we went to buy some clothes. I chose something for Joey and he chose something for me. After that we went to see a movie that I chose. Joey liked it and I well not a lot. We went to eat to an Italian restaurant. Joey ordered a pizza and spaghetti just for him, and I ordered lasagna.

"Joey take it easy. You are going to choke if you keep eating like that." I said while I was looking at him shoving the pizza in his mouth.

"Don't worry I am used to eating like this." He got closer and kissed me in the lips. He tasted like tomato sauce. I just smiled back. We finished and went to walk in the park. It was 7 o'clock and we decided to head to the mansion. We were few blocks away of the mansion.

"Joey I was wondering, would you ever leave me?" I said it while I was holding his hand.

"Seto why do you ask that. I love you and I would never leave you as long as you live."

"Joey I love you too." We stopped walking and we kissed in a long and passionate kiss. Then we heard a scream.

"That sounds like my sister." Joey unwrapped his arms off me and went running from where the sound was coming. I grabbed the bags and went running after him. When I got there Joey was shot. I felt like someone just stabbed me in the back with a knife; a cold feeling went up my spine, I felt on my knees and my eyes started watering. I've never felt like that. I stood up, went running to the mansion, I went up stairs into my room, lock the door and cried in my bed. After a while, I felt asleep.

End of flash back.

And there I was exactly 3 years later. All the love and warmth that he gave me went away and now I am my old self, my old cold bastard self…

Sorry that I killed Joey. Maybe later in the story it would make sense. This is my first fan fiction so review please.