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Chapter 3: Iritation

The next morning, Sora wakes up in the sand and looks at his shoes, which are being splashed by waves. This makes Sora need to pee -- badly!

Sora looks to his left side and sees Riku lying there asleep while holding his hand. He unlatches Riku's hand from his, but this only makes Riku moan and grab his arm, using it to hug and as a pillow.

Unable to wait any longer to use the toilet, Sora decides to wake Riku up. "Riku. Riku!"

Riku just moans and tightens his grasp.

"Riku! You have to let go of me! I've gotta 'go' . . . now!" Sora yells.

Riku looks up at Sora groggily, then sees that he is hanging on him. He lets go, so Sora runs to the toilet he built.

When Sora returns, he stands next to Riku and stretches. "Sorry I had to wake you, Riku. I was just about to wet myself and you were holding on to me and--,"

"Shut-up!" Riku yells to him.

Sora is quiet and in shock. "Well, it looks like somebody woke-up on the wrong side of the island today!"

"I said 'shut-up'!" Riku repeats.

"What's wrong, Riku? Were you holding onto me because you were having another nightmare?"

Riku jumps up, his leg all better, and glares at Sora. "Stop it!"

"What? What'd I do?" Sora asks. "Riku, I'm just worried about you!"

"I'm not a baby!" Riku yells, pushing Sora down.

"Riku! Stop it!" Sora yells angrily. He gets up and glares at Riku. "What's wrong with you!"

"Shut-up!" Riku pushes him down again.

Sora jumps up and pushes Riku down. "Riku, please stop! Just tell me what's wrong!"

"Stop making fun of me!" Riku screams, punching Sora in the face.

"Brat!" Sora insults, punching him in the face.

Riku lunges in fury at him, but Sora dodges and grabs the top of Riku's underwear. He pulls them upward, giving him an atomic wedgie and revealing a little bit of his butt, since his pants are sagging and his shirt is no longer tucked in.

"Aaaaaaaaa!" Riku cries. "Sora, you'll pay for that!" He turns around and jumps right on top of Sora on the ground. He grabs Sora's cheeks and stretches them, so Sora mimicks.

"Stupid baby!" Sora calls. Riku's eyes fill with water. "Yeah, you crybaby! Cry!"

Riku holds in his tears and continues to fight Sora. A couple of minutes later, a figure runs up to them. Sora hits Riku so hard that he falls into the ocean on a pile of sharp, pointed rocks. The pain from it causes Riku to sit there and weep. Sora is the winner.

"Boys! Boys!" a familiar voice yelles, seeing the scene.

Sora turns and looks at its source -- King Mickey! "Your Highness!" Sora salutes. King Mickey sees that Sora has a black eye, a tooth missing from the left side of his mouth, and his clothes are torn.

"Sora, what is the meaning of this!" Mickey scolds.

"Riku started it!" Sora informs, pointing to Riku.

"Riku!" Mickey yells. He helps Riku onto the shore and sees that his clothes are torn and that his face is red and swollen with tears. "Are you okay!"

"No!" Riku answers. "My butt hurts!"

"Good! That's what you deserve!" Sora smiles.

"Both of you, be quiet!" Mickey orders. "Now, Sora, will you please tell me what happened?"

"Yeah. This morning, I needed to pee really bad and Riku was hanging on me in his sleep so I woke him up so I could go and when I got back he was mad and told me to shut-up and I asked what was wrong and he pushed me down twice and we starting fighting," Sora explains.

"Is that true, Riku?" Mickey asks strictly.

"Yeah," Riku sniffs and sobs.

"Come on, Riku. Let's take a look at those injuries," Mickey instructs, leading Riku ove to under the shelter. Sora goes away to give them some privacy.

"Well, I guess we're gonna need another bed and chair," Sora sighes while scratching the back of his sweaty neck.

While Sora is building on a bed, he hears a terrible scream coming from where Mickey and Riku went. He shrugs his shoulders and continues hammering.

A few minutes later, King Mickey approaches Sora. "Hey, Sora? Riku wants to talk to you."

Sora lays down his tools and goes to the shelter. He sees Riku lying on his stomach in his bed while spraddled out, so he walks up to him.

"Riku? Did you want me?" Sora asks.

". . . Yeah," Riku answers weakly.

Sora pulls up a chair and sits in it next to Riku. "What is it?"

"I just . . . wanted to apologize for acting like that this morning. I was on edge because of those nightmares and embarassed because I was holding on to you for protection like some baby," Riku cries softly. "But that's no excuse. I shouldn't have taken it out on you. I'm sorry. Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?"

"Of coarse, Riku!" Sora smiles. "I think you got what you deserved!" Sora pauses, then asks, "What was that awful scream about?"

"King Mickey used alcohol on my cuts and it burned really bad. Him wrapping tight bandages over it didn't help any, either," Riku explains. "You know, Sora, you've really gotten a lot stronger. I guess Kairi doesn't need me anymore."

"Aw, come on, Riku! That's not true!"

"You're right. She doesn't need you either," Riku agrees. Sora looks at him questioningly. "She's a ninja."

Sora laughs. Riku laughs, too. King Mickey approaches them.

"Well, it's good to see that you two have made up!" Mickey says happily. "Now, Riku, I hope you've learned your lesson!"

"Yeah," Riku replies. "That was rather painful and embarassing."

"Poor King Mickey!" Sora laughs. "Having to see Riku there!"

"Hey!" Riku yells, blushing.

"Yeah, I guess I'm pretty brave, huh?" Mickey braggs.

That night, Sora, Riku, and Mickey are sitting in their chairs around the fire while eating paopu fruits. Riku is rather in pain, though, due to his bottom sitting in the chair.

"Hey, King Mickey?" Sora asks. "How are we gonna get off this island?"

"Well, I'm not really sure yet," he admits sadly. Riku bursts into laughter. "I don't see what's so funny about that, Riku!" he scolds.

"No, it's not that!" he giggles. "Sora's got paopu juice all over his face!"

"And so do you!" Sora calls as he squirts juice on him.

"Hey!" Riku yells while wiping the juice off of his face. Riku giggles and he returns fire at Sora.

"Hey! Stop it, you two!" Mickey scolds. "Or no bedtime story!"

Riku and Sora immediately stop and continue to eat. Riku smiles mischeiviously at Sora, and on the silent count of three they soak Mickey with paopu juice.

"That is it!" Mickey yells, getting up from his chair. "You're both gettting spanked!"

"W-what!" Riku asks, wide-eyed with fear.

"But, your majesty, you said you'd not read us a bedtime story!" Sora reminds.

"Well, I guess I'll go easy on ya this time. No bedtime story!" Mickey gives in.

Sora and Riku sigh with relief, then head toward the ocean to wash off.

"Man, what a party-pooper!" Riku laughs, swishing his hands around in the water.

"Yeah, but at least he's not gonna whip us," Sora reminds.


"Well, it could be worse. It could be Ans--"

"Don't say it! Don't say his name!" Riku yells.

"Is everything alright?" Mickey asks, approaching the scene.

"Yeah, Riku's just having bad flashbacks," Sora informs.

Riku grunts and stomps off moodily toward the shelter, leaving Sora and Mickey on the beach together.

"Riku's been having trouble the whole time. He can't seem to get Ansem outta his head," Sora says.

"I see . . .," Mickey says. "I guess it'd be hard to, after all he's been through."

"Yeah. He told me about his first and last beatings."

"There's more than that. He went through so much more . . . and still is."

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