Title: A Touch of Sunlight Rating: PG-13 Warnings: Shounen-ai Pairings: Julious/Clavis -----------------

Overheard the sun cast its rays onto already heated skin. One golden and one much fairer, they before the vastness of the ocean as one. The gentle spray of ocean waves spattered skin with a cool salted mist, and the gently rolling tide licked hungrily at the exposed flesh of their feet as they lay intertwined in the sand and knew nothing but one another.

Long, jet black hair was intermixed with a sheet of light as the blonde man pinned his companion to the sandy ground. His bronzed hands held down wrists that were ghostly pale from lack of sun, while sun kissed thighs rested atop sunless ones. They were the shadow and the light, neither could exist without the other, and this was the final testament to that. It had been the beginning, and now it would be the end. They had come together in the beginning, and now they would part in the end.

"We can't do this anymore Clavis," the blonde whispered, lips brushing against the other's ear before he placed one final, lingering kiss upon the lips of his shadowy beloved. Then, rolling over to lay beside his partner guardian, he waited.

"I know," came the expected reply with a only hint of bitterness and resentment that went unmasked. Clavis knew all too well the weighty meaning of dutifiul ties impressed upon them as Guardians. He reached out for one of Julious' hands and twined their fingers together.

Then suddenly the wind picked up, the dream broke, scattering like so muchdust in the wind, and dark eyes opened to a view of the moon, which cast an ethereal glow upon both land and sea. He was alone, utterly alone as always, and he knew that only in dreams would he be gifted with the treasured touch of sunlight.