Title: Water's Devotion
Rating: G
Warnings: Implied Shounen-ai
Pairings: onesided: Lumiale/Clavis, implied: Julious/Clavis

A picture is worth a thousands words, and yet yours took my breath away, leaving me completely and utterly speechless. In homage to you, my perfect creation had been brought forth into existence, the careful strokes of a brush over canvas in colors of varying hues...and when it was done, perfection peered back at me. And it is true, I have rendered you as you should be, smiling, passionate, but not for me..never for me, but for him.

You worry now, your brows knitted together in perpetual worry as a frown mars your handsome visage, a visage I adore only second to the you that lies within. And yet still you would rather risk failure, would rather struggle toward the light that you believe defines you, instead of the gentle waves that come to caress your darkened shores...That waves that have helped to sooth you all these years, that will continue to do so even after you have deserted them completely. And yet, I know this will not happen if I but had the heart to turn him from you, or you from him...but I would not, cannot bear to see what it would do to you even if I could sooth it all away in the end.

And so it is that I sign my name with a careful flourish and, into the arms of my object of my wonder and of my highest devotion, deliver my most wondrous piece, so that it can be given to another, in hopes that you will regain your light in full. But for your sake, I will not wallow, and I will always be here waiting, patient as a lake on a calm summer night, so that should he so carelessly discard you and break you, then here I will be to pick up your pieces and mold them together again.