Sighing, I flew around heaven's main palace in search of Access. Of all the angels that had come to celebrate our achievements, he was the one that I had really wanted most to see that wasn't there. Three of us were chosen to go to earth for a few days, ironically all three were part of the four of us in our close 'circle'. Access would be left alone and I knew that it upset him greatly. The poor boy was looking forward to it more than all of us combined. Finally I realized where he must be and took to the air. Whenever he was upset he always seemed to go to the same place: the garden.

Snowcap Mountain VI

By: Satashi

"Access! I know you're here!" Fin called out, looking around. "Where are you?" She turned around in a slow circle and finally spotted his legs out on a tree limb. Flying over to it, she crossed her arms when she saw him laid back against the tree with a half eaten apple in his hand. "Access, I keep telling you, if you eat unripe fruit the next season won't be as good!"

"Shut up, I like it like this better." He took another bite of the bitter sour fruit and chewed it slowly. The wind blew around them lightly, tossing his blondish brown waist length hair across his face.

"You're so difficult." Fin sat on the tree limb as well and crossed her legs. "Why didn't you come to the celebration?"

He shrugged before replying. "I celebrated with you guys last night. I wanted to come out here instead."

"It'll only be four days. We'll be back before you know it."

Access took another bite out of his fruit and chewed angrily. "I should have been chosen."

"That's the kind of attitude that's probably the reason why you weren't," She scolded him, pointing her finger. "You always do those things!"

"Do not!" He climbed to his feet and spread out his white wings.

"Look at you, already getting angry!" she stood up as well. "Toki said there was something you wanted to tell me, so tell me so I can leave if you're going to be all huffy about it!"

Access faltered a moment and fin sighed at him and turned to leave. "Fin, wait!" He got her to turn around. "Um…" He gripped his fist and shouted out what he had to say before he lost his nerve. "Come back soon, okay?"

Fin blinked a moment before smiling at him. "Okay. I will."

"And… when you do…" He blushed lightly. "I want to tell you something. So will you listen to it?"

"As if!" She hopped off the tree limb and flew away slowly. "Who'd want you listen to you're loud mouth?"


She turned and laughed at him. "I'm just kidding! Of course I'll listen to you! So, don't forget okay? It's a promise?"

"Yeah!" He flew up next to her and smiled. "It's a promise." Access offered her his pinky, which she took while giggling. The two shook it three times before letting go and grinning at each other.

"Eating unripe fruit again I see." A new voice came up, catching their attention. "Access, you shouldn't be around an angel like Fin. Your bad habits may rub off on her."

"Seth," Access growled lightly. He had never liked him. The angel was looking up at him with a smug look on his face. Large black wings graced his back and black hair splashed to the middle of his back. Everywhere he went he seemed to leave a small trail of black feathers behind him. "Why don't you go train or something? You're not welcome here."

"Don't be so rude," Fin whispered to him. "Just because you don't like him doesn't give you a reason to act like that."

"Upset that you weren't chosen to descend to earth?" Seth taunted up to him. "Or maybe that Lord Michael still hasn't accepted you, despite how you always helping him out?"

"Access' wings look just fine as they are!" Fin called down to him before Access could. "He doesn't need black wings to prove his loyalty; his actions speak much louder than mere words!" She grabbed her friend's wrist and turned. "Come on, let's go." She fumed, angrily at herself for lashing out after just telling her friend not to.

Access allowed himself to be drug off by the smaller angle a while before finally righting himself and flying after her. "I don't see why he has to be such a jerk to me," Access scoffed aloud. "I've never done anything to him."

"There's probably a reason somewhere." Fin let go of his wrist and kept flying to their usual hang out area.

"Yeah, he never likes it when you're with me."

"Don't get full of yourself now."

"Hey, I-" Access' reply was cut off by a tackle from behind. "What the?"

"Hey man, where were you?" Toki grinned and gave his best friend a noogie. "We missed you at the party!"

"Toki, behave yourself." A female voice came up. She had long light blond hair and crystal blue eyes. Long white silk robes graced her body and beautiful white wings were behind her. "Leave the poor boy alone."

"Celcia!" Fin waved at her female friend.

"Yeah, yeah." Toki let Access go and smirked at him. He was wearing a cross between cloth and leather armor, black wings on his back. "But still. People asked about you."

"Really?" Access couldn't help but smile. "Awesome."

"So what's the plan for tonight?" Toki leaned against the bottom of a tree while the girls chose to sit on a stone bench. Access laid out on the grass with his hands behind his head. "Lord Ruri is having a dinner party I think."

"And Gabriel is having a sermon too." Celcia put her hands in front of herself and sighed longingly. "Ahhh, he's so handsome."

"I have training tomorrow so nothing too exciting." Access spoke up to them. "Besides, you'll need your energy for flying around on earth… Ah man, I wish I could feel how the sun shines on you."

"I'll soak up enough sun for both of us, bro." Toki laughed at him, getting a grin back.

The next day Access watched with a dejected heart as his three friends waved to him as they flew down from heaven's gate and down to the blue sphere below. Fin twirled as she flew down and tried to go faster, only to be caught up with and passed by Toki. Celcia laughed at both of them and flew next to Fin as well and waved one last time to the angels watching them.

"What are you going to do first?" Toki asked excitedly.

"I want to look at the mountains!" Celcia started quickly, flying off to some hills in the distance. "I'll catch up with you later!"

"I want to soak up the sun for a while." Fin looked up into the sky and shielded herself from the light with one hand. "After that, I'm going to a town and see what everyone on earth does for fun."

"In that case, I'm off to just explore." Toki saluted her. "If you need any help just call."

"Sure, sure." She waved him off. Once he was out of her sight she stretched out and flew over to a nearby tree and laid on the top branch, for once glad she was tiny. She looked up into the sky contently as she sprawled out and absorbed the sun's rays. 'I feel a hundred times stronger already!' she thought to herself as she laid there.

After an hour or so passed she lazily stood up and took to the air, only to be rammed into be a frantic looking Toki. "Fin!" he caught her before she could fall any farther down. "Big trouble! Celcia's been caught by a human!"

"What?" Fin's mind whirled. "But they aren't supposed to see us! What happened?"

"I don't know, I can't do anything by myself so I ran to get you! Together we can rescue her."

"Then let's go!" Fin took off after him and bit her thumb nail nervously. 'Less than a few hours and we've already gotten in trouble…I hope nothing bad happens out of this.' She looked forward at Toki's determined face. One hand was on his sword hilt, lightly holding it in his grasp. She felt a little better knowing that he was there with her, being trained to protect the white winged angels.

The place Toki led her to was a large temple in the middle of a city on the mountain. Flying down to it, the pair went through a window and looked down into the living room area. A man was sitting down reading a book, occasionally glancing down to an unconscious Celcia covered in a small handkerchief.

"Oh my gosh!" fin covered her mouth. "She's knocked out or something?"

"I guess so." Toki licked his lips. "Fin, I'm going to fly in and distract him. I want you to take Celcia and get away from here. I'll catch up to you. If not, then I want you to go to heaven and tell Michael what happened."


"Get ready." He leaned forward and after getting a nod from fin turned his attention on the man sitting down. "Hyaa!" He flew forward quickly, startling him. Unsheathing his sword, a flash of holy power was emitted and a splash of blood rang out form the man's hand.

"Come on Celcia," Fin spoke to friend softly, scooping her up. "You'll be okay."

"Fin?" She opened her eyes and gaped at her. "What are you doing here?"

"You're awake!"

"Yes, I just felt a little dizzy. I fell down from the sky and Sagami caught me."

"You mean… he didn't capture you?"

"Oh no!" Celcia looked shocked. "I was just having trouble breathing the air here. He helped me."

"Um… oops." She turned around, seeing Toki flying in an offensive stance and the man apparently known as Sagami backing against the wall with a horrified look on his face. "Toki!" She called to him frantically.

"Fin! You should have escaped!" Toki risked a glance over his shoulder before flying down over to the two angels.

"Toki you have it all wrong, he helped me!"


The black winged angel sat down embarrassedly after hearing the whole story. "I see… I'm very sorry for attacking you, Mr. Sagami."

"It's okay, I'm glad that Celcia has such wonderful friends. Besides…" he lifted the sleeve of his robe and gently placed his hand in a wooden bucket. The three angels all gasped audibly as the wound suddenly started to heal on it's own before their very eyes. "This is holy water; I use it to cure the sick in this village."

"Oh wow!" Toki looked at the water in awe. "That must be why you are able to see us."

"Speaking of sick, are you okay Celcia?"

"Yes, I'm just feeling a little drained." She blushed lightly. "I'm sorry to have caused you both so much trouble."

"No trouble at all." Fin took a handful of her own hair and slowly started taking some away until she got down to a single strand of hair. "I guess it can't be helped. Here you go, Celcia honey." Fin plucked the long strand of hair from her head and lightly tossed it on her friend.

A pillar of bright white light flashed up around the girl for a few seconds, illuminating the already brightly lit room with its radiance. When it died down, Celcia was beaming at her happily. "Wow, that's to be expected from Fin Fish! I feel a thousand times better already!"

"What was that?" Sagami asked curiously, not able to hide his astonishment.

"An angel's power is stored in their hair," Toki explained while the two girls flew around the house while examining things. "A really powerful angel has golden hair, and the super powerful ones are rumored to even get white hair."

"But why is Fin's hair green?" He asked the small angel.

"Actually, it turned that color over night once. She's really sensitive about it."

"It's such an odd color." Fin said, obviously over hearing them. "I wonder why this happened to me…"

"I think it's very lovely." Sagami smiled at her, making Fin's heart skip a beat.

"Th-thank you…" She looked down, blushing.

"And your hair?" he turned back to Toki, who grinned lightly.

"Black winged angel's hair is normally blondish white because we are trained hard to fight demons. That takes a lot of power to do so we all look the same really." Toki reached back and took a handful of his brown hair. "I still have a long way to go, but I'm a fast learner. It may not be very light yet, but it's long. The longer an angel's hair is, the more powerful they are as well."

"I see."

"Angels are naturally infused with power," Fin told him happily. "When a human dies with a lot of spiritual power left over, he or she becomes an angel. When we have enough energy, God sends us back to earth to be reborn as humans again. Even you, when you pass, will become one. I'm sure."

"Thank you, Fin."

"What do you mean you want to help him make the holy water?" Celcia asked loudly. Fin and her were outside the temple in the air. They were supposed to return to heaven the next day so Fin had just decided to tell her friend what she was thinking.

"Just for a little bit." She promised her. "You've seen how many people come here to be healed. It's not fair for him to have to make it all on his own. He's probably spiritually drained every day because of it!"

"But Fin, Toki will never allow you to…"

"I know, that's why I want you to talk to him for me."

"Me? But… But…"

"Hey girls." Toki flew up to them and waved. "I found a really neat cave near by. I want you to go explore it with me."

"Sure!" Celcia agreed readily, taking the chance to think about what her friend had just told her without having to reply right away. "Where at?"

"Over behind the shrine. Come on, it's this way." Toki turned and flew away, making the two females follow him quickly so they wouldn't lose sight of him. "Right over here," He descended slowly until he was at the mouth of a cave. Lights went down it, illuminating the way so they could explore safely. "I think Sagami comes here to make the holy water."

"Oh really?" Fin flew past him and into the tunnel, followed closely by her friends. "Wow, I feel a great holy power here. I wonder where it's coming fr-" Fin stopped flying suddenly and Celcia bumped into her.

"Fin, don't stop so suddenly, I… what the?"

Toki flew in front of them and gasped. Before his eyes was a large chunk of ice, almost six feet tall and four feet thick. Around it was a rope with several holy seals on it as well. But what made them all stop so suddenly was what was on the inside. A young girl, no more than thirteen, was frozen inside of it, lifeless. A trail of melted ice rolled down the front of the ice crystal and dripped into a wooden bucket below.

"This… is what makes the holy water…" Toki swallowed thickly.

"So you found it, huh?" Sagami stepped up behind them

"Why are you doing this?" Celcia flew up to him but suddenly fell to the ground clasping her head in pain. "Ah….What's this pain?"

"Do you have any idea how much people pay for this water? People from all over Japan come here for a drink. I can make thousands, nay, millions! But the ice is melting much too slow. I need to increase the power. My sister Natsuki won't last much longer in the ice before she starts to decay."

"You used your own sister for this? You're sick!" Toki threw out his arm in aggravation. "How could you?

"Sagami, what's come over you?" Fin flew up to him as close as she dared to go, lest she fall like her friend. "I know you're not like this!"

"And how is that?"

"Because I'm her!" She shouted out, frightened. "I'm Natsuki! I didn't remember it all at first but after a while it all came back to me. Brother!"

"Hahaha, this is great!" Sagami reached out and took a hold of Fin in his hand.

"Don't touch her!" Toki flew forward and drew his sword, slicing quickly and flaring blood out from Sagami's chest from the air pressure alone of the swing. "Let Fin go!"

"Such things are meaningless." The human ran his free hand along the ice and then over his chest, healing the wound instantly. "Begone, pest!" He opened his eyes and glared, sending an invisible blast to the small black winged angel that sent him reeling into the cave wall and robbing him of his consciousness.

"Brother, stop this, please!"

"You served me well as a human, now you'll serve me even better as an angel! All I need is your power!" He drew a knife from his pocket and pulled up Fin's hair.

"No! Don't!" Fin tried to stop the man from cutting her hair desperately. "Help me! Toki! Celcia! ACCESSSSSS!"

With a quick swish, the knife severed the angle's hair, leaving only the two front beings intact. For a moment Fin looked too stunned to move, and then a large blast of energy shook the area as a pillar of light erupted from the ground and exploded the cave and the surrounding area.

Access faltered in mid flight and looked quickly to the side. "Fin?" He shook his head and closed his eyes a moment, trying to figure out why he just heard his friend call out his name. A sick feeling came to his stomach and he quickly turned to fly to Heaven's gate so he could look down on earth. If he hurried, he could leave the garden and get there in only a few minutes if he flew at top speed.

"Where you going, Access?" Seth's voice taunted him as he flew in his way, making the white winged angel stop in his tracks. "I don't think you have any business over there."

"Out of my way!" He demanded angrily. "I need to check on something and don't have time to deal with you right now!"

"Don't worry, it's already been done."

"What do you mean?" The two angels circled each other in flight as they talked. "What do you know?"

"The time has come for me to leave this dump. All I have to do to finish my mission is make sure you don't reach Fin in time to stop her."

"Stop her from what?"

"From falling of course." Seth raised his hand up in front of him. "Right into the devil's hand." He closed his fist to illustrate his point. "The stage has been set and I put all the actors in place."

"You're a spy!" Access suddenly realized, eyes going wide. "What have you done with Fin?"

"Ah yes, what have I done, indeed?" he grinned sickly, showing his fangs. "What haven't I done is a more feasible question. You see, Satan has had a plan for the longest time to turn the war in his favor. All we needed was a willing angel to help us out. Fin, having the most spiritual power, was the prime choice. By now the angels know about the explosion on earth. When Fin's hair was cut all of her power left her body. No telling how many humans died."

"You bastard!" Access's fist gripped tightly. "You set all this up to happen?"

"Why yes I did, and the judgment that will happen in just a few minutes when Fin is retrieved from earth. My partner is already on the job. He'll tell her that Satan can save her, that she was wrongly accused, and only need to take his hand to be rescued. As long as she doesn't see you, everything will work out fine. She'll find Jeanne and seal the demons on earth and we'll take that power for ourselves!"

"Like hell you will!" Access shot forward like a bullet and slugged the angel as hard as he could. The brief contact with him, however, caused a searing pain on his knuckles. Looking down at his hand, he realized that he had several burn marks across his flesh. "What the…?"

Seth slowly moved his head back to look at him, licking the blood that trickled from his busted lip. "Don't you know, Access?" The black feathers on his wings started to fall off faster than normal, revealing leather bat wings in their place. "When an angel touches a fallen angel, his power is absorbed. We're powerful empty vessels… But I'll be more than happy to sap all your energy until you wither away!" He lunged to Access and grabbed his shoulders.

"Ahhhhh!" Access' scream rang out long and hard as he felt his life force be literally sucked out of his body. "Let me go!" He kicked away forcefully and fell to the ground, too weak to actually fly anymore. Panting, he tried remember how to stand while Seth flew down at him tauntingly.

"Don't worry. I'll take good care of Fin in hell," he assured him. "After all, I'm the one that will help her after she falls from heaven…" He kicked Access in the gut, making him double over in pain. "And to think! She called to you for help when she was in the greatest danger! Ha!"

Access' eye opened wide and he lunged forward again, gripping Seth around the neck and squeezing. The pain was instant and the life drain started again. Access tightened his grip, though, seeing an image of fin flash across his eyes. 'If I can't stop you from falling into their plans, I'll never forgive myself!'

"Hahaha, What do you plan on doing?" Seth sneered at him, trying to free his neck from the angel's hands. "You can't beat me! You can't…" Suddenly he started having difficulty breathing. "What…Let me go!"

"Never!" Access' word escaped his mouth with a scream of pain, searing energy crackled around them as their life source was exposed. "You forget!" Access pressed upwards on him, getting a height advantage and forcing Seth to his knees. "If my willpower is greater than yours, I can reverse the flow!" He felt a tingling in his hands as he gripped harder, drawing blood from the neck he was crushing.

"Access! Stop it!" Seth clawed frantically at the hands holding him, voice barley coming out in a chocked whisper. "Stop!"

"You hurt Fin!" He screamed again, eyes losing his pupils and being replaced by a purple glow from the fallen angel's power. "I could have helped her but you got in my way! If she dies because of this…!" Another yell escaped his lips and Seth fell on his back with Access kneeling on his chest, still choking him.

"Acc…ess…" Seth's eyes were losing their focus as his energy drain was still being revered on him.

Access felt the demonic energy rip through his veins, burning him with a fiery passion that he had never known before. He saw his hair spilled over his shoulders and change colors before his very eyes, staining a dark purple and robbing it of the brown that it once was. The body below him was lifeless now, but he gripped it tighter, furious.

The energy kept coming, drawing into him like a thirst he couldn't quench no matter how much he drank. Never before had he known such anger, a desire to punish those that had wronged him and his precious friends. The tips of his hair were now changed as well and started to grow longer and thicker. Once it went a little past his waist it stopped and the searing burning energy went to his back, where it fused with his wings.

The body of Seth started to shrivel and soon flake apart. "Ashes to ashes…" Access growled and forced the last of Seth's energy into his own body. He felt his teeth cry in pain as his canines grew, a reflection of the person's in front of him. "Dust to dust!"

Seth's body exploded into dust, leaving nothing behind but two detached bat wings. Finally free of the energy suction, Access threw his head back and yelled in anger, purple energy flashing all around him.

"Fin!" He pushed himself off the ground and spread his wings, slinging black feathers as he did so. Turning, his long purple hair soared out behind him as he took to the air. Wind rushed all around him as he flew as quickly as possible. The doors to Michael's room burst open as he approached and he found the man sitting at his desk with a shocked look on his face. "Michael!"

"Access!" He looked shocked to see the Angel as he was in front of him. Before he could ask what had happened to him, Access cut him off.

"It's Fin, sir!" he didn't pay attention when Michael told him that he already knew. "It's not that! She was set up! Seth was a spy! It's a trick by Satan to get her to fall so he can use her against us! We have to stop it!"

Michael leapt to his feet and ran down the hallway with access flying close behind. "We don't have much time; Lord Ruri was on the scene seconds after it happened!"

Fin's tears hadn't stopped since she had been recovered from the scene. She stood tall, almost five foot four with dark ember hair chopped at shoulder length and two beings in front of her going just below her breast. The sudden release of her power had changed her body into that of a full angel. Toki and Celcia's bodies weren't found when she was taken and she just knew that they too had died in the blast coming from all her powers being let out at once.

"Fin Fish," Ruri spoke down to her, pain apparent in his voice. "You stand here because you are directly responsible for the death of countless humans. Had you not allowed a human to manipulate you and use you for your powers this would not have happened. In order to prevent anymore troubles by this interaction with humans and lack of self control, you are sentenced to the door of banishment."

A small pain shot through her leg as a red tattoo appeared on her thigh, symbolizing that she was banished from heaven. Not knowing what else to do, she nodded slowly and allowed an escort to take her arm. "This way," he told her and began to walk her to the archway made of stone.

'This is it…' she thought sadly. 'It's all my fault…Toki and Celcia are dead…humans died… all because I allowed myself to interact with humans even though it was highly forbidden…' She stopped at the archway and looked into it. 'Through there is nothingness… Even my soul will be wiped and the power sent to God to use to make another angel from a soul…' She closed her eyes. 'Access…I didn't get to hear what you wanted to say to me…'

"This isn't the only choice." The guard beside her whispered. "There's a way to get out of this and stay alive."


"Satan sent me here to try and rescue you from this unfair trial." He whispered to her softly. "The things you've heard about him aren't all true. He only wanted to protect his army and live the way he wanted to live. God cast him out because of his free will. Now he tries to save those who went through what he did. He can save you."

"Save…me?" Fin's world turned. 'I can stay alive? Then that means…' she swallowed. 'If I can…just one more time…then I don't care about the consequences. I'll do anything to be able to… just once more! So I can say it!' Fin looked to her side at the gates of heaven and felt the guard secretly undo the roses that tied her wrist and ankles in make-shift handcuffs.

She closed her eyes once more and nodded to herself. A deep breath was taken and she instantly ran to the side, shocking everyone around her. The surprise was enough to let her run by the black winged guards and leap from the road leading to the gates of heaven. She fell quickly down, not heading to earth like before but to another place below it.

"Ruri, wait!" Michael ran up to the judgment hall and panted, looking around at everyone who appeared to be in complete shock. "Fin is innocent, this is the devil's doing!"

"Michael…" the arch angel Ruri looked at him sadly. "Fin Fish just chose to fall to save herself…"

"He's a spy too!" Access yelled out, pointing at the guard who was by Fin earlier. Several black angel feathers were falling from his wings, just as Seth's always had. "Check his wings!"

The un-named guard also tried to run to Heaven's entrance but was stopped cold in his tracks by a single slice of Michael's sword. "Take him away to be interrogated. Everyone else here will remain silent about what has happened today. We will handle the situation and take all possible actions to ensure that order is secure."

"Michael, I have a request." Access kneeled before the Arch Angel and lowered his eyes out of respect. Ever since his wings had turned black, he was placed under his care instead of Ruri's like he used to be.

"You want to look for Fin."

"Yes sir. She needs to know that Toki and Celcia survived the incident. The explosion melted the ice and it protected them from all harm…she doesn't know this."

"That's not the only reason you wish to descend to Earth."

"…No sir. I wish to stop what is going on. I have been filled in on the situation. Fin has been sent to find Jeanne and teach her to seal demons for Satan."

Michael sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Access, you are not ready for a mission such as this. Your current power is still un known. Your hair and jewels are stained from your previous battle, who knows what would happen if it were to occur again." When the angel didn't say anything, Michael went to a cabinet and withdrew a sword. "Do you know what this is, Access?"

"A holy sword, sir, given to your army to help us protect people."

"You know Toki had one of these, right?"

"Yes sir."

"The power of these swords vary from person to person. The limit is how much power the sheath can hold. Normally we give people a sheath made from heavenly items; it helps to increase the power of the sword. But sometimes, swords are so powerful that the sheath actually limits energy instead of increasing it. This allows them to be carried around without alerting the presence of demons."

"Yes sir?" Access already knew this, and was wondering why Michael was wasting time by repeating it. Toki had been granted such a sword, encased in a lower level demon wing. Access was given a sheath when he was placed under Michael's rank, but it hung empty by his side.

"This sword was made to be wielded by our next great champion. The sheath that will accompany this sword will be made from the wings of a demonic angel. Such a sheath will allow the carrier to be undetected with even the most powerful weapon. If you can sheath this, you may go to earth to look for Fin." With a flash, the giant sword converted to a smaller version of itself, cracking furiously with holy energy.

Access stood up on the desk and slowly walked over to his hand, where he gripped the handle. Searing pain ripped through his body, but he still held onto it. The energy was so much more powerful than him that the sword was rejecting him as a user. 'This is nothing!' his mind screamed as he turned the blade shakingly so the tip was touching the empty sheath hanging by his side. Michael had made it out of the wings of Seth and he wore it with pride. 'The pain this brings me…is nothing compared to the pain Fin has gone through!'

Slowly the sword was forced into the leather wing sheath, cracking raw holy power all around the tiny angel, testing his willpower and strength since he still had not let go. 'If I can see Fin one more time, I don't care if I die here from this!' The sword's hilt clicked the top of the holder and all power cut off.

Panting, Access fell to his knees and was aware of smoke coming off his body. His hand burned angrily at him for putting it though the pain it felt, but he still didn't cry out. "Sir, I…" he panted a little more. "Request permission to descend to Earth."

"Permission granted, Access Time." He smiled at him proudly. "You didn't even call out in pain… you truly are the most loyal soldier I have." Access felt tears of joy come to his eyes. Even after he got black wings, Michael had never said that he was accepted as a warrior. What he was just told meant that he was truly a warrior of heaven. "For now, you are not yet powerful enough to wield that sword in actual combat. I want you to find Fin and get her back here before she gets to Jeanne. If you cannot do this, then return back to heaven at once and we'll send another more skilled warrior to buy us time while you are trained to return. Understand?"

"Yes sir." Access unlocked the belt from his waist and laid it onto the table. When Michael reached for it, the sword instantly became larger again. "When may I depart?"

"Tomorrow morning."

"So you're going, huh?" Toki asked his friend as he stood at the gates of heaven.

"Yeah," Access looked over his shoulder at his two best friends. "I'm going to bring Fin back… I promise."

Celcia's eyes watered as she walked over to him. "Be careful down there, okay?" she pulled the ribbon from her hair and reached behind him, pulling his hair into a high ponytail and tying it up in a bow. "This is my favorite ribbon, so give it back to me when you come back, okay?"

"Of course." He hugged her close and looked over at Toki as he approached him as well. The two men looked at each other a moment before they too shared a hug.

"Be safe man."

"Yeah." They patted each other on the back and let go. "I should be off, then." He turned after looking at them both one last time. "Next time we meet, I'm going to have Fin by my side!" Running, Access leapt off the gateway to heaven and flew to the blue sphere below him.

Access looked around the dark city frantically. Blue and red lights were flashing rapidly around him, speeding in all different directions. Several screams of 'Kaitou Jeanne' rang out around her and he saw a young girl stop and pant on the sidewalk. "Next time, Jeanne." She swore to herself. "Next time you show up to steal, I'm going to get you!"

"I'm too late…" Access whispered to himself in disbelief. "Not even a full day and I already failed. I can't go back like this!" The girl walked on by him and he flew slowly, weaving in and out of people as he did so.

"What the…"

A hand reached out and grabbed him, shocking him out of his thoughts. "H-Hey, lemme go!"

"What are you?" A male voice asked, ducking back into an alleyway. "A fairy?"

"I ain't no fairy!" Access wretched himself free of the hold and took to the air, flying in front of the teenager. "How come you can see me?"

"Others can't?"

Access inspected him closer. "Well you're not possessed by a demon. So I guess that means that you have a pure heart inside you…enough to see angels."


"The name's Access." His mind thought things through fast. "And if you can see, I won't have as much trouble asking you something."

"My Name's Chiaki. And what's that?"

"There's an angel named Fin who's tricking someone into sealing demons. Once a demon is sealed they become pure energy. When enough are sealed then they will give the power to Satan. I was sent by heaven to stop this. To stop Jeanne from stealing."

Chiaki paused a moment. "How will that work?"

"I'm going to give a human the power to seal demons… and we'll fight against them until we can figure out what to do. If I can seal demons I can give the power to God!"

"…Tell me more."

Access looked at him a few more moments and then glanced up at the movie theater's prime time showing above him. " 'The Fate That Lies With the Seven Seas…' " The angel looked back over at Chiaki and slowly nodded to himself. He could pull this off if he played his cards right. "Sinbad… I think that name will fit you just fine. Do you know a place we can talk?"

"Yeah, this way." Chiaki turned and allowed the angel to sit on his shoulder.