Why Superheroes Shouldn't Drink

1. Prologue: The Chaos Ensues!

Author: El Queso de Melicioso

Series: Teen Titans

Genres: Romance/Comedy

Rated: M – for lots of sexual content and vulgarity.

Pairings: BB/Ter, BB/Rae, Rob/Star, Cy/Jynx, Cy/Bee

Summary: The Titans decided to have a party and invited Titans East. Alcohol is present. Need I say more?

A/N: This one is gonna be a bit different from my other fics. It's going to be my first attempt at a third person, omnipotent POV, because there will just be too many characters, experiencing emotions at too quick a rate for me to change POV's as often as necessary.

This story is based off of an actual party I attended, so expect some horrifyingly insane things ot occure!

Cast of Characters: Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, Terra, Bumblebee, Speedy, Aqualad, and Jynx.

Beast Boy attempted to stand after drinking nearly a pint of alcohol directly from the keg, but just collapsed to the floor. All the guys, who had previously been egging him on, burst into raucous laughter, some grabbing at their sides or stomachs to sooth an impending cramp.

His girlfriend of three months, Terra tried to help him up, laughing just as much as the guys, but just dropped him to the floor again. She was smashed herself, and had already proven herself to be quite a silly drunk. Robin was teaching Starfire about the "dancing in dirt" that she was so curious about.

But, no Titan's drunken haze was more entertaining than those of Bumblebee and Jynx. The two were currently enthralled in a match of drunken wrestling. This drew the attention of a certain cyborg… named Cyborg!

But, Raven… was being her normal self. She was sitting quietly in a corner, watching the proceedings of the party with obvious disgust. "It almost makes me understand why my father wanted to destroy them all…" she muttered bitterly to herself, subconsciously glaring at Terra as she fell all over Beast Boy on the floor.

With all the commotion, only those near to the boy noticed Aqualad pull out a gigantic bottle of vodka.

"Dude!" Beast Boy shouted as he was finally able to sit up. "Where'd you get THAT?"

"Doesn't matter" was Aqualad's only reply as he held the bottle up for all to see. "All that matters is what we're gonna do with it!"

By this point, everybody had noticed Aqualad to one degree or another, and were all paying relative attention.

Then, Beast Boy stole the spotlight… again, by calling out "Who's up for a game of 'I never'?"

A/N: At first, I had been planning on just making this a Truth or Dare fic, but I decided to put in some more games. If you wanna suggest any games, just review or send me a PM, and I'll probably put it in… if I've ever heard of it. This story is to continue for an undetermined period of time and will have randomly occurring sexual content and vulgarity. So, if you don't like that kind of stuff, stop reading now!


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