Why Superheroes Shouldn't Drink

8. Epilogue: The Morning After

A/N: Okay, people! This is the last chapter of the fic and is meant to wrap up a couple loose ends and show you why the story isn't entitled "Why Superheroes SHOULD Drink." Have fun!

Looking over the vast bay which surrounded the island of Titan's Tower, we can see the first rays of light rising above the horizon. Said light reveals the nude and precariously placed forms of Speedy and Aquafa-lad intwined in each other's grips.

As the sun rises higher, it shines through the wall of windows into the infamous common room, where normally one would find superpowered teens going about their superpowered lives in a perfectly superpowered style. At this particular moment, however, not a soul could be found in the massive room… unless you count the insectoid souls that inhabit the bodies of the flies that swarmed around the stale nacho hats and (likely) regurgitated alcoholic beverages.

However, if one were to peer into two of the many closets around the room, you would find two more precariously entangled couples, one of a black-haired man and a positively shiny Tamaranian, and the other of a green boy and pale girl. These are only two more relationships that began due to a simple keg party.

As the sun rises nearly to its highest point, it shines through the windows of the upper stories. However, at this time, we are only concerned with the windows of two rooms. One room contains a group of three remarkable young adults, wrapped around each other in the most unremarkable way possible. The other room, however, was nearly completely cleared out excepting a stripped bed, an emptied dresser, and a desk bear of all but a single sticky note.

This sticky note in question was perfectly satisfied with its purpose in existence, which just happened to be the most convenient piece of paper to be used as a letter of transfer from the team of Titans West to the more newly developed Titans South.

The note was a simple one which read as follows;

Hey guys,

I'm really sorry, but I need a break. BB has finally decided to move on, and I need to be away from him so I can do the same. Because of this, I'm going to join temporarily with Titans South. I've found out that they're an all male team except for Argent, who's obviously a lesbian. To be completely honest, I've been wondering what it'd be like to be sandwiched between Wildebeest and Pantha.

Your friend,


Leaving this depressing chamber, we move to the roof of Titan's Tower, where we see one last extraordinary teen watching the sunrise with a pair of suitcases at her sides. She takes one last look back before saying "I'll get you back Beast Boy… if it kills me…"

And with that, she used a chunk of the roof to fly off into the sunrise, even though it was nearly the polar opposite direction of which she had been planning to go…

A/N: Is it just me, or does that simply scream sequel? I think it does, which is why I'm gonna write one. Hey, I think I actually need these secondary fics to keep my writer's block from screwing with the primary fic… which doesn't seem to be working… oh well!

To all of you who asked about my "Video Games Are Fun!" lemon, and its degree of similarity to the one in this fic; it will be very different, especially since it won't be happening until the second or even third installment. It will be far closer to the average boring minded, missionary position, drab lemon that everybody writes. I'm extremely kinky, and can't stand following the crowd to such a degree that I'm original simply out of spite.

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