Of Light and Dark

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Note: This is based on the manga, and since I haven't read all the series where she captures the cards, I might be a little wrong on some things.

Disclaimer: I do not own CCS, which belongs to CLAMP. I'll count all the stars in the universe before I ever do.

Chapter 1: New Arrivals!

There is something going on…

Another force making itself known,

We can only hope for the best,

Our mistress…hasn't seen the worst yet.


A black figure slashed across the sky, facing another white one. She stood, below them, watching them with her wand in hand.

Huh? Who…are these people?

They were flying…but she couldn't see their faces.

Flying…with wings…just like Yue and Kero-chan…

Magic was gathering in their hands, and she knew what they were going to do. Calling her cards, she darted between them.



"AH!" A young girl bolted up suddenly, her auburn hair flying around her as she did so. She blinked drearily for a minute, trying to regain her bearings.


"Sakura! Yo, you up yet?" A small yellow arm waved in front of her face as a little plushie came into view. "What's up? You look tired."

"Oh…good morning Kero-chan…" Sakura yawned, stretching her arms above her head. "I had a weird dream…"

"Really?" Kero asked as he fluttered by holding her bag. "What was it about?"

"I don't know what it meant…but there were two people flying. One was completely black, and the other one was white but I couldn't see their faces."

Kero regarded her carefully, an eyebrow raised, but he shook his head and held up her bag. "Well I don't know, but if you don't hurry up you're going to be late with your meeting with Tomoyo!"

Emerald green eyes widened suddenly, and darted to the clock by her bed. "I'M GOING TO BE LATE!" she shrieked, jumping out of bed.

Kero chuckled as she grabbed her bag and ran downstairs, fully clothed. She hadn't changed much in the last few years. He floated over to the table where the Sakura cards lay in the book, undisturbed.

It had been 4 years since the whole Master of the Clow incident, and there was nothing going on to disturb the young master as of yet. She was currently attending Seijou High with Tomoyo, and they had both grown into beautiful young women. Of course, Yukito and Touya were now in college, but they studied in a university in Tomoeda so Yukito still visited often.

He hadn't seen Yue for a bit now, but Yukito had assured Sakura that he was fine.

Kero frowned as the book opened itself, almost as if it was inviting him.

"I sense something is going to happen soon--do you know what it is?" he asked, seriousness etched in his face.

The book glowed, and slowly, 3 cards floated out. They lay face down on the table, and Kero turned them over, one by one.



"…Mirror?" Kero groaned in frustration as he tried to figure out what the cards were saying. "Something related to these cards is going to happen? I don't get it!"

A quiet voice spoke up, drawing Kero's attention.

"We do not know what will happen, but our mistress will be alright." The Light card said.

"But…a powerful force is growing, and we are drawn to them." The Dark card shimmered and Kero's uncustomary frown grew bigger.

"All of you, or just you two?"

There was a pause, before the two answered together. "We are. A powerful gathering of light and dark in this city is the cause."

Kero nodded, and the three cards stacked themselves back into the book. "She may have to take protective measures again--we will protect our mistress."


"Ah, I promised Tomoyo-chan I would meet her at 9 o'clock!" Sakura yelped as she tore down the stairs and out the door. Her father called after her.

"Have a good day Sakura-san!"


She burst out the door into the cool morning air. She couldn't help but to stop and feel the cherry blossoms that were falling gently towards the earth. "It's so pretty…" she sighed happily, feeling the petals against her face.

Against her will, her mind drifted back to the strange dream she had had as she walked forwards. She couldn't help but feel something big was going to happen soon, much like when she had been having the dreams during the time she was changing the Cards.

Sakura shook her head suddenly. There was no use thinking about that time, it was ages ago and plus, Eriol had told her that it was over. No more games now, he had said.

Thinking about Eriol brought back memories of days when her life was filled with adventures and excitement. Sure, it was scary at times, but she thoroughly enjoyed it. Plus, Tomoyo had been there to help her, as well as Syaoran…

"Syaoran-kun…" she mumbled, a small smile spreading slowly across her face. They had kept in close contact during his absence and they had even phoned each other a few times. But she couldn't help but wish that he could come visit…

"Oof!" she cried out suddenly, as she ran into something soft. More accurately, she crashed into someone.

"Oh, I'm sorry! Are you alright?" their voices rang out simultaneously, and she finally looked up.

"Eh…?" Sakura didn't recognise the face. He seemed to be her age, and had fiery red spiky hair that stood up on what seemed like its own accord, as if the owner wasn't trying to look cool or anything but had let the hair have its own way. He had a kind smile and was reaching out a hand to help her up. But what struck her most were his intense ruby eyes. Something like that could NOT be natural.

He's kinda cute…she thought hazily as she looked into his eyes. Suddenly, she blinked. Was it just her or had she seen a flash of purple…? Strange…

"Miss? Are you alright?" His simple question brought her out of her reverie, and she smiled apologetically.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to space out," she accepted his hand and he pulled her up.

'Oh…I feel so floaty…sorta warm and happy…' Sakura could feel her cheeks warming up for no particular reason as she was pulled on to her feet. 'Wait…I couldn't be…could I?'

A small blush spread across the redhead's face as he noticed the look on the other girl. She was really spacey…but the way she was blushing was making him uncomfortable. Of course, it couldn't do anything drastic; he had Riku.

"I'm Niwa Daisuke. Nice to meet you." He bowed politely, bringing her back to reality.

"Oh, I'm sorry for not introducing myself! I'm Kinomoto Sakura! Nice to meet you too!" she replied with her usual cheerfulness, also bowing. Daisuke smiled; she may be spacey, but she was quite nice too.

"Are you new around here? I've never seen you before." Sakura asked curiously. Daisuke blushed for no particular reason and nodded.

"Yeah, our family is here for a little holiday. We're staying in that house over the--oh no…" the redhead trailed off as he suddenly realised that he had NO idea which direction the house was in. "The house over…"

Sakura giggled. "You're lost aren't you? Do you want me to help you find it?"

Daisuke blushed as he shook his head. "No! I'm sure you have somewhere to go too! But it's a really big house…I remember it's got a big fireplace and a huge library in it…"

'A big fireplace?' Sakura thought to herself. It sounded familiar…

"…we were told that it was uninhabited for many years, so we rented it for a bit." The redhead finished, smiling sheepishly. "It doesn't really matter though; I can just wander around for a bit."

"Are you sure? It won't be nice to get lost in Tomoeda," Sakura insisted worriedly. "You should stay away from the woods. Some people say it's haunted."

Daisuke laughed at her worried antics. "Don't worry, I'll be fine. But I should be going now, and I'm sure you have to too, Kinomoto-san." He turned to go.

"Ah, please call me Sakura!" she called out, making him pause. "Ok, Niwa-kun?" she asked. Daisuke smiled, looking back at her.

"Sure, Sakura-san, but please call me Daisuke."

"Ok, bye Daisuke-kun!"

"See you later Sakura-san!"

With that, he disappeared. Only then did Sakura start pondering again.

"Hmm…" she mused. "Could that be Clow Reed's house he's staying in…"

A loud ticking made her forget her questions in a hurry. "Phwee?.! 5 to 9?.! I'm going to be laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!"

Daisuke smiled to himself as he heard the auburn haired girl tearing down the streets. She was nice, if not a little spacey…but there was something strange about her. Something he couldn't put his finger on…

"What do you think…?" The softly spoken question echoed slightly in the early morning air.



"Tomoyo-chan!" Sakura gasped out, finally arriving at Penguin Park. "Sorry, am I late?"

Tomoyo smiled. "Don't worry Sakura-chan, I just got here anyway." She had truly grown to be very beautiful. Her long black hair, deep inquisitive amethyst eyes and pale, smooth skin gave her the look of a role model in making.

"So, why did you call me out here Tomoyo-chan?" Sakura finally got around to asking as she tried to get her breath back.

Tomoyo smiled mysteriously. "Oh, you'll find out soon. But there was something I wanted to see at Tsukimine Shrine. Can we go there now?"

"Sure…" Sakura looked confused as they started walking off. What could Tomoyo possibly be talking about? She was so mysterious sometimes…

As they neared the shrine, Sakura suddenly remembered what she had wanted to talk to Tomoyo about. "Oh guess what Tomoyo-chan?"

Tomoyo looked at her. "What?"

"I think someone's moved into Clow Reed's house!" she thought it over a bit. "Well, rented it anyway…"

"Really? That's interesting. Why do you think that?" Tomoyo replied, looking up at the sky. Sakura smiled cheerfully.

"Well, this morning I ran into someone on the way to Penguin Park, and he said that his family had rented a large house with a big fireplace and library for a bit."

"What was he like? How old do you think he was?"

"Well…he looked about my age and he's really nice. His name is Niwa Daisuke." Sakura said happily. "He has really bright red hair and red eyes! It's nice that there are some new people here." And for some reason, I couldn't help feeling warm and happy when I'm around him…she thought silently, although she kept it quiet.

"I see…ah, here we are!" Tomoyo pointed ahead, and sure enough, there they were. "Could you wait here for me a bit Sakura-chan? I just want to see something." The black haired girl giggled slightly before leaving her, a little devious glint in her eye.

"Phwee…Tomoyo…chan…" Sakura trailed off as she realised her friend had already disappeared. She looked around a bit; this place hadn't changed much, and it still sold those charms…

Sakura giggled as she remembered when she had found out about those charms. She and Syaoran had practically rushed over to buy one when the Maze card appeared.

Speaking of which, there was a boy standing next to the charms stall. A teenage boy with messy brown hair and amber eyes, holding a particular teddy with wings in his hand…

"Oh my gosh…" she whispered, green eyes wide. She took a few tentative steps forward, as if in a dream. When she neared him, she managed to whisper something.


The boy turned to face her. He smiled. "Sakura-chan…I'm back."

Sakura smiled back gently. "So I don't have to settle for letters and phone calls anymore?"

"Not anymore."

Tears came to Sakura's eyes as she flung her arms around Syaoran's body. "Then we'll be together forever!"

From the bushes, Tomoyo smiled as she lowered her camera. "I'll leave you alone now Sakura-chan, Li-kun…" she whispered, standing up to leave.

She exited the shrine, making sure that the two didn't notice her leave. Now for what she should do…

"Maybe I'll go to Sakura-chan's house to wait for her…" Tomoyo wondered aloud, heading towards her best friend's house.


"Hm?" Tomoyo looked surprised as she noticed a person standing outside the Kinomoto residence, looking up at it. He had strange blue hair, and it almost seemed as if he was analysing the house.

"Excuse me?" she asked kindly. "Are you lost? If you are, I can help you." He looked over to her, and she noticed that he had stunning blue eyes. She had expected to see at least a bit of surprise in his eyes, but there was nothing. It was almost as if he was locking them out.

"No…I'm fine." He replied softly, walking away.

"Oh my…" she mused, watching him go. "He must be new here. Maybe he's with that family Sakura-chan talked about?"

She thought about it for a bit more before she finally entered the house. She was greeted by an energetic (as usual) plushie.

"'Ey, hey Tomoyo!" he cried out, flying up to meet her. "Where's Sakura?"

Tomoyo smiled. "Hello Kero-chan. Sakura-chan's with Li-kun, so I decided to come back here."

Kero choked. "What?.! That little brat is back?.!"

Tomoyo laughed. "Kero-chan! That's not very nice."

He shrugged. "Yeah, well, I don't do nice with brats like him!"

"Where's Kinomoto-san anyway?"

"Oh, he's gone out to work, and the big bro's gone off to college. So it looks like it's just me and you for now!"

"Yep, looks it." Tomoyo laughed.

"Yeah! Oh, can you get some of those yummy cookies out for me? Sakura made some but she won't let me touch them…and the lid is too heavy for me to open!"


"Awww…and I was hoping we could have a bit of fun…" the 'fearsome' Creature of the Seal sulked, floating off rather miserably.

Tomoyo sighed, although she was giggling inside. "Oh fine…I'll go get some cake ok?"

He perked up immediately. "Yay! Remember, chocolate flavour, with EXTRA icing, and EXTRA chocolate on it!"

"I'll remember Kero-chan!" she laughed as she headed out the door. "I'll be back soon!"

"Bye! And come back quickly!" He called, waving. The door shut before he was once more alone in the house.

"Oh, I hope she comes back with that cake quickly!" he felt like doing a happy dance as he sat down at the window, watching Tomoyo go.

"…huh?" He could feel something…he could feel a lot of power outside the house, and it didn't seem quite far either. He looked outside.

There was nobody there. Kero frowned to himself. Strange…but he could definitely feel something. Maybe if he was in his true form, he would be able to pinpoint it more easily.

Stepping away from the window, he let the wings surround him as he changed into his large, Guardian Beast form. Kero tried to concentrate on where the magic was coming from…

"Hm…there's quite a lot in Tomoeda lately…" he muttered, concentrating. "The strongest right now…on the roof?"

Kero frowned. If there was a strong magician on the roof of the Kinomoto residence, then that was not good. Turning back into his false form, he quietly snuck out a back window, making sure that he was not seen, and floated up slowly to the roof.

'Huh?' he thought in confusion. Sitting quite comfortably on the roof was a young teen with spiky red hair. A little white rabbit with bright red eyes sat next to him, and they were both looking out at the town.

'Is he the one I'm feeling with that magic?' Kero pondered, landing on the roof and watching him.

The boy stroked the rabbit, sighing a bit. "I wonder what mum wants us to do here…she's so confusing sometimes isn't she With?"


'Kyu? No rabbit goes 'kyuu'!'

"I hope we don't have another 'job' tonight…I still got lots of holiday homework to do. And I promised Riku-san that I would call her tonight." The redhead looked down at With, who kyuu-ed happily in reply.

"Sheesh With…you don't understand what I say do you? You only understand what Dark says…and that's not much either."

'Right, is this guy crazy? He's talking to the rabbit…and he expects it to understand! And…is he talking about the Dark card?'


"Oh look, someone's coming…maybe it's one of Sakura-san's friends." The teen stood up against the wind. "Come on With, let's go--what did you find there?"

'Hey, how does he know Sakura?.!...Ulp.'

"Kyu!" That 'rabbit' was sniffing and poking at him like some soft toy! Oh, he'll show that rabbit--if only that boy wasn't standing right there…there was no other option than to pretend that he really was a soft toy…


Kero inched closer to the edge of the roof, making sure that he still looked like a lifeless doll. With cocked his head in confusion as the little yellow toy suddenly rolled over and plummeted off the edge.


…or not.


Damn, that kid just grabbed him before he could fall too far--by his tail of all things! Didn't people these days have any respect for cute fluffy animals these days?

"Hey…this wasn't here before was it?" Large ruby orbs looked inquisitively at the little plushie with wings.

"Heh, good thing I caught it before it fell…huh?" Kero started panicking as the boy suddenly decided to take a closer look at him, making it even harder to pretend he was just a toy. Sheesh, this kid was worse than Touya!

"Hey…you're a funny little fellow." The boy mumbled, feeling his wings. "You sure you're just a stuffed toy? These wings feel kinda real…"

Oh no. This guy was definitely worse than Touya!

"Hehe, just kidding, of course you're just a soft toy! Come on With, someone's here." Kero breathed an internal sigh of relief as the boy made his decision. Now if only he would let go of him…

"Maybe I'll take you home to show mum…" Oh no please don't do that! I can't keep this stuffed toy impersonation for that long! "…nah, you probably belong to Sakura-san. Maybe she lost it a long time ago…doesn't look that old though." He shook Kero a bit as if to prove his point, peering at it sceptically. Making up his mind, the boy smiled and jumped off the roof. Noticing an open window (the one Kero had come out of) he slipped the Guardian inside.

"A little present for you Sakura-san." He whispered before disappearing. Which left Kero inside, feeling very, very relieved. He was never doing that again.

"Kero-chan?" Tomoyo asked, coming into view with a box in her hand.

"Owwwwwww my tail…" Kero groaned, rubbing that little puffy bit against his face. "Little brat…"

"Huh? Kero-chan, what happened?" Tomoyo cocked her head in confusion, eyeing the Creature of the Seal. She placed the box on the kitchen table and started cutting it up.

"There was some kid on the roof and he--CAKE!" Kero suddenly screamed joyfully, cannonball-ing across the air and landing beside the scrumptious object. "Oh yes, cake cake CAKE!" he sang, watching intently as the girl cut a big slice for him.

"Yay! Tomoyo, you're the best!"

Tomoyo laughed. "No problem Kero-chan!"

"Yum, yum, yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…" Kero sighed in contentment, finishing his slice rather quickly. He burped, feeling satisfied.

"Ah…that was beautiful…"

"Oh, and Sakura-chan and Li-kun are going to be coming over soon. He told me that he would, so they should be coming any second now…"

As if right on cue, the front door opened and the sound of someone stepping inside was heard.

"Hello? Anybody home?"

"Sakura-chan, we're in the kitchen!"

"Tomoyo-chan?" Sakura came into view, smiling broadly. "Tomoyo-chan! Kero-chan!...you didn't touch my cookies did you Kero-chan?"

Kero waved a hand dismissively, too full to move. "Of course not Sakura…not with this delicious cake that Tomoyo brought sitting open on the table…"

"Kero-chan…" Sakura sighed, shaking her head. "You're such a pig."

"Hey--where's the brat?" he suddenly asked, looking around.

"Syaoran-kun?" she immediately perked up. "Oh, he said he needed to get something from his apartment and he would meet us here!"

Kero grumbled something incoherent which made Sakura frown, but she ignored it. She was pretty used to it anyway.

"And guess what Kero-chan? I think someone's rented Clow Reed's house!"

Kero gaped. "What?.!"

Sakura blinked, wondering why he was so…well, so surprised. "Yeah…I ran into someone on my way to meet Tomoyo-chan, and he said that his family had rented the house for a holiday."

Kero crossed his arms, thinking. "Hm…what did this person look like?"

"Well, he looked my age, and he had spiky red hair and red eyes and he's very kind! He kinda reminds me of Eriol-kun…" she mused, thinking that the two really were quite similar.

"Red hair? Red eyes?" Kero asked incredulously. That sounded like the kid that was on the Kinomoto's roof!

"Yup! And his name is Niwa Daisuke!" Sakura nodded cheerfully. "Why? Have you seen him around?"

"Not only that…but he was on your roof just 10 minutes ago!"

Sakura cocked her head in confusion. "Daisuke-kun was on our roof? Why was he there?"

Kero shook his head, signalling that he didn't know. "I don't know but I felt a lot of magic coming from him. And he might know about the Sakura cards, because he said something about Dark, although that makes no sense at all."

"Phwee?.! Daisuke-kun? Power? He knows about the Cards?" Sakura echoed, confused.

Tomoyo looked from one to the other, slightly amused. "Oh, my…" Before Kero could reply, the doorbell rang.

"Oh, that must be Syaoran-kun! But I told him to just let himself in…oh well, I'll go get it!" Sakura called, running down the hallway and opening the door.

"Syaoran-kun, I said you could--phwee?" Sakura halted mid sentence as she noticed the person outside was definitely not Syaoran. Oh no. For one thing, he didn't have light blue hair and clear azure eyes. Nor did he wear glasses.

"Can I help you?" she asked kindly, still smiling.

The boy nodded. "Perhaps you could. I'm new around here, and I was wondering if you could help me with something." It was more of a statement than a question.

"Sure! I'm Kinomoto Sakura, nice to meet you!" she opened the door wider and bowed.

"Hiwatari Satoshi."

"Welcome to Tomoeda Hiwatari-kun! Wow, so many people are coming to Tomoeda…" she mused slightly as she stepped aside to let Satoshi in. He looked up at her words.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, first I ran into someone this morning that was new, and then there's you! I mean, not to be rude or anything…" she apologized, feeling flustered. He raised an eyebrow but did not say anything.

"Sakura-chan? Who is it?" Tomoyo appeared in the hallway, holding Kero-as-a-stuffed-toy in her hands.

"Oh Tomoyo-chan! This is Hiwatari Satoshi-kun, and he's new to Tomoeda! Hiwatari-kun, this is Daidouji Tomoyo-chan, she's my best friend."

"Hello Hiwatari-kun. You're the one who was outside before weren't you?"


Satoshi nodded, but he was looking at Kero. Tomoyo noticed and smiled. "He's cute isn't he? Sakura-chan told me she had had it ever since she was a kid."


"Ah, silly me!" Sakura clapped her hands together. "Let's go to the kitchen and I'll get you something to eat and see if I can help you!"


Sakura left Tomoyo to take Satoshi to the kitchen, while she went to close the door. Not a minute after she closed it, it was almost immediately thrust open again.



Ulp, bad, bad, BAD! I'm not very good at writing CCS fanfic you see, and they seem terribly OOC…there's no actual plot AS OF YET. I just did this story cause I just wanted to see what it would be like if these two anime met. The DN Angel characters are slowly seeping their way into the story. Please bear with me, I will develop a plot gradually! But please R&R, I wanna see how this turns out.