Of Light and Dark

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Response to anonymous reviewer signed 'hello': I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but I'm basing my story off the manga, in which there are only 19 cards and Kero's true form goes by the name Cerberus. I know that Kerberos is used in the anime, but like I said I'm going by the manga (and also cause I like the spelling of Cerberus more ;P)

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Chapter 10: Cotton Candy and Stuffed Bears

"Kosuke-san, doesn't this remind you of the festivals back home?" A certain lovestruck mother sighed dreamily, clinging on to the arm of her dear husband. Said husband only smiled, and nodded.

"Wow…it's so…colourful. A-a-and there are so many people!" Daisuke couldn't help but stare in awe at the beautiful strings of lights that hung in the festival grounds, each of them glowing brightly. Already, the shrine was filling up with masses of people, all chattering cheerfully and enjoying the night. On his shoulder, With 'kyu'-ed happily, evidently ready to go off in search of some nice red strawberries anytime.

"Daisuke-kun! Over here!"

The redhead turned to his right, and grinned as he noticed the others. It was quite a big group, and a wonder how he had missed them in the first place. He ran over to them, while the rest of the Niwa household remained at the gates for the time being.

"Has Hiwatari-kun arrived yet?" Sakura asked, as none of them had caught sight of him yet. Daisuke shook his head, not overly concerned by it, however. He motioned for his family to come over, and introduced them all to one another.


(Alright, introductions, clothing and the likes will be skipped. I'll leave that to your imagination)

"I really can't believe it; there's a festival here every year?" Daisuke asked the Tomoeda residents in amazement. The others nodded. "It must be great to be able to get together and have fun on these festival nights."

"It sure is." Tomoyo smiled, video camera in hand. Currently, she was filming Sakura and Syaoran, who were finally acting more like a couple; you know, the holding hands, slight bit of snuggling. "Especially since it's so fun to be able to film Sakura-chan and Li-kun together!"

"Tomoyo-chan!" Sakura blushed, earning giggles from the dark-haired girl. Their formerly large group had split up; Emiko, Kosuke, Daiki and Towa had separated from the younger ones, instead drifting through the festival in their own little group. In Towa's case, she was most likely squealing at every cute thing on display.

Nakuru had dragged Eriol off somewhere, presumably to some cotton candy store or the other. Thus leaving Sakura, Syaoran, Tomoyo and Daisuke behind. Satoshi was still nowhere to be found.

"It's nice to be able to get out like this, don't you think Niwa-kun?" The black-haired girl asked the redhead, who nodded energetically in reply.

"Yeah, I don't get to do this much."

"Yeah, and the whole fiasco happening tonight just completely ruins it." Syaoran muttered.

Daisuke bit his lip, looking away. It wasn't his fault that Emiko had insisted that it took place…no matter what he protested.

An image of the very persevering, very much on sugar high Emiko demanding that she had it her way appeared in his mind. He shuddered at the very thought.

Suddenly, the brunette gasped in excitement. "Syaoran-kun, look! Cotton candy!"


"What's wrong Eriol?" A slightly worried Nakuru asked of the said magician. He looked deep in thought, but glanced over to her at her question.

"Mm…nothing, really."

"You sense them, don't you Master Eriol?" Suppi asked inconspicuously from his position in Nakuru's arms. "Are they close?"

Eriol nodded thoughtfully. "Indeed they are…I guess it's no surprise. After all, it was announced earlier today."

Nakuru grinned cheerfully, giving Eriol a friendly whack on the back. "Tch, you're getting moody! Cheer up, I know it's going to be absolutely no problem whatsoever for Sakura-chan and the others to handle!"

The dark-haired boy nodded, giving a smile that spoke of secrecy and hidden knowledge. "I know that too, Nakuru. I have complete fate in Sakura-san's powers."

Suppi yawned, his gaze flickering to his master's face. "You truly are Clow Reed's reincarnation."

And to that, he could only smile.


"During the annual Tsukimine Festival tonight…"


"Tomoyo-chan…why did you bring that along?"

"Silly, it's because you'll need it tonight of course!"

"B-b-but why?"

"You haven't forgotten already have you?"

"No no no! I remember alright…but can't I just watch? I really don't want to get involved."

"Is that so?" A disappointed sigh. "Oh well then, I'll keep it with me just in case."

"Just in…case?"

A fleeting wink, and a barely audible giggle. "You never know what could happen, Sakura-chan."


"…not sure how it will be pulled off…"


--What time is it?--

-Relax Dark, there's still a few hours left, at least.-

--…what time is it?--

-If you really must know its 9:30. Now let me concentrate.-

--Oh? Which one are you aiming for?--

-The stuffed bear up there.-

--Pft, you'll never get that.--

-Shut up Dark, I just have to hit the cans one more time.-


-…ok that missed. But I still have 2 tries left.-

--…what time is it now?--

-Gah! Dark!-

--What? I just want to know the time!--

-You made me miss!! And stop being so impatient, we will be on time!-

--I'm not impatient, I'm just…curious…and your aim is off.--





"…believes that tonight would be especially easy."


A loud bark of laughter was heard, as the man waved a rectangular piece of paper in the air. The other person in the room waited patiently, occasionally brushing back a strand of hair when it fell out of place.

Finally, the laughing ceased. He lowered his head, almost conspiratorially, to make eye contact with the other figure.

"You really think he'll be able to do it," he began jeeringly. "Even with countless of our men alert and waiting, surrounding every inch of the area, even with masses upon masses of people surrounding the aforementioned area? Especially the fact it is virtually impossible to stay hidden with so many people?!"

"But sir, from past experience, I have no reason to think why he may not be able to do it. This is exactly why I believe that different precautions need to be taken."

A mocking sigh. "Ah, but you are young and inexperienced." A quiet but audible cough was heard. "I however, believe that the plan we are following now is perfectly capable of dealing with it."

"And those were the words that left the last egotistical fool in charge of this looking like a complete idiot." The figure cut in sharply. "Believe me, I know his tricks. I am familiar with what he tends to do, and I know what I am doing."

"I suppose that explains why you have yet to succeed."

An awkward silence.

With a frustrated sigh, the younger person turned to open the door. "Just listen to me, and change the plans. You're making it too easy for him, sir."

The door slid shut, leaving only one person left in the room. He frowned down at the paper on his table in thought, considering the possibilities in his mind. Giving a snort of contempt, he scrunched up the plans, throwing it into the wastebasket next to his table, before he too left the room.

That boy may be High Commander, but he was certainly capable of making his own decisions.


"Tonight at 12 midnight exactly…"


A/N: Um, the conversations in between are meant to be vague. If you're wondering what they all seem to be alluding to, you'll find out soon. If you've already guessed…then I suck at inconspicuousness.

There are clues scattered everywhere in this chapter, and the conversations are there cause I didn't wanna write anything about the things going on in the festival, because I know I will ruin it. I'm kinda scared of the way I write now…so it's a bit of a build up towards the next chapter.

If you're wondering why the first part (where the conversation was still legible) is written so differently from the rest, it's because I wrote them at different points of time. So my writing style changed a TEENSY bit.

Er, sorry for shortness. I didn't mean for that to happen.