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Naruto woke up with a screeching call and a pain in his stomach. Naruto slightly opened his eyes to see the source. 'I swear.' Naruto thought, 'If it's Ino or Sakura, I'm going to kick their slutty-'

"DEMON!" Naruto's foster father bellowed. "Time to wake your shitty ass up!"

"Yes, sir." Naruto quietly said as he quickly sat up, his eyes wide open.

His foster father grunted and descended downstairs. Naruto glared at his back. 'Prick!' Naruto cursed in his thoughts. Naruto rubbed his eyes and walked to his bathroom, his body moving as if he was drunk. His bathroom was dirty, to say the least. The floor was covered with grime and dirt, but if you squinted REALLY hard, you'd see that the floor use to be white. The toilet and shower were covered in grime and dirt, but not as much (He had cleaned some of the dirt). He stumbled to his dirty sink.

Still feeling tired, he squeezed the toothpaste onto the toothbrush in a sloppy way (sloppy meaning as in nearly all around the toothbrush). A big foam was instantly in his mouth, but Naruto ignored it. Naruto washed his face, and soon felt awoken and fresh. Naruto gelled his hair and shaved. He looked into his slightly dirty mirror.

'Naruto, you still look like a sexy fox!' Naruto thought to himself as he grinned at the mirror image. His facial features had 6 whisker scars, 3 on each of his cheeks. His face looked sharp, but still looked very feminine. His spiky blonde hair looked tamed from the hair gel. His bright cerulean eyes were masked with fake happiness. His body was toned and slim, but he was slightly shorter than most 16 year olds.

He went to his room and quickly searched for his uniform in the open boxes. The bastards from the school district didn't give him a uniform. Also, his parents wouldn't give a damn about him even if he was shot to death, so he doubted that he could ask his foster parents for money without getting sneered at and almost beaten to death. So, he used his own money.

Unfortunately, the uniform was expensive (around 90 dollars). After buying that, Naruto had barely any money left. 'Fucking school district counsels,' Naruto thought as he changed into his uniform. The uniform consisted of a pair of long, blue pants, a black-buttoned shirt, and a blue, long-sleeved coat that had a small pocket on the right breast with the school crest.

After changing, Naruto grabbed his backpack and went downstairs to meet his caring parents (note the sarcasm). He set his backpack near the door and went into the kitchen and saw that everyone was sitting at the table. His foster dad was sitting in front of the table, while his foster mom was sitting at his right. Ino was sitting at the left of his foster dad, and Sakura was sitting next to Ino. Both were talking quietly. 'Probably thinking of a way to embarrass the shit out of me again,' Naruto thought.

Ino and Sakura weren't part of the family, but their parents were best friends with Naruto's foster parents and decided to spend the night here to order Naruto around. 'They knew Naruto's foster parents wouldn't let their filthy foster son touch them.' Naruto thought sarcastically. He took the remaining seat at the table, next to Sakura.

Naruto was assaulted with Sakura's overdosed perfume. Naruto resisted the urge to throw up. Sakura turned to him and flashed a poorly faked, sweet smile at him. Naruto smiled back, while still having the urge to throw up. He was about to get breakfast, when he noticed that the people at the table purposely ate everything, and left nothing for him.

Naruto had the urge to snap at them, but immediately went against that. 'Two words: Foster Father.' Naruto thought to himself. His foster father usually beat him up about four times a week, and he didn't want it to turn to five times a week, plus the beating from when he came back from school. So, ignoring his grumbling stomach, he said goodbye to everyone at the table, picked up his backpack, and went outside.

Once he was out of the yard, he dug into his backpack and found his MP3. He turned it on and listened to the solos on the cello. Naruto, for as long as he could remember, wanted to play the cello. He longed to have the instrument tucked between his legs, and to play the strings and hear the deep sounds. Unfortunately, he had to buy a cello and get lessons, and all of that was money, which Naruto was quite short on.

He hummed a tune. He thought about the new school. Naruto had recently moved here because his school expelled him when a student ran crying to the principal's office about Naruto 'abusing' him. Since the school took abusing students seriously, he was expelled; but Naruto thought it was the school's excuse to get him out of their school. So, Naruto and his foster parents moved to here.

When Naruto thought that things couldn't possibly get worse, his foster family moved into the house that was between Sakura and Ino' s houses. During the two weeks that he had been there so far, he was abused and ordered around. 'I'm in my personal hell,' Naruto thought. Naruto scoffed at that thought. 'I've always been for 5 years.' Naruto snapped back to reality when he collided with a solid chest. He caught himself from falling.

"Sorry," Naruto said as he faked a grinned at the person.

"No problem, just watch out more, okay?"

Naruto was only up to the guy's chin. He looked around his late 20's. 3/4 of the man's face was covered with a mask and a bandage was covering his left eye. He had silver hair that flopped to his left and was wearing a pair of navy blue slacks, and a grey shirt. He was holding on of the 'Icha Icha Paradise' books. Naruto scratched the back of his neck, still wearing the fake grin. The man started to walk past him.

"You know, you don't always have to smile when you don't want to."

Naruto's eyes widen at what the man said. 'How did he-' Naruto thought as he turned, expecting to see him. But he was gone, as if he was never there. He shook his head. 'Must have been my imagination.' The blonde looked at his watch. It was 7:45.

"Shit!" Naruto cursed. "I'm going to be late!"

Naruto quickly shoved his MP3 in his backpack and ran to his new school. The school was at the top of a hill that was near his house, so he didn't have a problem finding it, but it still took him at least 15 minutes to get there.


Finally making to the entrance of 'Konoha High', he leaned over and put his hands on knees. He was panting heavily. 'I still have a few minutes left.' The late bell rang. Naruto cursed and grabbed his schedule. 'First class: English. Room 105. Teacher: Umino Iruka.' Naruto read. He quickly searched for the classroom. '99..101..103..105!' Naruto stopped and quickly opened the door. He stepped in.

"You're the new student, right? Well, welcome!"


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