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"ok... now I got to take kurenai out on a date... but I never bin on a date."

"Hmm guess I'll take her to get ramen." at this naruto smiled at the thought of eating ramen.


later that day... at kurenai's place waiting for naruto.


"Where is he?" Kurenai asked herself, "if he abandons this date I'll make him pay and rape him for abandoning me." Just then her door bell rang. "That must be him." kurenai says happily to herself.

As soon as kurenai opened the door their stood naruto sweating and looking nervous, "oh you not wearing orange thank god." kurenai tells him.

"Yeah... I chose to wear black..." says naruto nervously. "Well lets go?" Asks naruto. "Yeah lets" says kurenai.

So after about an hour later they finished eating and went for a walk.

"Do you want to go home now?" Asked naruto, hoping for her to say yes, naruto was feeling kind of strange dizzy and tired and feeling rather horny.

"Yes" kurenai says to herself. "It's starting to work." Says kurenai happily to herself, "hehehe I drugged him with an alcoholic pill and viagra." kurenai says to herself yet again.

(I probably spelled viagra wrong sorry)

"sure" said kurenai plotting to take his virginity once he took her home

"Naruto pov"

"Damn it I need to get her home now, I'm so horny and yet I don't know why!" "Yes almost their I see it!"

"End pov"

"Well we're here." naruto said happily. "Want to come in?" asks kurenai as she opened the door."

"No thank you I better be going now bye." says naruto as he starts to turn around only to be grabbed from behind and dragged in the house.


just outside of kurenai's house, in the tree's.


"So that's her plan! Trying to take naruto's virginity...not if I can help it." says the person who is anko.


back inside...


"Oh no I knew this was a bad mistake." naruto says to himself as he struggles to get free. "I'm only in my boxers now and she's gonna be here any second." "Hi their naruto... kurenai is a little busy with...something." says anko who just got in through the window." "Oh your already ready for me." smirks anko. "I suppose I can give you a little show.." anko says seductively.

Naruto was starting to get more horny as he seen anko taking off her cloths really slowly, and touching her breasts now and then. "Does naruto like what he see's?" anko said slyly. Naruto couldn't think anymore he felt like ravaging her right their, but the binds that are holding him down are too strong.

"Aw you want me right?" anko says smirking. "Oh you must be big." says anko looking at the big tent in naruto's boxers.

Anko was reaching for naruto's waistband when she was tackled down. "He's mine!" shouts kurenai at anko. "No mine!" anko shouts back. And from then it started in a big cat fight. Anko was in her bra and panties, while kurenai was in her thong and bra.

Anko tried to scratch at kurenai in the face but got her left breast, which the left part of her bra came undone. Kurenai tried scratching anko in the breast but got her panties. Which almost came off.

The cat fight continued for about 10 more minutes and they were both completely naked, and decided to share.

Naruto was aching in his lower regions now, he lost all thoughts of stopping them, instead he wanted them both. "Oh my naruto looks like he had a good show watching us." kurenai tells anko seeing naruto groaning and struggling really hard against his binds. "Lets pull down his boxers and look at the prize." anko says impatiently.

Naruto felt their hands pull down his boxers and then heard them gasp. Then he felt a hand on his little buddy, which made him groan and stiffen. "He's what 10 inch's 11?" asks kurenai. "Hell yeah he's huge!" says anko hungrily. Naruto couldn't take it anymore and with new found energy he broke free of the binds,and tackled both females to the ground. "Uh oh" anko and kurenai say in unison.

Now anko and kurenai were the hostages, as they were bound by rope. "Now you guys will feel the torture." says naruto.

Anko could feel naruto squeeze her breast very roughly, much to her delight. Kurenai felt naruto rub her womanhood very slowly, which made kurenai feel really horny and hot.

After about 10 minutes of pleasuring them slowly and much begging to go faster. They were close to an orgasm, only for naruto to stop. "PLEASE continue!" anko and kurenai yelled in unison. "Feel the torture." naruto says huskily.

Anko and kurenai couldn't take it and started begging naruto to continue. "I'll continue but first I'll be right back." states naruto as he walks out of the room, much to the girls discomfort.

"Lets see what kind of food they got." naruto says to himself digging around in her fridge. "Yay ramen!" naruto says happily to himself as he starts to cook it.

"Serves those girls right." "Quite funny I never seen them beg before."


30 minutes later...


"That was good." states naruto walking in the room to find that the girls were gone. "Uh oh..." "Uh oh is right..." says 2 females in unison sounding angry. "Hi..." says naruto turning around scared to see them glaring at him with whips in hand.

"Oh shit..."


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