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It was the middle of the night and a group of Konoha's villagers stood outside ready to enter the room and kill the demon.

"Should we really do this? If the Hokage finds out we'll be sentenced to death!" said a voice nervously.

"Of course! If we don't kill the demon now then we'll all regret afterwards. Besides everyone wants to kill the demon anyway!" replied a man.

"It's time! Let's go!"

"Please! Don't kill me!" cried a five year old Naruto backing away from the villagers.

"Ha! Don't make us laugh demon! You killed too many villagers so we're just going to give you what you deserve!" said a villager laughing while forwarding towards Naruto.

Naruto closed his eyes hoping for a quick and painful death.


"Let's torture him first! Just as painful as how we felt when the demon attacked us!"

Suddenly a giant beam of flames came from Naruto scaring the villagers half to death. The flames suddenly stopped and a man walked out of the burned corner of the room.

"Who are you and what are you doing disrupting this judgement!" shouted the leader of the villagers.

"I am Uzumaki Naruto," replied the man before killing all of the villagers.

"It seems I am not wanted in this village," said the man without emotion and with quick turn disappeared from Konoha.

"What do you mean Naruto's gone missing!" said the third Hokage with disbelief clearly shown on his face.

"It seems that there were several villagers who had thought of kill the de I mean Naruto. They were killed brutally with claw marks cutting deeply into their necks," replied the ANBU with obvious venom.

"Couldn't you have taken him after the attack?" asked the Hokage.

"Seemingly impossible. Uzumaki seemed to have disappeared from all our surveillance. We could not even detect his amazing amount of chakra. We have found no way to track the boy,"

Sigh. The Hokage looked out his window and thought 'Naruto. If only the villagers had treated you better,'