Hi! Now I think that Gin who's Naruto would be around Itachi but only when he's in his youkai form which is his most powerful form until he trains more. He probably will not be able to beat Orochimaru right now in chapter three but he will be able to duel Itachi and tie with him meaning that yes, Kakashi will lose.

Now probably a lot of you have wondered where Gin has been all this time. He's been to lots of places and made lots of enemies. He had friends at one point but they were all killed. Now this is the Ninja rankings for missing-nins:

D class missing-nin

C class missing-nin

Bclass missing-nin

A class missing-nin

S class missing-nin

Q class missing-nin

H class missing-nin (Hanyou powerful missing-nins)

T class missing-nin

Y class missing-nin (Youkai powerful missing-nins)

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Hinata II

Kurenai VI

Harem X

Ino II

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Gin and Kurenai rushed to the student's side of the forest to find a cloaked missing-nin standing in the middle of the plain which had been created by him. The three genins lay face down around him. Kurenai started to head forward but Gin put his hand out.

"You take care of your students, this is my battle,"

Kurenai was surprised by the eerie whisper but still went to her genin team.

"Hello, Kuchiki,"

"So it's you Drisen,"

The two glared at each other killer intent leaking out of both of them. Their killer intent was so powerful that Kurenai couldn't move no matter how hard she tried.

"Well! I was only checking. Sayonara," mocked Drisen before he jumped out and wisped away.

Kurenai finally was able to drop down.

"They're alive. Only unconscious," said Kurenai breathing a sigh of relief.

"Let's get them back to Tazuna's house,"

Kurenai and Gin were finally able to get the three genin into Tazuna's house where Tsunami was cooking dinner.

"So you finished training?" asked Tsunami smiling at Kurenai and her team of genins who had just recently woken up.

Gin stayed silent and seemed to be deep in thought.

"Gin..," said Kurenai quietly.

"I'm going to go out for a bit," said Gin without looking at Kurenai and her team.

In Gin's mind:


Naruto was running away from a missing-nin who was trying to kill him. He scanned the area looking for places to hide. To his luck he finds a house. Naruto ran in and closed the door before looking to see who was in the house. There was a mother, a father and two children one female and one male.

End Flashback

'The old man was called Awai and his wife Riece. They're little girl was called Hinamori. The boy was called'

Gin's face contorted into fury


Flashback (three years after flashback)

"I finished fishing for fish!" shouted Gin when he came back.

Gin dropped his basket at the sight of the decayed body of his family except for Drisen.

He looked up to see Drisen wiping a blade coated with blood on a blanket.


"Hello brother! Finally the last one comes! I'll enjoy killing you!"

"Drisen! How could you!"

"I practised with my sword techniques for three years in secret! I am unbeatable!"

"I am a ninja! You cannot beat me! Drisen! I can never forgive you!"

"I am a ninja as well. Ninja don't forgive!"

The two adopted brothers stared at each other their killer intent rising to a level neither of them had ever experienced.

The two clashed.

"Doton: Doryudan (Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet!)!" screamed Naruto sending out a dragon which sent out earth at Drisen.

"Hyoton: Haryu Muuko (Ice Release: Piercing Dragon Fierce Tiger)," countered Drisen calmly.

The ice tiger and the dragon fought each other until both were destroyed.

"Very good little brother but you have to do better," mocked Drisen before jumping on the wooden fence.

"You shouldn't use your ace so quickly! Now you have run out of chakra and you will die!"

Drisen jumped holding his deceased father's sword in hand.

'Am I that weak that I cannot even protect my family from the one's who hurt it?'

'I don't want to be weak,'


Suddenly Naruto appeared in a sewer. There appeared to be killing intent somewhere. Naruto followed the path and came upon a giant cage. Inside was an equally gigantic fox with the trademark nine tails.

"Hello mortal. Coming to get killed?" said Kyubi eyes flashing with killer intent.

"GIVE ME POWER!" screamed Naruto not caring if he died then.

"Hmmmm. I'll give you power but you must give me blood,"

"I can't kill helpless people!"

"Any blood works, animals just not foxes,"

The two agreed to a pact.

Suddenly a sphere of flames appeared where Naruto was. Drisen backed away. The sphere seemed to be crushing the ground with its power! The ground cracked with sheer power. A bright light appeared where the sphere was blinding Drisen momentarily. There appeared to be a sphere of clouds around a being. Naruto!

"Say your prayers brother!"

The figure stood as tall as a man, he had soo much chakra it had become visible on the outside. A red-black colour.

Drisen was scared while Naruto seemed excited. The two clashed.

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