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The Heir –

A tall middle-age woman with long green hair is standing on an outside stage in front of a crowd of women in an open air arena. The white button shirt she wore strained to keep her massive burst from popping free. The block mini-skirt she wore barely kept her underwear from being seen. There are a dozen women on the stage with her are all wearing the same uniform as she's wearing and who are also straining the tops of their shirts, as the shirts are all tight around the chest area. And before them are hundreds of young women who are all dress which all short mini dresses like the skirts the women in white are wearing.

"We the Delmo Kunoichis of the Delmo Clan stand before here today for this important announcement," the green haired woman shouted for all to hear, "Finally after eighteen long years of searching we have finally located the lost heir of the Delmo clan." (1)

A mighty cheer rang out from the crowd of women before her as they have been searching for the wandering daughter of the Delmo clan, ever since she ran off all those years ago. For hundreds of years the Delmo clan in the Land of Metal a country rich in metals beyond the Land of Earth has ruled over the country. The land is ruled by one powerful family who power is fueled by the money the great mines throughout the country that they solely owned. It had began as a hidden village like the ones in the Eastern countries but that had change when the daughter of the leader of the Delmo clan who was also the leader of the ninja village and the son royal family had fallen in love with each other. Since then the castle of the royal family and the Village Hidden in Metal had combine to form the only ninja village that's in plain sight as the city around the castle has become their home. The inner walls of the castle are staffed and protected by the descendents of the ninja village, which are all shapely women.

The reason of this is because the ninjas of the Village Hidden in Metal had always been Kunoichis as a powerful Bloodlimit has been passed down to all of the ninja clans. The Bloodlimit lets them harness charka from their surroundings giving them unlimited source of energy. But the bloodlimit also had a price as all those who carried the bloodlimit can only have female children, who are known for their beauty and ample figures thanks to the bloodlimit, which matures their bodies in a big way. Because of that the Delmo Kunoichis as they came to be known have to marry outside the clan to have children but because they didn't want to have their bloodlimit fall into another village all newborn females have a seal place on them at birth that makes it impossible for them to ever become pregnant without having the seal unsealed by one of the elders of the clan, that only happens when they found a husband. And to make sure that the girls didn't just go and marry to any guy, the man would have to beat the kunoichi in a fight in front of her family members to make sure that there's no cheating involved by the man. But it isn't uncommon for the kunoichi to lose the match if she really likes the man who's fighting her, as long as the mother of the kunoichi or grandmother can see the man is truly in love with their daughter/granddaughter. And the fact of having grandchildren running underfoot helps in deciding if they should tell the wife to be to lose the fight. The young women of the Delmo clan have been force to look further and further from the central city to find a husband as after years of the cities young men marrying young kunoichis there are very few women who don't have the bloodlimit flowing in them, causing very few male births in the city.

The clan is ranked differently to other ninjas as they work under the royal family. Who by this time are all women but for the husbands who married into the family as the country has been ever since the union of the leader's daughter and the prince, has been a Queendom. The kunoichis all wear color coded uniforms to tell what area or rank they are at. The age of the kunoichis are also higher as the youngest that a kunoichi can be when they can go onto B to S-ranked missions is sixteen. The elders reasoning that older, stronger girls were more suitable to handle the missions which are more then just picking weeds from a garden or looking after a store when the owner is sick, or any mission that are outside the city's walls. And that there are so many women in the city who are from the Delmo clan the elders had to raise the age level so there wouldn't be too many ninjas running around.

The Black Delmos: The lowest ranking of the kunoichis, in charge of carrying out simple missions, mass attacking using hand-to-hand combat and the administration of the castle and surrounding city (the lowest jobs).

The Purple Delmos: They are train in using charka to increase their speed making them invisible to the naked eye. They serve as massagers between the towns of the country.

The Yellow Delmos: They serve as the city guards protecting the people. They are train with body weights making them very powerful in combat.

The Pink Delmos: They are responsible for maintaining the equipments for missions. And they're the healers.

The Green Delmos: They specialize in using long range throwing weapons and sneaking onto targets.

The Blue Delmos: The middle-ranking kunoichis. They carry weapons and perform security duties such as defending the city and castle against intruders.

The Orange Delmos: Train to be weapon expects who can hold all of their weapons on them using the hidden weapons jutsu which uses a lot of charka to be use.

The Red Delmos: They're the castle guard who are trained like the yellows in making their bodies strong. But they wear body armor making them the only ninjas who wear armor.

The Silver Delomos: The Hunter ninjas to recapture any run away ninjas. And information gathers.

The Gold Delmos: The elites who specialize in S-ranked missions and black ops.

The White Delmos: The commanders and royal family personal bodyguards. They are responsible for the smooth operations of the kunoichis forces and missions.

"Here is the Queen tell us personally of what she has learned about her lost daughter," the green haired woman shouted as she steps back to like an old silver hair woman wearing a kimono to step up to speak.

"As you know my adventures daughter Kikko ran away eighteen years ago to live out her dream of becoming a wandering ninja known for her skill and power. I learn yesterday that she made it as far as the Land of Fire in the far east. There she met a powerful ninja who was the Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaf. She got into a fight with him losing and ending up marrying him, there she stayed until her death when the Nine Tailed Fox attack the village twelve years ago. My daughter has been dead for years now," the queen told her loyal ninjas to their horror as this would mean the end of the Delmo royal family, which would mean a civil war over the throne, "But before she died she gave birth to my grandchild. The first male to ever be born in our ninja clan."

This cause a wave of shock to all those present as never in their history has a male been born by a woman carrying the bloodlimit in her body.

"My son-in-law gave his life in sealing the Nine-tail fox into my grandson to save his village, wanting them to look at his son as a hero. But instead they only saw him as the demon fox making his life a living hell," the old queen said which all the ninjas could feel a burning fury in her voice, "I want every free Gold Delmo here to head for the Hidden Leaf village, you all will receive a picture of what he looks like at the mission briefing. Find him and bring my grandson unharmed back here."

"My queen may I ask, what is his name?" A redhead with short hair in a Gold Delmo uniform asked.

The queen let out a deep sigh as she still recovering from learning her daughter's death and the mistreatment of her only grandson, "His name is Naruto, and he is the royal heir of the Delmo family."


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Author's Notes

1 – Got the idea from Agent Akia. Also does anyone know of a website with I can find out information on the characters of Agent Akia? I look but can't find anything. Any site will help with this story.