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First Step –

Stepping through the gates of the Leaf Village, Orochimaru along with a group of his Sound nins entered his old village. His face had a smirk as she look around at what had became of the village. His old friend, Hunrok and his soldiers really did a number on the village. Even if the Butcher had attack and defeated almost all the ninjas of the village before hand, it's clear that the Leaf never stood a chance. Looking at the Delmo ninjas and soldiers of Metal, made him remember what Kikko was like when he was still living in the village. Minato could never win a fight with her, expect for that one time when they first met.

"So you came early the exams aren't for another week," Hunrok said escorted by a group of White Delmos.

"Well, I thought that you and, I can catch up while we wait," Orochimaru said.

Hunrok look over his old friend before saying, "I see you used the body stealing jutsu. Replacing your old body for a younger and stronger one."

"Yes, I have learned much in my time away from this village. I'm just using my old face so that you'll know who, I am," Orochimaru explains.

"I had a background check on you and it's not that surprising how you turned out. After all your old teacher and teammates aren't much either," Hunrok said bluntly.

"So you found out why, I left the village," Orochimaru seeing there's no point in hiding the facts.

"Using humans in your lab as test subjects. But then again they're only Leaf villagers that you used," Hunrok said.

"They are just going to be all killed anyway," Orochimaru said.

"Don't make any mistake. Try to do anything with one of the Delmo's and you are going to be joining your old village's fate," Hunrok stated.

"I understand, I know how where, I stand. Besides once the Leaf falls a village will need to become the strongest of the Element Countries. I was planning on attacking during the exams but that would just take your grandson's revenge away from him," Orochimaru smiled. (1)

"Oh yes, I also have a present for you. I'm giving you your old teacher Sarutobi's grandson with you after the exams," Hunrok said.

"And what would, I do with him?" Orochimaru ask knowing what Hunrok wanted of him.

"So him the same kindness that his grandfather showed mine. Just make sure you drive the point that it's all Sarutobi's fault for what's going to happen to him," Hunrok said coldly.

"How can, I say no?" Orochimaru smiled.


In Metal -

Watching from the doorway of the dojo Howard the brother of Hunrok the king of Metal, let out a sigh seeing the state that his nephew is in. He has seen people like that before and only a handful are still alive. Naruto is mediating increasing his control of his chakra, many young Delmo's used this training to better refine their jutsus. Since all Delmos have unlimited energy reserves the younger ones have to learn how to control the unlimited power they have. Using too much without any control has lead to many Delmos dying from the strain of using so much power. Using that much power does make them unstoppable for as long as they continue to pump their bodies full of energy. They can't even feel pain while in this state, no matter what's being done to their bodies. But once they release the power all the pain and wounds they suffer hit them all at once. Which is why Naruto is being train in controlling his bloodline. (2)

"Hello Naruto, I'm your uncle Howard your grandfather's brother," he introduced himself.

"What do you want?" Naruto ask.

"I came to sort out the mess that your life is in. My brother and his wife aren't really up to the task of reaching out to you. They do love you but can't really work out how to raise you. They tried treating you as they did with your mother doing things behind your back for the best for you. But that ended as well as it did with your mother," Howard said.

"I know they're only want to do the best for me. But, I will not stand for them to do things for me without even asking me what, I want," Naruto said.

"You never had anyone there for you and with how people controlled you before, it's no wonder why you're like this now," Howard said.

"What am, I suppose to act like? Knowing that all my life was nothing more then a lie so that the person, I thought was there for me could control me. And the teacher who, I thought cared about me hated me only hiding it. All because my parents used me to seal a demon inside of me before, I was even a day old?" Naruto ask.

"No… no one can tell you how to feel or how you should act. Only someone who went through the same as you can tell you how you should feel and act. But there's no one who has gone though what you have gone through who is still sane or alive that, I know of. Well there is one person who could if he is the man he use to be as, I think he is. But he's not someone you ever want to meet," Howard said.

"I am what, I am. I can't be anything else," Naruto said.

"I think, I understand now. The reason why you can't deal with other people. It's not that you don't know how to deal with other people. It's that no one ever took the time to deal with you," Howard said.

"How can, I deal with people when they never what to deal with me?" Naruto ask.

"Naruto will you give me a chance to deal with you?" Howard ask extending his hand to Naruto.

Naruto look up to his uncle. He's the first person who ever wanted to deal with him not because he needed to but because he wanted to deal with him. "Sure," Naruto said taking his uncle's hand in his.

Howard smiled warmly to his nephew who took his first step of healing his broken soul.


Author's Notes

1 – The Element Countries are the area where if it was a videogame would be the low level area. The Western Countries are only for high level players as the monsters there are too strong for any player under the level of 60. A Normal Leaf ninja is only a level 10 at best and there's no way a level 10 can beat a level 60 monster. Sure I have managed to beat a high level monster at a low level but it cost me a lot in healing items which left me easily beaten by the next monster.

2 - There is some truth to the phrase 'Strength of a Madman', our muscles has actually hardcoded to not function to full power to avoid damaging the skeleton. Madmen in fits of rage have shattered their own bones by punching that hard. There was one famous case where a mountain climber/hiker was pinned under an enormous slab of rock. His body went into survival mode, where he pushed the slab off of him. He exerted so much pressure that his muscle was torn from the bone in his arm. For reference, the rock this moderately-built hiker pushed off of himself weighed over 700 pounds.