Yugioh Who Line Is It Anyway

Include Yami, Kaiba, Malik and Joey

Dark Valkria: Hello everyone, my sister is not here so I will be your host for today so let get this starting called Weird Newcaster and this all four of you

Than Kaiba and Malik sat on the chair

Dark Valkria: Alright, Kaiba is the ancor and Malik is the co-ancor, Malik you panic over the slightest things

Malik: Do I get to act crazy?

Dark Valkria: Sure, suit yourself

Malik: Yes, oh I mean great

Dark Valkria: Yami you doing the sports and you were about to be murder

Yami: But I'm already 3,000years old and dead

Dark Valkria: Just pretend that you were murder

Yami: I'll try

Dark Valkria: Joey you do the weather and you are on a mission to replace everyone in the show including Yami

Joey: So you mean to tell me that I have to replace all of them

Dark Valkria: Yes, so when you hear the music, you can start

Soon the music starts as they were starting

Kaiba: Welcome to the six o'clock news, I'm Baaik, don't ask why the fuck I'm here, yes rumors has it that someone has pulled out their bastard mind and put them in their stupid brain, and let here from our crazy man Baka Malik

Malik: Why do you call me baka that he pretend to take out his mirror and check himself Holy F#CKING SHIT! I'm a monster!

Kaiba: Breaking news people, stay away from him at any course unless you are dumb and now let go to our sports, Yami

Yami: Thank you /not/ Today we have than he saw someone looking at him Hey you, why are you looking at me than he pretend that the peron threw a bomb at him and he jump and hit the ground Shit someone is trying to kill me, why I'm going to than the person shot him You son of a bitch… than he fell to the ground

Kaiba: Breaking news, I'm the new king, and now with the weather Joey Underdog

Joey: Why you, and for the weather we have thunder than he pretend to threw a knife at Kaiba and he fell to the ground And today is a not so good day

Than Joey went to Malik but he ran away, soon he chase around the studio and he finally kill him

Joey: And we can stay indoors

When he went to Yami

Yami: Get the hell away from me or I will steal your soul

Joey: AHHH!


Dark Valkria: Now that funny

Yami: I am posses and thank you for my attention

Kaiba: Can you just shut up

Yami: That right, I'm Yugioh thank you very much

Kaiba: He is way over his head

Dark Valkria: But what makes the show good anyway

Yami: Don't show is popular because I'm good

Kaiba: Yami, just shut up

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