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Dean started the chainsaw again Sam was back at the cabin moping about tired of being there.

He pushed it against the huge oak watched it saw throw.

large chunks flow every were.

Sam looked out the window hearing another oak fall to the ground Sam turned away from the window and decided to go out and find Dean.

Dean still sawing away and couldn't hear Sam Calling another oak fell to the ground.

Sam stood in front of a huge oak and could hear a chainsaw not fair away.

Sam yelled.

Dean didn't hear.

Sam continued to walk toward the sound of the chainsaw.

He stood in front of a leaning tree.

Just to be funny Dean yelled "Timber!"

Sam smiled and then watched as the tree he was standing in front of started falling toward him Sam put his hands over his head and crouched down still standing.

Dean smiled at his first tree starting to fall.

Sam's heart beet faster and faster the tree finally landed Sam screamed but not a scratch was on him Sam stood up and smiled again.

Dean's mouth fell open.

"how the heck did you do that Sam?" Dean yelled turning off the chainsaw.

Dean started to walk toward his brother.

Sam just continued to smile.

"Dean I'm not dead" Sam said

Dean nodded and took his brother by the shoulder.

"Sam I could have killed you"

"I know"

Both brothers laughed.

Sam had just had a huge oak fall around him and not a scratch not even a twig in his hair!.

Dean shook his head and started to pull Sam out of the oak. ----

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