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Why did she have to be such a fast runner? I was supposed to be the athlete! I sprinted through the castle, trying to trace her steps. Finally, I turned a corner and saw her standing in front of a solid brick wall. "Shit!" She hissed under her breath.

"Nowhere… to go… Evans," I panted. She took out her wand.

"I know what you're up top, Potter," She narrowed her eyes. "And you can forget it,"

"But-," I began, confused. How could she possibly have known?

"Don't even think about it," Her grip on the wand tightened.

"Please, Lily,"

"Whatever in the world would posses you to think I'd ever say yes?"

"But," I said, hurt filling my voice, "I love you," The wand dropped to her side.

"You love me?" I nodded sadly. "But I thought you were going to try to set me up with your friend in Ravenclaw," She laughed.

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