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Chocolate is a Girl's Best Friend

Ch.1: The Chocolate club

A young girl of about seventeen years with vibrant red hair, wearing a green and white stripped polo and jeans rushed around her room in search of her other shoe. She was quite tall and thin and well built, her hair was curled in tight ringlets which fell to her shoulders and freckles covered her cheek bones, she had the eyes of her mother brilliantly emerald with that look of sophistication, she was beautiful. Her name was Lily Evans.

"Gosh where is it?" lily said, scrimmaging through the large pile of clothes stacked at the bottom of her closet.

She looked furiously around.

"I'm going to be late!" she exclaimed.

"Sweet heart, don't you have to be at Vanessa's house now?" lily's mother Vivian said walking into her room. Lily was a spotting image of her mother, whom had vibrant red hair, though was beginning to gray; she was tall, very tall and very thin. Her mother owned a dance studio in downtown London. Both lily and her sister danced.

"Lily what are you doing?" Her mother asked walking to where lily was squatted on the floor of her closet.

"I'm trying to find my other shoe, you know my chucks, they're green," Lily said.

Vivian looked around the room and looked back at lily.

"Do you mean the green shoe that you're sitting on?" she asked. Lily looked down.

"Oh, yeah, uh thanks mom." Lily said. She got up and put her shoe on.

"I'll se you later, I 'm already ten minutes late." Lily said as she rushed out the door.

"Lily, Lily!" Vivian called. She had spotted the large bag of candy on the table and picked it up.

"Yeah mom?" Lily said rushing back.

"Aren't you forgetting this?" Vivian said holding up the bag.

"Oh thanks, gosh V and Belle would have killed me if I had forgotten, thanks, bye, love you," Lily said and went out the door.

"Love you to!" Vivian called out.

Lily got outside of her town home and looked down the street. Her family had lived in Ireland when she was little but settled in London to start their working careers, that is her parent's working careers. Lily's Father Oliver Evans was a successful actor whom was usually filming a movie of a TV sitcom, he was most known for his role on Rounder's Field, a TV comedy surrounded by the game of Rounders. Lily's mother was at one time a principle in the London Ballet and after five years of dancing with the company decided to settle down and start a family and start her own dance studio. Vivian and Oliver met while he was filming a scene in Ireland for a film called Motley's Row; Lily's mom had gotten a part as a dancer for several of the scenes in the film.

Lily walked down the street, her parents lived in the heart of London which lily loved, she was near friends, the shopping areas, and of course near Diagon Ally. She went down to the corner of her street and caught a cab and got in.

"To number eight Flatly Road, please." Lily said. the driver sped off to the address.

Lily looked inside her bag and found the two large bags of candy, she had with her. Her two best friends Vanessa and Belle had started a club between the three of them called the Chocolate club, in which they would meet once or twice per month if needed and talked about stuff, girl stuff. They would pig out on chocolate of course, Lily always amazed them with different muggle candy while Vanessa brought wizarding candy and Belle brought French wizarding candy.

The Driver pulled up to the house and lily paid the fare.

"Thanks," She said and when up to the house.

Lily rang the door bell and a medium sized woman answered the door, she had brown, straight hair and wore wizarding robes.

"Hello Mrs. Morgan," Lily said with a smile.

"Oh hello, Lily dear, how are you?" she asked making room for lily to come in.

"Very well thank you, and yourself?"

"I'm fine, think the girls are upstairs." She said. Lily nodded and made her way up the stairs.

Vanessa lived in fairly large house in a wizarding community in north London. Lily met Vanessa on the first day of school on the Train to Hogwarts, they instantly became best friends. Vanessa was tall and had brown hair; that currently was died purple, she changed her hair style to a cute pixie cut and her make up matched perfectly with it. She was a metamorphmagus; her father was one as well, but he usually didn't change his appearance, but always on April fools day would to have a good laugh. Her natural hair color was brown like her mom's, but she preferred purple, it looked sleek. She had a petite figure and danced with lily at Mrs. Evan's Studio, she was well toned and best of all she had a great personality, but she had a feisty attitude, she was tuff and didn't let anyone make her think badly of herself, and most people called her V for short, she was fabulous.

Then there was Belle, Belle Desiree, She came from a long line of Veela's, her mother and father are Veela. They live in France permanently, though Belle was given special student placement at Hogwarts by Dumbledore. Many people would be shocked to hear that Belle is in fact a Werewolf, usually wizards or witches who are werewolves look meekly and weak for most of the time, but Belle's beauty covered that affect perfectly. She was also tall, thin, and of course gorgeous. Her hair was blond, and she was in love with the thirties and forties era, so she styled her hair to look as if she was from the thirties and forties, she even dressed that way when she was outside of school. All the boys drooled over her, because of her beauty, seeing as she was the only Veela at Hogwarts, but to everyone's surprise she had never had a boyfriend. She had always been scared to since she was a werewolf. She is quiet, yet has a lot to say, she open minded and loves to learn about new cultures.

Lily could hear both of her friends from down the hall. She made her way to the door and knocked.

"Come in," Vanessa said. Lily opened the door and walked in.

"Lily finally, we've been waiting for you how are you?" Vanessa said giving Lily a hug.

"Good, sorry I'm late but I couldn't find my other shoe," Lily said.

"That's alright, really we haven't done much, so how haz you summer been lily?" Belle asked in her lovely French accent.

"Good, I've been dance and teaching quite a bit, you know homework assignments, and just hanging around the house," Lily said.

"Cool, V here went to Northern Ireland for ze month of July, she said it vas amazing,"

Lily looked to Alicia.

"Really, did you visit family?" Lily asked

"Yes, just my cousins, it was nice, I also saw this really cute Irish boy, he was muggle, but he was really cute all the same." She said blushing.

"So did you do anything with him?" Lily asked interested in the subject matter.

"No, he was gay so we didn't do anything except hang out, he lived next door to my cousin; they were friends,"

"Oh well that's nice. So what have you been up to Belle?" Lily asked.

"Vell, mum and I went shopping, I did some summer assignments, went to Cannes for a couple of days, then headed back home to Paris, and oh also I visited The Moon Stream Café," she said with a smile.

"What's that?" Vanessa Asked

"It's this very well know bar where werewolves can lounge, it's a jazz bar, in down town Paris. My dad took me it was really fun, they had these acts, it was open mic night and various people performed; it was really great fun,"

"Cool, so lily did you bring your chocolate?" V asked.

"Yeah I almost forgot it, thanks to mom I remembered. I brought different kinds, my sister recently took a trip to the States for her school and she brought back some candy. I brought, uh . . ." Lily said. she rummaged through her bag.

"Okay I have a Baby Ruth Bar, Snickers, Milky Way, which is like a Mars bar, I have some dove chocolates, Hershey's, which is okay, I also have two aero bars, two Crunchies, and Ghiradelli bars."

"Okay I brought, Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Bott's every flavor beans, Jelly Slugs, Cockroach clusters, fizzing whizbees, Acid Pops, and other stuff, what have you got Belle?" V asked.

"Um Vell, I have some French muggle cand, you may know of Lily, I'm not sure, I have Veelan Chocolate, yes we have our own chocolate, which can make you feel beautiful and then I also have ze one where it transforms your appearance just for a short while to make you look beautiful, then I have the multicolored chocolate frogs, in France they come also in different kinds of chocolates, there's white, milk, and dark chocolate, they all are good." Belle said.

the girls began pigging out and talking about school stuff.

"So, lily who do you zink will be head girl and head boy this year, I think Lupin has a shot at head boy, I mean he's smart, intellectual and responsible?" Belle asked.

"He does have a pretty good shot, I don't know, Frank Longbottom is a good candidate, and perhaps, as much as I hate to say it, but I think Snape has a shot as well, he's really smart, has top grades, and is kind usually to the staff." Lily said she grabbed for the bag of chocolates frogs and opened one, she ate the frog and looked down at the car.

"Darn," she said looking down.

"What is it?" V asked.

"I got Dumbledore again I have like ten of him, I need Isabells Worker," Lily said in a whiney tone.

"Here have mine, I already have two of her," Belle said.

"Oh thanks,"

"What about Potter?" V asked.

Lily stopped talking and looked to her.

"Potter, are you kidding me, no, there's no way in hell James Potter will be head boy, he is an insufferable git, he would never make it, no not ever, no,"

"Woah lily you don't have to be all defensive, I was just putting his name out, Dumbledore may have considered seeing as he is very handsome, he is this year's quidittch captain, and McGonagall likes him."

"I'm not being defensive I just strongly disagree," Lily said defendlively

"Lily come on, V ez Vight, he ez smart, handsome, and is a top student, he has ze highest marks in our year other than you and us and Black, but he is quite qualified for ze job," Belle commented.

"Potter is arrogant, and annoying, I feel bad for the head girl already if he becomes head boy,"

"Well she should know already, cuz we got our letters today, didn't you get yours?" V said.

"What they came already?" Lily asked

"Yeah, mum mailed me mine from France," Belle said.

"I didn't get mine, I guess I forgot, I was out all day today, shopping for my sister's stupid engagement party," Lily

"Petunia got engaged, to whom?" V asked.

"Her stupid, ugly, arrogant, and rude Fiancé, Vernon Dursley, I hate him already," Lily said angrily.

"Well why don't you call your mum, ask her to send it over with Mr. Shelton, your owl." V suggested.

"Okay, I'll do that," Lily said, she got up and grabbed her cell phone. She dialed home and waited a couple of seconds while It ringed.

"Hello?" a dull voice which lily only knew to be petunia's said.

"Petunia?" Lily said. Both Belle and V looked up.

"What do you want?" Petunia said.

"Look, is mom there I need to talk to her?" Lily asked

"No, her and dad went out to eat, what do you want her for?"

"I wanted her to send me my letter that came today from my school," Lily said.

"Well she's not here you'll have to wait,"

"Could you just send it, give it to Shelton, he'll fly it to me, just tell him to send it to Vanessa," Lily said nicely, usually her sister did nothing for her, not even the slightest little favor.

"Hell no , I'm not touching your dirty bird," Petunia snapped.

Lily was beginning to get annoyed.

"Petunia please, it's really important," Lily begged.

Petunia looked at the clock.

"Fine, but if that bird poops on me or does anything disgusting that will be the last thing I'll ever do for you, you're lucky I'm in a good mood, tonight, Lily." Petunia said.

"Why are you in a god mood?"

"Because I bought my wedding dress today!" Petunia said excitedly.

Lily rolled her eyes at this.

"Okay thanks Petunia I owe you one, remember it's to Vanessa," Lily said and hung up.

Petunia went into Lily's room and saw Shelton in his cage, it hooted hello. Petunia had found the letter on the dinning room table and began taking Shelton out of his cage.

"Okay be nice, I'm only taking you out," Petunia said to the bird.

She opened the cage and grabbed Shelton nervously; Shelton began to flap its wings a bit.

"Ahhh" Petunia exclaimed and Shelton flew out of the cage and flew around the room. Scared as she was Petunia held up the letter and Shelton took hold of it.

"Take it to Vanessa," Petunia exclaimed at the bird. She ran to the window and opened it.

"Go, go to Vanessa's house, Lily will be there." Petunia said. With that Shelton left the house.

Shelton arrived and half our later with the letter, Lily opened the window and grabbed the letter.

"Thanks Shelton," She said. She tore open the letter and a shiny piece of metal fell out of the envelope.

"Oh my, gosh Lily look you're Head Girl!" Bell exclaimed holding up the shiny badge.

Lily pulled the letters out and skimmed the supplies list.

"Whao, I can't belive I'm head girl, I mean it's what I've always wanted but I still can't believe it " Lily said with joy.

"You better believe it girl, now we just have to see it Potter's Head boy,"

Lily's smile quickly faded to fear.

"I know I can call up Remus, I'm sure he'd know," Belle said.

"He has a phone?" V asked.

"Yeah, his mum is muggle born." Belle said.

"Ring him up," V said with excitement.

"He's probably not home," Lily said turning to Belle you pulled our her cell phone (Her parents loved the muggle world)

"Well I'll try anyway," Belle said.

She rang up the Lupins.

"Hello Ms. Lupin I vas vondering if Remus was there I'm a friend from school," Belle said politely on the phone.

"I'm afraid not dear he is at his friend James Potter's house, though his Cell phone should be on," Mrs. Lupin said.

"Alright ank you very much," Belle said and hung up . she then began redialing Remus's number.

"Who are you calling know?" Lily asked

"Remus, he wasn't home, he's at James's house, his Cell phone is on though, that's what his mum said."

Ring, Ring, Ring

Suddenly Remus looked down at his pocket, his eyes were tearing from laughing so hard. He was sitting James Potter's room with Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew, his three best mates. James was the star quidittch player whom was after the lovely Lily Evans, he was smart as hell, and was wanted by every girl in Hogwarts, his tossed black hair and glasses is what trademarked his appearance. Sirius Black the son to the infamous house of black was a dashingly handsome young man whom loved to prank Gryffindor's rival, the Slytherins. He was well known for hooking up with many girls in his time at Hogwarts, but he just had one problem he couldn't commit to one girl. And then there was Peter, he was tall and a little round in the middle, he was n't the greatest student, but he managed. He hung around with James and Sirius in their shadows and admired them greatly. And then Remus, he was an easy going guy, never said anything negative towards anyone, not even the Slytherins, he was smart, as were both James and Sirius, he was very studious, and oh yeah we was also a werewolf. They call ed themselves the Marauders.

"Moony, what's that?" Sirius asked calming himself down from a fit of giggles, he had changed James's hair to a bright Pink color.

"Oh hold on," Remus said. He grabbed his phone and walked towards the window.

"Hahaha yes hello?" he said

"Hello, Remus?"

"Yes who's this?" remus asked now more seriously. James, Peter, and Sirius looked up.

"This is Belle, from school, Belle Desiree," Belle said calmly

"Oh hello, how are you?" Remus asked

"Who is it?" Peter whispered. Remus shook his hand at him. To leave him alone.

"I'm good, how are you?" Belle asked.

"Just ask him already!" Vanessa exclaimed.

"What?" remus asked.

"Oh nothing, I'm at Vanessa's, with lily, I was just calling to ask if you . . ."

"Could you hold on a moment actually, just a minute," Remus said; he looked behind him. Sirius and James were tossing thing at him to get his attention.

Remus covered the phone so Belle wouldn't here him yell at his friends.

"Stop that, I'm on the phone," Remus barked

"With whom?" they all asked.

"Belle Desiree, now shut up so I can talk to her," remus said.

"Oooo, looks like Remus fancies her." Sirius swooned.

"Shut up, she's with Vanessa and Lily she's trying to ask me something,"

"Lily's there?" James said sitting up quickly. He was lying on his bed.

"Yes now be quiet," Remus said. He uncovered the phone got back on line.

"Hey sorry about that, what is it you were saying?" Remus asked

"Well I vas voondering if you had gotten your letter from Hogwarts yet," Belle said.

"Oh yeah I got uit this afternoon," Remus said.

"I think he's talking about the letter," Peter whispered.

"No duh, Wormtail," Sirius said.

"Well I was wondering if you had made head boy?" Belle asked nervously looking to V and Lily.

Remus raised his brow in surprise.

"Oh, no I wasn't made head boy, this year, I'm still a prefect," Remus said.

"Oh sorry, you would have made a great Head boy," Belle said.

"Thanks, actually James made head boy,"

James smiled and looked down at his badge.

"What, sorry I don't think I heard you clearly did you say James as in James potter made head boy?" Belle asked looking to Lily.

Lily began begging for it not to be true.

"Please no, please no, please no," she said

"Yes, James Potter is head boy," Remus said.

"Oh well congratulate him for me,"

"Well he's here do you want to talk to him?" Remus asked, looking to James, who sat up straight.

"Uh, sure,"

Remus handed him the phone.

"Just talk normal, don't yell," Remus said.

James took the phone.

"Hello?" James said.

"Hey James I just wanted to say congratulations on becoming head boy, um Lily's here do you want to talk to her?" Belle said turning to lily with a smile.

"No!" Lily hissed,

"No, Belle, I'm not here!" Lily said

"Uh sure,"

"Okay here she is," Belle handed Lily the phone.

"Just talk to him, he's nice, and he's going to be your room mate.

"NO, NO, uh Hello Potter," Lily said holding the phone to her ear.

"Hello, Lily How are you?"

"Fine, so I hear you're Head boy, I wonder what Dumbledore was thinking when he made that decision," Lily said

"Well, I think he thought well of me, since I was given the badge." James said.

"SO how has your summer been?" He asked.

"Fine and yours?" Lily asked

"It's been alright hey by chance you wouldn't know who the head girl is, do you?" he asked.

"Yes, yes I do, the head girl is me,"

"Sorry what was that Sirius fell off the bed, I did quite catch that?" James said.

"I am head girl this year," Lily said clearly.

"Oh, well congratulations, I'm happy for you, I guess we'll be working together." James said.

"I guess so, well I have to go, V's mum is calling for us,"

"NO she isn't," V said

Lily glared at her.

"I'll see you on the train I suppose," Lily said.

"Alright by, say by to the others for us will you?" James asked

"Alright, Good bye Potter," Lily said and hung up.

James handed Remus the phone and he put it back into his pocket.

"This year is going to be great," James said with a smile.

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