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A million things ran through my head when I saw what was on the bed.

Moving to Forks. Meeting Edward. That day in Port Angeles. Figuring out that Edward was a vampire. Meeting his family. Spending time with them. Having James come after me. Nearly dying. Then there finding out the more vampires were coming to Forks, and then there attack. Edward deciding to change me. Edward's proposal. Rosalie accepting me as a family member. My dad going crazy over the fact that vampires were real and that I wanted to become one and that I was going to get married.

Then there was giving up my life with the Cullen's in exchange for there safety. The threat of Richard. The dance club. Getting turned into a vampire. Having Darey manipulate my powers. Dying again. Making love to Edward for the first time. All this and so much more ran through my head and it took me a moment before I noticed that I was crying and hugging Alice so hard that it hurt.

"I can't believe that you guys did this for me. After everything that has been going on and now this. Thank you so much."

"Bella there is nothing that we wouldn't do for you. We are a family and everytime that something happens to you it affects us all. I know that we were a little overbearing with all the wedding stuff and I am so sorry that we didn't ask you what you wanted." Her eyes were wide and innocent and I could tell that she was telling the truth.

I walked over to the bed and looked at the dress. It really was beautiful, and if I had been there to choose a dress then this would have been it. It was soft and the top was beaded. The skirt was layered. The dress overall was incredible.

"We had better hurry up and get you ready though. You don't want to be late for your own wedding. I am sure that Edward would think that something horrible had happened to you." Chuckling I nodded and wiped the tears from my eyes.

"He would too."

"Now, go and take a shower, but don't wash your hair. If you do then it will just take longer to do." Nodding I walked into the bathroom. There were towels set up on the sink, and shampoo, soap and conditioner were there too. After turning the water on and stepping inside I had time to think about what had happened. Everything seemed so surreal because it had happened so fast. I just needed a little time to allow myself to catch up.

Thirty Minutes Later….

So I might have went a little overboard with the shower maybe but I think that I deserved a little time to myself. I knew one thing though. Alice would have known that and so I wasn't about to be late for the wedding. There was a knock at the door followed by the door opening.

"Bella are you finished yet?"


"Good, when you are dried off there is some underwear on the counter and then come out here so that we can do your hair and makeup." The door closed and I turned off the water and grabbed the towel. Dried off I out on the underwear and with the towel still wrapped around me, I walked into the other room. There was a table set up there, with hair products, and make-up. Mentally I groaned.

"There you are." Rosalie said, dragging me to the chair in front of the mirror. After looking at my hair for a moment she decided on what to do. She grabbed a clear bottle with light blue stuff in it and then pored a small amount onto her palm.

"What is that?"

"Hold still, and it is conditioner." She pulled her fingers through my hair gently giving my hair a light shine and getting rid of the tangles at the same time. She then grabbed a comb and put a part in my hair down the middle. Then she pulled away and shook her head. Then she decided that that wasn't what she wanted to do and combed it back again.

"He likes your hair down though." After bending over and looking into a drawer in the bathroom, she came back holding a curling iron in her hand. After some time and little effort she had curled my hair into loose ringlets. She looked over her work, and then got to white clips out of another drawer and pulled my hair back on both sides so that it left my neck and ears free of hair.

"You look beautiful." She embraced me and then let go. "I don't want to mess up your hair. Let me get Alice so that she can do your makeup. I still have to get ready." Nodding I shooed her away. "Hey Bella."


"I am so happy that you are going to be my sister."

"Me too." With that she walked out of the room and Alice walked in. She already was wearing her dress though. It was a light pink that contrasted nicely with her hair, but she wore no makeup.

"Aren't you going to out on some makeup?"

She shook her head. "No, I want this day to be about you. Plus I needed to get yours just right."

She sat me down at the table again and pulled a chair up next to me. She applied a light layer of eyeliner, just enough to set off the color of my eyes. Then a little bit of mascara. She deliberated for a moment about what color to use for eye shadow, and finally chose a dark pink. Then she got a light pink lip liner, and applied that. Finally she got a shade of lipstick just slightly darker then the lip liner. After making sure that everything was perfect she nodded and allowed me to get up.

"I don't think that you need any blush," she said with a small smile. Her eyes widened slightly and her mouth formed a small, perfect oh, and then she ran off into the other room.


"I almost forgot." She came back with a small jewelry box. Opening it she pulled out a small silver chain and put it on me. Then she tuck out a pair of silver chandelier earrings. Both of the pieces of jewelry were simple, and elegant, and would go perfectly with the dress.

Admiring her work, Alice nodded and said, "Now you can put on your dress and we will be all ready to go outside."

She left the room, and I turned to the bed. Picking up the dress, I slid into it, and zippered it up as much as I could and then called Alice. She came in, finished zipping up my dress and handed me a pair of heels. I groaned at the sight of them.

"Do I have to wear those?"

"Yes, and before you start complaining, they aren't that high and are incredibly comfortable." She put her foot out to show me the pair that she had on, but that were a light pink to match the dresses. I put them on and stood up and discovered to my great surprise that she was right. They were comfortable and not that high.

"You look beautiful." It spun around at the sound of the familiar voice and tears welled up in my eyes.


As much as I could, I ran to him and pulled him into a hug. He tightened his arms around me and we just held each other. They always say that actions speak louder then words and they were right. Everything that I wish that I could say, and knew that would come out wrong was put into that hug. I tried very hard not to cry, so as not to mess up the makeup that Alice had put on and succeeded. Mostly anyway. Carefully drabbing at the tear that had managed to escape, I managed to not smudge my makeup.

"I can't believe that you are all grown up and getting married."

"Believe it or not, neither can I."

He took me by the shoulders and looked me in the eye. I knew that whatever he was about to say was going to be important, so I looked back at him and waited for him to speak.

"I want to be completely sure that this is what you want Isabella?" Smiling I nodded.

"Edward is exactly what I want Dad. I moved to Forks for mom to be able to be with Phil, but I think that it was for me too in a way. When I moved here, I disliked it so much, but then I met Edward and everything was different. I was accepted into a family that I always wanted. I was loved enough that I discovered that when love, real love, is in any kind of relationship, you would do anything for that person. All of the Cullen's have risked their lives for me and I would do the same. To say that I didn't want this would be a lie. I love you and mom both, which is how I know that this is what I want. You always told me to do what I thought was best. I can honestly say that this is best."

"Then we had better go down there. I am sure that if Edward thought that something was wrong he would come in here and cause a whole lot of bad luck."

"I agree." Taking his hand we walked down the stairs and to the back door.

"Are you ready?" I thought about the question for a moment. Was I ready to be a Cullen and stay with them for the rest of eternity?

"Yes." With that he took my hand and led me outside. When we walked outside the wedding march began and we walked towards the dais that Edward and the preacher stood on. There was just enough sun out that all of our skins, sparkled lightly. It really was an entrancing sight. Edward's suit was a dark black, crisp white shirt, no tie, and polished black shoes. He was absolutely stunning. I almost faltered, but continued walking towards it.

We reached the end and Charlie kissed my cheek and handed me off to Edward. Everything went by so fast after that, in fact the only thing that I remember was the part were we said "I do" and then the "You may now kiss the bride." There were cheers but we only had eyes for each other. After being dragged off towards the house were the dancing (groan) would take place, I managed to hug everyone and thank them.

Not To Long Later….

We had just finished saying goodbye to everyone and finally had a chance to be alone. Well alone as we got. In reality Rosalie and Emmet were upstairs, Alice and Jasper went hunting, Carlisle was at the hospital and no one was sure about were Esme was.

"So how do you feel Mrs. Cullen?"

"Fantastic, and you Mr. Cullen."



"No," he then picked me up and ran upstairs. "I am very much the opposite of exhausted."

I kissed him lightly and then smiled. "Good. Now you can help me pack for the honeymoon." He mumbled something that didn't sound very pleasant and then sighed.

"On second thought I am quite tired and need to…..rest."

"I don't think that you are going to getting out of this."

Half smiling and half frowning, he nodded. "Neither did I."

A moment later though he smiled a large smile that let me know that he had thought up of a way to not pack. Oh well, I had tried, but to no avail.

"I bet that I can distract you though."

"You think so do you?"

"Yes. Yes, I think that I do," and with that he opened the door and walked through.

It was the beginning of our life together and come to think of it, there is nothing that I would have done differently. What happened, happened, and because it led me here that is all that matters.

The End

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